“What’s in the box?”


My husband is used to boxes arriving at the door. His face kind of screws itself up into a question mark as he sees another package arrive and I try to stop it before it turns into a full scowl.

The exchange usually goes like this:

“There’s another package for you.”

And then me:

“I only bought three things for ten dollars each! They shipped them all in separate boxes. I swear!”

But by this time, I am usually holding an armful of plastic or cardboard and my audience has left to pursue something more interesting.

Kinda like what is probably happening with this blog post.

The other day a large box came. Large enough to pique his curiosity.


Big enough to hold anything.

Big enough to hold something fun.

Maybe something masculine.

So, he brings the box in from outside and he asks me, “What’s in the box?”

And I tried to think of something funny to say. But my brain was blank because I could honestly not recall ordering anything. No clothes. No books. Nothin’. Those same answers could be used if you swapped out the word “box” and inserted “your head” instead. Just so ya know.

“I don’t know,” I replied honestly.

“It’s not mine. Did you order anything?” I like to pass those big cardboard surprises off as soon as they are dropped upon my doorstep.

My husband examined it further. “It’s from Walmart,” he said without enthusiasm.

I knew the box was definitely not for me.

“Well, it’s not mine,” I proudly snorted.

So, my husband took the ginormous box and placed it on the floor. We stood around it, as though we had never received a delivery before. My hopes were not too high about a box from Walmart.


My husband opened the box.

Then he looked at me. And he rolled his eyes. From the depths of the box, he began to pull out long blue cylinders. The cylinders had one word on them, “Wondra.”

“Oh, yeah. I forgot. I ordered some Wondra from Walmart.”

“You ordered some Wondra?” He said his voice dripping with sarcasm (Wondra would take care of that) as he was still pulling cylinder after cylinder from the depths of the box.

He stacked them side by side. They formed a long row of floury heaven. A caterpillar formed from discounted baking products.

It was wonderful.

My inner hoarder clapped her hands with delight. She sighed with contentment. She danced a little jig and rebelliously began shaking the flour all over the house.

Real life Jenni stood facing the amusement mixed with the irk of her husband and tried not to smile.


“It’s only a three month supply,” I smugly proclaimed. Because if I had given into my hoarding temptation, I would have doubled the order and had a healthy six month supply at my ready.

“Why couldn’t she just go and get Wondra at Walmart?” Good question. Yes, I can hear your thoughts.

I can no longer go to Walmart, because I had a very real-seeming dream in which I was shopping at Walmart and I was held hostage by the scariest man.

So, you can see why I can no longer go there.

It is for safety’s sake. I am nothin’ if not careful.

And guess what? Walmart delivered my Wondra for free!

It is astounding the things that I know the lengths I will go to to avoid going to the store.

My husband is so proud.

Late Summer Love Dress


I know it is not really “late summer” yet. I would say we are smack dab in the middle of summer as far as time plotting goes. However, Late Summer Love is the name of this dress and since I spent hours minutes staring at these outfit pictures trying to come up with a title and nothing came to me. Well, we went with the name of the dress. And when I say “we”, I mean “I”. Just like when I say “late summer” I mean “middle summer”. Unless I actually mean late summer but at that point I would probably call it early fall.

We are a walking contradiction.

For instance, sometimes I will have to layer something underneath a short dress or I feel naked. Other times, I will leave the house in a dress my husband mistook for a shirt.


I do not know why some pieces of clothing garner different rules than others. It is a conundrum.


This is off topic (if we were ever really on one), but my son calls this pose my chicken pose. That makes me laugh. Or rather squawk.

We took these pictures the other day at my daddy’s apiary. In the second picture above this one, you can see some old hives. I grew up wandering these paths.


I love this picture. It is probably my favorite outfit picture my husband has ever taken. I am not sure why. But it is such a candid shot, because I did not know my husband had started shooting. I like that I am fixing my gnome. It reminds me of being a little girl on that very road.

Although my mother never would have let me wear a dress that short.


My husband agrees with her.

I will pair this dress with leggings, tights and maybe even jeans in the wintertime.


Back to my son’s earlier observation: What would happen if I made it to the other side of this road?


Whatever the answer, I hope I could get there without flashing anybody.


I love the lilac tones in this dress mixed with the yellow. I purchased this dress with my birthday discount and a gift card while it is on sale.

And although it is short, it has really cool sleeves.

That is important.


‘Cause when you’re marching to your own beat, it’s nice to be able to do it with a little flare, regardless of the name of the season or the stance of your pose.

Do you have odd rules about clothes? Do you ever contradict yourself?

I do not know why I do. Squawk!

Ginette Callaway: Landscapes

I love art. I like my walls to be crammed full of pretty things to look at. It is important to me. I think a home should be filled with the essence of the people who reside there. It should shout or whisper whatever emotion you are trying to convey. I hope our house screams, “FUN!”


Besides my children’s paintings, I have more paintings by Ginette Callaway than anyone else in my home. I love her impressionistic style and the bright colors that she uses. I have been collecting her art for well over ten years. Last time I shared my bird paintings by her on this blog, including the peacock painting often seen in my outfit posts.

This time I wanted to share some of my landscapes by Ginette.


First there is this beautiful fishing village painting. I love the size of it. I am currently rearranging the art in my house. This is how the art is arranged above our bookcases in our living room right now. She also painted the butterfly on the left.


There is my incredibly fun painting by Ginette of an underwater fish scene.


Miniature paintings are my favorite. This little guy is small and pretty. It depicts a small home in the Bahamas. Man, I would love to go there right now!


And this painting is even smaller. I told you, I love small paintings. This is a lovely quaint city scene.

You can find Ginette Callaway on her website. And she sells her art on her Etsy store.

Do you have art in your home? What is your favorite item on your walls? What would you want your home to say about you?

It’s The Little Things: World Market Jewelry

I love cheap jewelry. I am a loser of things. I cannot be trusted with nice jewelry. As of now, I have one diamond earring and one gold earring from the two sets my husband has gifted me.

This thrills him.


If you sign up for World Market’s World Explorer Card (not a credit card just a frequent shopper type of program), they send you coupons in the mail. For my birthday, they sent me a coupon for $10 off $10 or more.

Plus, they happened to be doing 20% off their jewelry that day.

He. He. He,” went the voice inside and outside of my head. I might have even rubbed my hands together in maniacal glee.


Mama was gonna get herself a free little bracelet. I knew exactly what I wanted. This gold one with cool embroidery going through it.


But when I got there, I found more pretties.

And, well, it was my birthday.


So, I bought two of those gold cuffs.


And two of these bracelets.


And some bee earrings.

Whew! I sure showed them! Yep. They are ruing the day they sent me that coupon.


I just bought how many bracelets?

Well, one of them was free.

And, hey, it was my birthday!

It’s The Little Things: cheap jewelry that is gorgeous, too. And my ability to justify just about anything.

Have you purchased jewelry from World Market? Where do you like to purchase your jewelry? Are there any inexpensive bohemian options I should know about?