“So Tasty”


The other day, I was thinking about my husband. And my heart felt full of love for him and yet I wanted to feel more. So, I made myself think of things that are unique to just him. Such as:

My husband is an optimist.

The purest form of optimism I have ever been around.

Seriously, he wakes up happy. And he is happy. And it does not take a lot to make him happy.

He is easy.

One thing he says a lot is, “so tasty.”

I know. How can you not adore a grown man who eats your food and says that? It makes me smile. It makes me laugh. And the best part about that, is that it is said with innocence and as a genuine compliment.

The other day when the well in my heart was full of love, I said to him, “Honey, you are the only person I know who uses the term, ‘so tasty.'”

He was kind of offended by this. Or defensive of this. Either way, he answered, “I am not. Lots of people say that.”

And I said with amusement in my voice, “lots of people, like who?”

And he said, “I don’t know, but I hear it all of the time.”

So, I called my children into the room and I asked them if they had ever heard anyone else besides their father use the term, “so tasty.”

My son immediately said no that he had not heard anyone else use it, but that he himself did not use enough words and that he recently realized that he never uses the word, “silly”. And that made me recognize that flaw in myself and that I do not use that term enough either and made a mental note to use it more.

My daughter, on the other hand, pronounced that not only had she heard the exclamation used before, but that she also said, “So tasty,” herself all of the time.

I thought at first that she was being contrary.

I think she could see the dismissive way I had handled her comment, because she explained herself. “I use it because they always say it on ‘Monster Hunter*’,” she said.

My eyes widened.

I turned to my husband.

“That’s it! You got it from ‘Monster Hunter’!”

The love that had been swelling in my heart mere moments before struck like lightning bolts as waves of cackles erupted from my mouth.

My husband would not look at me.

Which made him all the more irresistible.

And, if I do say so myself, “So ta…”

*with the risk of revealing my true dork, “Monster Hunter” is my very favorite video game. My husband and I used to hunt monsters together on our devices. Yep. You cook the meat from certain monsters over a pit until it is well-done. And it gives you stamina. You can see that here. We used to play together all of the time…Until…one fateful day last year when he decided he did not want to play with me. He was too tired. And we have never played together again. Sigh.

Restyling The Bermeja Tunic Dress For The Fall


This post really could have been called, “creating an outfit with items in your house.” I wanted to show two easy ways I have found to wear the Bermeja Tunic Dress in a different season (other post with this dress can be found here).


If you do not own this dress, no worries, this look can be created with any ol’ white dress (similar dress here). And if you do not have a white dress, get one. That is an order. Well, unless you are a nun. Then you are all ready in an order. And you should probably skip the white dress. Black looks good on you. Love your habit.


I wanted to show a day and night transitional look with this dress. Only, unlike other blogs that show the daytime look first (for some such odd reason being that day comes before night. But does it really?). I like to be contrary. I am doing it opposite.

Such as the opposite colors of the styling of this dress.

Nuns, I’m on to something here, I can just feel it. Don’t ya think?


For my evening look, I pulled my hair up into a fun pony tail. Slipped on some huge turquoise chandelier earrings (old from World Market) and added a black ribbon around my waist.

I am not sure where the ribbon came from.

I was looking for my black belt.

I could not find it.

I found this ribbon stashed in my underwear drawer.

The end.


Except this leads to many questions.

Nuns, you might want to look away now.

Such as, why was a ribbon in my underwear drawer?

Where did it come from?

Was it part of a box of chocolate?

What? You don’t hide chocolate in your underwear drawers?

Next, you will tell me you don’t keep salami in your boots. And I know that to be a lie. How could you lie in front of these nuns?

And the most important question, who ate my darn chocolate?


I paired both looks with black tights and high heeled booties.


For my daytime look, I simply pulled my ponytail out and undid the bow.

‘Cause I am truly a styling genius lazy heathen.


Underneath the dress dwells my slip from Free People. I kind of hate the slip the Bermeja Tunic Dress originally came with. It was way too short to actually cover parts best left unseen with any practicality. I could not find a different white slip, so this uneven ragged edge little number got some use.


If you are an even-hemmed kind of gal (or fella), then this look must be driving you crazy.

But I am not, nor have I ever been an exact measurement sort of gal.

Not level headed.

Nor even tempered.

I will have nun of that.

My point being, you can wear any slip underneath this dress and it will be fine.


Speaking of grabbing things from around the house.

Yes, we were speaking of such things.

Keep up. These voices in my head don’t just speak to themselves.

I loved the chandelier earrings that I wore with this dress and I really, really wanted a turquoise beaded bracelet to pair with them. But I do not own a turquoise beaded bracelet. However, I do own a vintage turquoise beaded sweater clip (I will have a post coming up soon about sweater clips. They are awesome). I just clasped it together at the ends around my wrist and it created a bracelet.

Nuns, take note. I made a bracelet in less than one second with my own hands.

It is a miracle.


Not as miraculous as this scenery. If we were not completely trespassing, I would have stayed longer. But isn’t it beautiful? Truly worth some jail time.

Besides, I just confessed.

To a nun.

I’m all good now.

I’m a pretty calm rebel.

Probably because nobody cared.

