Hippie At Home

I know I promised pictures of me not in front of my fireplace (Sunday, I have some outdoor outfit pictures to post) , but I wanted to show what I look like on a day when I am kicking back at home. And I actually have clothes on and not pajamas.

Wrinkled. Shoeless. Beltless. Happy. Cooking.


I knew the moment I took my apron off, I was going to get flack from my husband. You think he would not give the woman making him his favorite meal grief, but you would think wrong. ; )

You see, he hates long denim skirts. Hates them. And, well, I… I love them!

So, never the two shall meet.

But I wanted to share my Forever 21 Peasant Top that I adore. And I thought it fit perfectly with my Citizens of Humanity Aja Skirt I purchased from a seller on eBay last year. I had it tailored for my body, so I know it fits the way it is supposed to… Big!

Here is the commentary coming from my photographer as I tried to smile for the camera:


“That skirt is ginormous!”

I was not phased.


“That skirt is Duggarific!”

An explanation of this word my husband gleefully made up, derives from one of my favorite shows on t.v., “Nineteen Kids And Counting” (their last name is Duggar. I love the Little House On The Prairie vibe to it even though their lifestyle and choices are very far from mine). My husband is sometimes trapped in the room when I watch the show. The women all wear long skirts. A lot of the time they are denim, because they do not wear pants. Or short skirts.

This brings this question to my mind, “If a long denim skirt is the opposite of sexy, how the heck did they have nineteen kids?”



“Be careful, you might expose your ankles!”


To which I did this.


And then this.

Yep. It was a typical day in the Gnome Lover household. And this model is going to go add a little something extra to that meat on the stove.

Just kidding. That little somethin’ would just be love. My husband and I have a good time. Just don’t tell him that.

Do you have an item in your closet your partner does not like? Do you wear it anyway? Do you wear shoes at home?

* Please excuse my wild hair! It was a day at home. And, yes, I see that hair brush on my fireplace. It is my daughter’s. It never occurred to me to use it. ; ). It’s hard to think when you’re bein’ heckled.

Antique Shopping With My Mom

My mom wanted to have a girl’s day a few weeks ago. I was in. Since we both love antiquing, we planned on heading down to some local antique stores and picking out a fun restaurant to eat at.



It was a fun day, but incredibly hot. I wore my Free People Tutti Frutti Slip Skirt that I got for a steal at Nordstrom Rack (similar skirt here) with a white t-shirt, bow belt from Anthropologie and On A Wing Necklace with vintage boots. It seemed like a good outfit for antiquing. Sorry for the blurry pictures. My daughter took them and the camera is big for her tiny hands.

I wanted to share all of the pretty vintage treasures there were to be had. I did not buy anything except for a few post cards to add to my collection. You can see a new feature about them that I started on this blog here.


Vintage Maracas. The color is beautiful.


This bracelet that reminded me of peacock feathers (Heather!).


I can always spot a gnome.


This guy lurking creepily in the back was tagged as an elf. The horror! But, well, he is creepy enough for the title. He was $150. Now that may seem like a lot of money. And it is. But imagine the possibilities. How scared would your spouse/partner be of this creature?

Oh. Man. What a steal!

If only I weren’t so scared of it myself…


Here was a cute ceramic gnome candle holder. I don’t buy the kitschy ceramic stuff. I like the small felted gnomes I can hide in other objects or plant sticks or outside gnomes. But he was cute sitting on the shelf.


If I had one more room in my house, I would have sprung for this amazing ceramic Italian chandelier. It is gorgeous. The colors were perfect. The price was fair for a chandelier. So pretty!


I love the blue on this ceramic crock.


And the blue on this old plunger.


Look at the pretty turquoise jewelry!


And there was great blue grass music being played throughout town. It was a beautiful day. We even got to see this cute little dressed up fellow.

Thank you Mom for spending it with me. I had so much fun!

Have you been antique shopping lately? Thrift store shopping? I love sifting through old things. You never know what you are going to find!

P.S. I shared this on Savvy Southern Style.

Dear Children: The Cut


The hardest thing about being a parent (and there are many hard aspects to it, despite what you may think) is learning when to let go. Learning when to allow you to have your freedom. For eighteen years you are our responsibility and then one day, you just aren’t. One day you are your own responsibilty. If I never give you any freedom now, how will you know how to use it when it is finally all yours? Every bit of it.

How much space is too much?

How much space is too little?

If I let you go will you float away like a balloon and never return?

I’m having a hard time of it.

It would be an entirely easier decision if there were not crazy contraptions in the sky. Designed to steer you off course. There are balloon thiefs. And, worse, balloon poppers. There are balloon gangs. And, God forbid, balloon addicts addicted to getting high.


It is so so so so so so fragile.

And you are not of the age that you can understand that yet.

Last month, I let you go to your very first concert.

Without me.

I drove away and left you. A part of me felt empty. Disoriented. The mother beast in me was fighting with the fact that I had just left you. By yourself. Okay, you had two friends with you, but there was not an adult. It was such a tough decision. Did I make the right choice? Even dropping you off at the mall with your friends is hard.

You know I will not be giving you your online freedom until you reach eighteen. It is one thing to physically drop you off at a location with your friends where there might be predators. It is another thing entirely to let you navigate, by yourself, the entire dirty world of the internet where I know there are predators.

It is a scary world when the virtual one becomes more dangerous than the physical one.

God forbid those two should ever collide.

I recognize I am somewhat sidetracking, but it all has to do with the same thing. The ever so hard choices we parents have to make. The scary consequences we will have to face if we allow you to make the wrong ones.

And we will.

And I will.

And you will.

And I need to tighten this darn string. Because this letting go thing is killing me. And I have just discovered that the string of your balloon is tied directly to my heart. This is rather inconvenient timing. It is going to hurt to cut that string. It hurts when you pull on it. When you attempt to break free before the string has been allowed to fray. To naturally make the cut on its own.

I feel as though time is a pair of ruthless scissors.

The choices more important than helium or air.

I am the clown that cannot laugh. I cannot mold my balloon fast enough for the circus of life that awaits to take my creation away.

Life is not fair.

Nor a fair.

But I am preparing you for it nonetheless.

Those scissors are looming closer. They are so sharp. So cutting. So very dreadful.

It makes sense that their cut would hurt.

I just never thought it would hurt this much.

A Dress And A Cookie


After doing my Anthropologie reviews, I could not get the Caravane Tunic Dress out of my mind. It was all ready half off. It fit all of my sale criteria. It seemed like a no-brainer. Yes, I see the irony there. And so I bought it. I am so glad I did. I adore it. Adore it. Adore… It. I can wear it in the summer with easy flat sandals. In these pictures, I am wearing the Almanac Sandals. Incidentally, the sandals are currently on a promotion for 20% off as of this posting. The sales ends April 21st at 3:00 a.m. EST. In the wintertime, I will pair it with leggings and boots.

The blue is so bright and cheerful in person. Truly lovely.


In my trying out new photo ideas. Trying not to be boring. I decided to pretend to eat a cookie.


Who knows? I am trying to be more creative. This is definitely going to involve some fails.

Many fails.


And who the heck can pretend to eat a cookie?


Not me.


The dress has gorgeous black and gold buttons on it. The embroidered necklace with my husband and my initials was a Christmas present from my husband in 2012. It can be found here.

* Disclaimer: A cookie was definitely hurt in the making of this post. Brutally. I am not sad to state it did not survive. Its brothers and sisters shared the same fate. Blame it on creativity. This is posted in accordance to the PETC regulations and guidelines.

Though shall not eat thy prop.

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