THE Room: Summer 2014


I never know what to call this room. Technically it is the Formal Living/Dining Room. But since there is nothing formal about my 1800 square foot house, I try to come up with other alternatives for its name. Let’s see…


The Gnome Room? There are a lot of gnomes hidden throughout this room.


The Music Room? Well, there is the piano that I force my children to play. Hmmmm. They would probably call it “the torture room” or “my mommy is the meanest room”.

We can’t have that.

Let’s move along.




The Art/Antique Room? We do have a lot of antiques in here, including these old industrial spools. And there is a lot of art, but not as much as in other areas of our home. In fact in the Music Room picture, you can see we have just now begun climbing up the arched wall. The kids’ head sculptures will be going up there this week.


The Library?

This would perhaps be closer to the truth, because we do have a ton of books. But I have never seen a library with book shelves that messy. I am sure libraries would disassociate themselves from a room like this.

But it was almost what I called it.


Well, except when I was putting together this post and looking through the pictures, one theme seemed to stand out. It was rather unexpected. I don’t know what to think about it.

Can you guess what it is?






We have a flippin’ Dog Room. What the heck? They’re everywhere. From being there in person to their gigantic mugs on the wall, I think they have claimed this room.

CanIne do anything about it?

Probably not. But it makes me laugh nonetheless.

Do you have a mish/mash room at your home? Do you always wonder what it really is? Have you finally decided on a name? You might be surprised at what the room ruffeals.

Gonna Try Harder


I’m boring and I’m bored. How ’bout you? I’m kind of tired of pictures of me. But what can I do? ; ) I unwittingly started a fashion blog and I am having too much fun to quit.

But I am tired of pictures of me standing in the same darn place. Sure it is easy. And I am lazy. So, it works. And I will continue to take pictures in front of my fireplace, because of both of those descriptions, but also because I happen to love my fireplace. And the lighting is good there.

But I am going to try to shake things up a bit. Take different pictures around my house.

Maybe even.

Oh my gosh. This is a biggie!

Maybe even leave my house now and again.

I tried that in my post on Sunday.

This is another attempt. In the pictures, I am wearing my Anthropologie Chevron Skirt (slightly similar skirt here and here), Anthropologie Lunation Tee, and Anthropologie Sandals from last year, Anthropologie… Okay. Just assume everything is from Anthropologie. ‘Cause it is. This includes the Star Necklace from Christmas and Layered Corset Belt.

Hmmm. That was all ready super boring. Sorry about that! On to the pictures!:


Ha! Okay! Well, I couldn’t resist the fireplace. It is my comfort zone.


I made my husband and myself Pepper Bellies for lunch. It was just the two of us at home with the kids at school. I thought it would be fun to get a cooking picture. This is my daily grind. ; )


I loved the color of the wood on the library ladder with this skirt.


And another.


Let’s try a chair. (Note: I have a stalker in the background).


Here comes another stalker.

He’s cute!


Oomph! He got me! We need to end this now, because I am about to be attacked again (see who is sneakin’ up behind me?!)!

Where else should I take outfit pictures? I am much too shy to do it obviously in public. Which space did you like the best? I need all of the help I can get! : )

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Library Fill A Bag


Recently, my family got in the car and headed to the city library. The library was doing fill-a-bag (plastic from the grocery story) with books for $3. It is an annual thing. I had not heard of it before. I checked the internet and it is something a lot of libraries do. Sometimes more than once a year! The prices vary per library, but you should definitely stop by your local library and see if they do this.

Because it is exhilarating.

It is fun.

It is a madhouse.

Perfect for yours truly.


You are crammed in a small room filled with books and the rustle of plastic bags. The energy is full of nervous excitement. And you just start grabbing and filling.

I saw people I knew there. But I was on a mission. No time to be polite. Or talk. Or nod. Or be human. There are books to be shoved in bags, people! Focus!

I was in a manic frenzy.

It was not pretty.

I am not proud of my actions.

But what happens in the library room stays in the library room.



We ended up filling 4 bags with books. Our total was $12. We scored 60 books (five are not shown in the pictures. They unbeknownst to me fell out of the bags into the car. I just discovered them!). That is .20 cents a book.


Look at all of our loot! I consider each book I picked up a story. An adventure. Cheap travel for the mind. Now we definitely need to get more bookcases. I will (knock on wood) never stop hoarding books. Each one is a new memory. An old friend.

Have you been to one of these fill-a-bag adventures? Did you check with your local library? Do they do this?

Our New Bookcases and Library Ladder


Do you know who the sexiest movie hero is?

That’s right. THE BEAST.


Belle was one lucky lady. Well, until he turned into that prince…

But before that, she received the best gift in the world. That library. I covet it.

I decided I must have a piece of her dream, even if it is on an itty bitty scale.

My husband and I collect books. Lots and lots of books. We will come home with bags full of beautiful paper time machines giddy with excitement.

My husband also collects comic books.

We ran out of storage long ago.


Our house is 1830 square feet (that 30 is important! ; ) ). Half of our formal living room is lined with books. Eventually we are going to have to build them all the way up the walls.


Our house is small, but it came with high ceilings and weird little square niches everywhere.


Welcome to the early nineties!


We hired our carpenter to build us bookcases in two of our niches. This should solve our problem this year. Maybe next year we will tackle the job of the formal living room…



We also splurged on a library ladder. Because… Do I really need a reason? I mean, just look at it. LOVE. Best purchase ever.

I have been stalking craigslist and eBay for the last four years looking for a reasonably priced library ladder. I am still kicking myself for not snagging one during the Borders Bookstore liquidation sale.

But I never found one. I finally just gave in and purchased a library ladder kit. I am really happy with it. We upgraded to oil rubbed bronze hardware and maple wood. It was fun to be able to customize our options. This was much cheaper than a fully completed library ladder. But it was still a huge splurge. We stained and installed this ourselves.


Paul and his brother Chris, from Vrieling Woodworks (they also did our baseboards) built and installed the bookcases.


We are so pleased with the final result. I keep pinching myself, because it truly is a dream come true.

Do you like to read? Are you a hoarder of books?

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