The Winner Of The Giveaway, Cravings and Blog News


First, I want to apologize that my website has been wonky the past few days. It is the server and I am being told they are working on it. Fingers crossed it gets resolved soon! Again, I apologize!

The winner of the moon necklace is Jessica Wilhite! Congratulations! I really, really like this necklace. I hope you do, too! Enjoy! I am so happy for you!

My husband told me I should change the format of my giveaways to those easy ones. Those number-generated-generic-sterile ones. But I refused. I said, “But then I won’t get to read their cool stories!” Insert big pouty lower lip here. And I am so glad I didn’t, because you guys shared the coolest things this month! I love reading about your lives. Your beliefs. Your travels. Your loves. It honestly enriches my life so much, and I cannot thank you enough for that. But I will try.

Thank you! : )


There are a few new things going on on this blog that I wanted to share. I think there is always room for growth. And I always want to be my own blog. And not like others. So, I recently added in Past Cards and will be doing those once a month. The above picture is a peek at the next post coming up soon. : )

I am also going to be introducing my sister onto this blog. She lives seven miles from me and I love her to pieces. Plus, I am tired of just pictures of only me. Since I will not post pictures of my children and my husband does not want to be on the blog (which is smart of him because I have an underwear post of his coming up soon. I cannot imagine why he doesn’t want his picture on this blog). I figured I would pimp out put up my nearest relative. I think this will be a fun feature we can do together once in awhile. She has a completely different style than I do, so it will be nice to share a different look on this blog. However. And this is a biggie. She is younger, taller and prettier, so I am not going to allow her on here too often, though. Just kidding!…But seriously.

In other revelations:

I am shy.

Painfully shy if I don’t know you.

Shocking, right?

And it takes me awhile to come out of my shell. I feel like this last year, I have slowly been sharing myself. But I finally feel safe enough to share all of me. Or as much as the majority of the public can handle. I have made so many friends here, I feeI like I can just be myself. If you look at my old outfit photos, I look terrified. I was even scared to smile. But all of that is changing.

Kind of.

I am sick of pictures of me always in the same spot in my outfit posts. I went through my blog looking for ways to improve it and that is one of them. And I was ashamed of how bad some of my pictures are. Bad me! So from now on, I vow to try to take better pictures. This truly, truly hurts my lazy heart. But I am excited about a change. I still might resort to the fireplace if we are really in a hurry. However, the majority of the pictures will be different this month. Please let me know which ones work and which ones don’t (nicely. Please don’t make me cry. I hate spending money on tissues). This is going to be a series of experimenting. I pretty much have no idea how to pose.

But you can’t fly if you never jump. Off an imaginary building. Built from words. And pictures. Into a cloud. That I still do not understand.

All right. I think that is it on updates. Let’s move on to the stuff I am craving this month. Oh. The cravings. They hurt:


I want/need/can’t-afford-at-full-price the Vine Beaded Maxi Dress by one of my favorite designers, Vaneet Bahl. It is from Anthropologie. I am just hoping to get it on sale. So, save one in a small for me, would ya?


These whale-tale measuring cups.


Just oh.


Um. Um. Um. Do I dare share these Concha Garden Planters? These will be at the top of my budget list for May. Again try to save me one… Or two… Or ten.


Seriously, how close to Otomi could these be?





Nowhere. To. Put. Them.



Why? Why is the Plevna Top only available in petite sizing? My shirt is wet from the tears in my heart. And also, does anyone know what pants the model is wearing? They look great!

Needlework it Out Dress from ModCloth

And last, but not least, the Needlework it Out Dress from Modcloth. This dress is so awesome. The price is perfect. The color is perfect. Again, my budget is gone for thirteen more days. And the dress sold out. However, I have clicked their “I NEED IT” button in my size. They will notify me if it gets reordered. I have never seen them not reorder if an item is popular and they can.

What are your cravings this month? Do you think I should do a monthly video on this blog ? Yes. I am also thinking of doing a video blog monthly or posting a video here or some sort of recording device/contraption… Whatever those youngsters are calling the talking pictures these days. Whatcha think?

A Day Of Falconry


Did you know that you can now take a falconry class (it used to not be available to the general public)?

Well, you can.

And I did.

In November, I found a coupon that was half price for a falconry class. I was intrigued. So, I purchased a spot in the class for each person in my family.

I knew I wanted to do it over spring break. The excursion is run by West Coast Sky Falconry out of Alpine, California (near San Diego). We got to do this amazing event two weeks ago.


When we arrived at the falconry class, they had three birds on low perches. The class of ten people was taught by the nicest falconers, Kirk and Denise.