The owners saw us and just waved. ‘Cause they must have known about my miraculous bracelet. Those types of achievements get around.


Not that I am bragging. Wouldn’t dream of it. Besides, that is not my favorite sin.


You have a favorite sin?


Yep. Shhhhhhh. Don’t tell the nuns. I don’t make a habit of committing it.

On purpose.

With regularity.


Every day.

So, what is it? Greed? Gluttony? Envy? Lust? Wrath? Sloth (Oi)? Pride?


Sorry. I’ll never tell.

You can’t get it out of me.

It would take a miracle.

“Expecto Patronum!”


How many times in life have you wished to say a spell and all of your problems would disappear?


Probably too many times to ever be counted accurately.


So it is no surprise for me to proudly pronounce, “I am obsessed with Harry Potter.”

I reread the books at least twice a year.


I watch all of Harry Potter movies about every two months.

This thrills my husband.

And I cry every single time during the moments with Snape at the end. I think I will always do so.


When I saw this tank top being sold on Etsy from the shop Thinking Gallery, I was beyond excited.

It makes up for the Marauder’s Dress my daughter scored at Hot Topic. She got it first. And I am seething with jealousy.

Sweet Gwen from the blog London Preppy sent me this cardigan as a gift and I adore it. I could not wait to wear it with my favorite tank.


Aw, well. My shirt will save a fellow from dementors if the saving spell’s words are forgotten.

What would your Patronus be?

I do not think a gnome would count as an animal for me.

Maybe a platypus… Or a sloth?


Of course, I could not end this post without a shot of a wizard in action. Breathtaking isn’t it?

Do you own any novelty tees? Do you love Harry Potter? Have you been to the Wizarding World? I want to go there so badly (but without the crowds).

Winner of the Anthropologie e-Gift Card and Cravings?

Congratulations to Keiko for winning the Anthropologie e-gift card! I hope you get something good!

This question and answers set for the giveaway was my very favorite. I feel like you can learn so much about someone through their pets. And it was so nice to get to know each of you better. I do not typically respond to comments on giveaway posts (since I manually type in each person’s name and then go back and recount and recount to make sure I am correct, it would be too confusing), but I will be responding to each entrant throughout the week because your comments touched my heart so much. And I have so much to say to each of you! It will take me awhile, so please bear with me. : )

Today my daughter turns fifteen! Fifteen! It is a big age. In some cultures, it is the age of becoming a woman. I am going to bury my head in the sand for a bit and pretend that that is not happening.

The only thing she has requested today is for me to come up with an elaborate cracker spread. I was at a loss as to what to do, but yesterday I met a woman who majored in cheese and crackers. She knew every kind of dip and what kind to get. It was kismet. She should really consider getting her doctorate. The lady knows her stuff. I will Instagram some pictures of what I make my daughter today. I am going to do my best to make it special, along with some surprises (horseback riding lessons! Be still, my heart). Since she is sleeping until noon and will not read this post, I can write that.


I also got her this cool ring. Guess who is going to steal borrow it?

Happy Birthday My Sweet Girl!

This month I splurged on a few items. I bought this jacket and I cannot recommend it enough. It is amazing. I own it in brown but I love every single color it comes in. I have a post coming up about it next week, but it is just my favorite thing ever. Eighty degrees in California? Leather jacket. I scoffed at all of the sandals I saw traipsing past as I sweated in enjoyed my find.

I am pretty content this month. I am not really craving much of anything. Especially after all of my indulgences. Burp. There is this coat that I think is gorgeous, but I bought a dress last week (it is on my Instagram) when I went to a holiday workshop. I decided instead of making a list of things I am craving, I am going to post things I am glad I all ready own and that I am excited to wear this coming cold season:


The Miles of Henley Dress. I own this in three colors (previous posts here and here), so it is fair to say that I recommend it. I think it is so pretty and I love that there are a variety of ways to layer it. I also like the price.


I think this season is the season of grey tights. I bought my fleece lined ones (also in black in the picture) from Nordstrom Rack this week for $8 each. And the Hue grey cable tights were $11. I am excited to wear them. The fleece lined ones are so cozy. I have tried them on all ready.


The First Kiss Dress. I wear this dress all of the time. I bought it in the spring of 2013. I can wear it for three seasons in Southern California. And I have. When I purchased mine, it came in only one pattern and now it comes in a few more. I will style it in an upcoming post. I have the black and white version and I hope they bring that color combo back. It is my favorite.


I will be wearing my Anthropologie Ponte Bell Skirts (previous posts here and here) with tights (possibly the ones above) all season. The brand is Girls From Savoy. Their online store happens to have a skirt that looks like the same skirt in different colors. I have no idea if it is actually the same shape, only that it looks like it might be. It is on sale and available here.


Also, my vintage boots. I have seen them on eBay for a little more than what I paid for them at the flea market ($50) but they have lasted for years and years (they are probably older than me) and I think a vintage pair of boots should be in every girl’s closet. I own three pairs, but these are my favorite.

What is your seasonal favorite that you all ready own? I plan on combining and layering my collection of slips with cardigans all winter. Are you craving anything? Did you get to one of Anthropologie’s Holiday Workshops yet?