They started the hour long class by teaching us some cool facts about hawks. We were going to be working with a Harris Hawk. I thought we would be working with a falcon, but it turns out the term falconry can be applied to any raptor. The Harris Hawk is ideal for falconry training, because it lives in a group. This is very rare for a raptor bird. Because of this, the Harris Hawk is used to anticipating the body language of others. The one we were privileged to meet that day was named, “Steam.” He looked huge, but weighed only two pounds.

We also learned that hawks tend to fly only fifteen to twenty minutes a day, so if you see one circling the sky, it is a rare moment. Now that I know this, it feels more special to me when I see the beautiful creatures in the sky.


We took turns having Steam fly onto all of our gloves. It was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced. My son was terrified and asked if he had to do it. To which I replied, “yep.” Because that is the kind of mom I am. And because I knew if he always let fear win, he would never know the joy of success.

He loved it.

I mean, he loved it.

We all did.

If you have any classes like this near you, I highly recommend it. The class that we did was for ages seven and up. My friend did this with her family on another day, too. They all could not believe how amazing the experience was.



If you chose to, you could do tricks with the hawk. That was a bit more than my heart could take. But my husband threw food into the air for the hawk. And both of my children had the hawk walk quickly up to their foot and take food off of it.




At the end, we were able to pose over the beautiful valley and take pictures of Steam, the hawk, on our arm.

It was such a joyous moment. It was made even better by Kirk and Denise, who answered every question we had for them with passion and love for their birds.

During the summer, they also offer courses at the Torrey Pines location. I imagine that would make for gorgeous pictures.

I would love to do this again. It was educational. It was exhilarating. It was interesting.

I cannot say enough good things about it. What a fun way to spend quality time with a loved one that does not involve sitting or crowds.

Have you ever done this? Had you heard of it before? Aren’t those hawks beautiful?


I am enamored.

With a bird.

Just don’t tell my husband.

Anthropologie Spring Reviews Part IV

This is going to be my last set of reviews for awhile. I overdid it. I broke my shop box. Tore my dressing room nerve. Split my trying-on-gene in half.

Yesterday, I showed you some pretties. And, they were pretty. And I liked them a lot. But today is where my heart is. Today is the day I show… Well… You’ll see:



Do you recognize this Midday Dress? How could you not? I have been wearing pretty much nothing else for a week. If you missed it, you can see me wearing the dress here and here.

I know by now that in the Puella brand I always take a medium. This was found by trial and error. I love this brand. They create flattering silhouettes for women at a decent price in comfortable fabrics. What’s not to love?

I purchased this dress on sale. And I love it!



They only had a large in the Sunpass Dress. I have admired this dress online for awhile. I tried it on anyway. I will need a small in this dress. If I remember correctly, it was not lined. I just remember it being an incredibly thin material. Very light. Very pretty.

I believe this dress will look amazing on the more voluptuous gal. I cannot wait to see many women rock this dress.

Lovely dress that remains on my wishlist hoping for a great sale price.




The Stripe Swing Tunic Dress is another dress by Puella. It just came out. It is expensive for what it is. I love it. I mean I love this dress so much I want to cry.

I am wearing a medium in the picture. I love the way this dress flows. I am a sucker for grey and white stripes. They are everywhere in my house. I might as well match my interior.

I did not purchase this dress that day. I went home and thought about it. And thought about it. And when I was still dreaming of this dress a week after these pictures were taken, I ordered it and one other lovely below.

My soul is happy. Even the broken review parts.



This little number is the other item I ordered. It is currently on sale for approximately half off. It is so fun. Surprisingly flattering. At first I was hesitant due to the length, but I love it. The blue is so vibrant and gorgeous. I wear the Caravane Tunic Dress with silver flat sandals now. (These to be exact). I have a fun outfit post featuring this dress going up next week. In the wintertime, I will wear this with black leggings and booties. This is probably my favorite closet addition in awhile. It is a good sale price. It is mostly sold out online, but if you call customer service you might still be able to snag one.


When I was entering the dressing room, another gal was exiting. She had the Galen Dress in her hand. She was purchasing it. I got excited to try it on in the dressing room. I generally find that shirtdresses do not do much for me. It is just not my favorite style of dress.

This dress was cute. This is a size small. It fit well. It is short. The pattern is pretty. And so is the color. Again, this is a great style of dress for all women’s body types.


My husband liked this dress a lot. But I did not like how much of my side thigh was showing. Who does this dress think it is? Humboldt Tunic? Although my broken fitting room soul was not havin’ it, it is a nice easy little number.

This dress was a pass for me, but I think on the right person, it will be lovely.


I tried on the flower patterned version of the Caravane Tunic Dress I purchased, as well. It was a medium and too big, but I did like it. If I had not all ready fallen head over heels for the blue version and my heart had not been hurt from contracting the fatal shopping bug, I might have loved this. As it was, it was a “no” for me.


I am on the fence about this West End Top. It is a medium. I bought it, but I have not worn it. I am 99% sure I am taking it back. I am not sure if it is the size (maybe I need a small), but I am thinking it is not all that flattering on me. I love the rust color. It is gorgeous. The hem is such a cool idea. It is a reasonable price. But… I don’t know. I might reconsider in a different size at a sale price, though. What do you think? I need help with this one.

Thus, my reviews are concluded. I am happy to report my shopping wounds are being tended to. It makes it so much easier when your bandages are beautiful clothes.

It is going to be a ridiculous recovery.


And, yep, still hot in the dressing room. You can see the start and the end of the illness here.

What is on your wishlist this spring? Are you happy or bored with this season’s fashions?

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Whew! No wonder I’m sick of the dressing room!

Anthropologie Spring Reviews Part III

Part three? How could this be? That seems crazy. But part four goes up tomorrow, so this is just proof that however crazy something seems, it can always be crazier.

You don’t have to tell that to my husband. He all ready knows lives with that.

I loved pretty much everything I tried on in both sets of reviews I show in the next few days. Anthropologie really did it right this season. I could not say no to quite a few lovelies.

This means I have made a pretty little chant for my family at dinnertime.

“What’s for dinner?”

“Top Ramen!”

“Who do we thank?”

“Our momman!”

I’m still workin’ out the kinks on that one. They don’t seem to like it too much. I can’t tell if it is the meal or the song.

On to the reviews:


This is what I wore to the store. In case you were wonderin’.



This was the only one of the Pernetiana Top in the store. It was in the sale section, because it was missing a button at the top in the back. It was discounted some silly amount like 5%, because of that. This is a size fourteen. The size fourteen was almost perfect except for the arms. This sucks. A true size fourteen will be sized out of this top. And this makes me mad.

With that said, I still think this top is gorgeous. The colors are beautiful. I did not look twice at this top when it was online, but after trying it on, I have wishlisted a size 10 as I wait for it to go on sale. I hope it does, because this is a great summer top with jeans.


What have we got here? Well, this is the Tessa Tee. I was very unsure about this top. I am wearing a medium. It has a cool back that I did not photograph (again. I am helpful). This top is $58 and I would reconsider it at a much better price. For now, I am just watching it. I like the khaki color, because it is different. In real life, it is a more brown color. I like the color more than the style.


The Turson Netted Tassel Vest is gorgeous. I am wearing the XS/S. Vests are such an odd thing to size in. In my favorite vest, the Ruffled Sweater Vest, I purchased a M/L in both. The XS/S fit fine here. I love the blue embroidered pattern. If I could snag this on sale, I will/would. I think this would be really sweet in the summer over a white dress.


It has pompoms in the back. I debated showing this picture, because it is so blurry. But I think you can kind of see what I am talking about with the pompoms.



I love this Songbird Skirt. In fact, I ended up purchasing it in a size 6. I agree with other reviewers that said the waist is just odd. But, somehow, I have made it work. I wear it with a navy t-shirt. Although I really adore the color of this one shown here (the khaki shirt from above).

Usually I would wait for sale, but this pattern has a beetle holding an umbrella. And, well, that is all it takes for me. You now know what it takes to win my heart.

And maybe you are more curious about my husband’s courting techniques, as well.


I had this Zocalo Maxi Skirt in two colors in my wishlist. That is before I tried it on. I tried on the yellow version in a small. I will definitely need a medium. If I ever purchase it (which I probably won’t). This was definitely the one snag of the day. This skirt has so much potential. But the lining is bad. The lining is tight (but this could be because I tried on the wrong size) and it stops at an awkward length on the upper thigh. The skirt is see-through, so this is a problem. It has slits on the side and I did not like those either. And the pleats? Why?

Okay. Enough negativity. The colors the skirt comes in are gorgeous. The material does not bother me. I like that it is a maxi.

But there were too many I-wish-it-didn’t-haves for me to lust after this skirt. If only it had a beetle…


Women have been raving about this Lolanthe Dress online. I did not get it when I saw it in pictures. I did not get it when I saw it in store. I told my husband it looked like a dress I would have worn in 1996. But I decided to give it a chance and try it on.

I guess all styles really do come back around again!

Because I was surprised. In a good way. I liked it. I didn’t love it. But I liked it. It is a very flattering fit. It is an easy throw on and go dress. I was also surprised to find myself wishlisting this dress for reconsideration at a future sale price.

‘Cause I liked it. Oh. And I am wearing a size small here. This dress seems to be an easy dress to size down in, because of all of the elastic. It will also be flattering on most body types. I think
I am the only one wishing the pattern was just a bit different. But then again, the bar was set high with that umbrella wielding beetle.


And, in case you were curious. Yes, the dressing room was hot here, too.

That is it for my reviews today. Tomorrow I will show you some more dresses.

Have you visited a dressing room lately? What did you try on?

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Have a Beetle-Holding-An-Umbrella Day! : )