A Dress And A Cookie


After doing my Anthropologie reviews, I could not get the Caravane Tunic Dress out of my mind. It was all ready half off. It fit all of my sale criteria. It seemed like a no-brainer. Yes, I see the irony there. And so I bought it. I am so glad I did. I adore it. Adore it. Adore… It. I can wear it in the summer with easy flat sandals. In these pictures, I am wearing the Almanac Sandals. Incidentally, the sandals are currently on a promotion for 20% off as of this posting. The sales ends April 21st at 3:00 a.m. EST. In the wintertime, I will pair it with leggings and boots.

The blue is so bright and cheerful in person. Truly lovely.


In my trying out new photo ideas. Trying not to be boring. I decided to pretend to eat a cookie.


Who knows? I am trying to be more creative. This is definitely going to involve some fails.

Many fails.


And who the heck can pretend to eat a cookie?


Not me.


The dress has gorgeous black and gold buttons on it. The embroidered necklace with my husband and my initials was a Christmas present from my husband in 2012. It can be found here.

* Disclaimer: A cookie was definitely hurt in the making of this post. Brutally. I am not sad to state it did not survive. Its brothers and sisters shared the same fate. Blame it on creativity. This is posted in accordance to the PETC regulations and guidelines.

Though shall not eat thy prop.

Poor Easter Bunny


Happy Easter! (If you celebrate. If not, Happy Sunday!)

I think the big question here is, did the Easter Bunny make it to our house, on time, this year?

Yes, this is an actual question in our household.

Folks, he’s been late before.

I know!


Don’t look at me!

I can’t control a giant bunny!

And, as I have explained to my children, Santa is spoiled. There. I said it.

Well, he is!

He has a troop of little creep creatures elves doing all of his work for him. A team of reindeer to cart his belly full of jelly (no judgement here. I have one, too. Just replace jelly with wine, and we are practically the same person) around the entire world.

And, let’s not forget his biggest luxury.

His sleigh.

Does the poor Easter Bunny have any of that?


He just has to keep hoppin’ along.

All by himself.

Delivering eggs.

Yes. Eggs. Bunnies and eggs go together like… My belly and jelly… I am sure he is just as confused as we are. I mean, the fellow must be a wee bit out of sorts.

Confused, if you will.

So, it’s no wonder that sometimes he is a day… Or two… late to some of our houses.

Who can blame the guy?

Maybe he stopped and took a nap. The urge does run in his family. We’ve all read about his famous whiny little cousin in “The Tortoise And The Hare.”

And his Uncle (incidentally not the father of “The Hare” above), The March Hare from “Alice in Wonderland.”

That dude always thinks it’s tea time.

In that very same story, his Great Grandfather, The White Rabbit, almost ruins everything with his messed up pocket watch, and his silly little excuse of a chant, “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!”

Can we all see the connection here?

It could have carried over into The Easter Bunny’s genes.

I mean, why not?

His whole entire family of rabbits have some seriously poor time management skills.

Let’s cut the giant dude some slack.

I know I will.

Poor Easter Bunny.

Past Cards: I Want Some One To Love Me

In keeping with my flashback to the past through old postcards (you can see the previous installment here), I thought I would share another vintage postcard from my collection. It appears to be sent in June of 1927. Making the front of this postcard kind of scandalous.

I like it all ready.


This is the front of the postcard. In the corner, you can see the sender has put a name on it. It says, “Lois.”

Lois was ScandaLois.

And I wish I could have known her! ; )

This is the back of the postcard:


It reads:

“I guess you will sure be crazy to get this card. How did you get over the party?

From Me”

But on the top right hand corner, the sender has also put the words, “ha ha” before he/she addressed the card to “Miss Lois.” There was obviously a last name, but I blacked that out. No need to embarrass Lois any further.

So, let’s do some guessing. Shall we? It is the most fun.

These are the things we know:

In 1927 Lois went to a party. I am not thinking that the woman in the chair is actually Lois, but we should examine her further.


She is holding an umbrella.

She liked to sit in a chair the wrong way.

In a dress.

She is holding an umbrella. I realize I all ready said this, but it bears repeating.

She looks like she is still at a party.

Or feeling the affects of a party.

And the chair is on a sheepskin rug. This, my dears, is my favorite part.

Or the umbrella.

Or the tipsy girl in the chair.

And then Lois’s world collided with “Me” and I have to wonder if she “sure was crazy to get this card.” Or if she all ready was crazy. Or if the sender was crazy. That “ha ha” inserted into the corner is kind of disturbing. Well, as is getting a card in the mail with two sentences sent from “me.” And the front of the card having an obviously demented woman with the only headline being, “I want some one to love me.” And then your name next to that line. Well, it is either a cute little joke or just plain creepy. The sender obviously wanted her to know it was a joke with the “ha ha” inscribed in the corner. But that just ends up being slightly disturbing as well.

I like it.

Did Lois ever really hold an umbrella, sitting in a chair backwards on a sheepskin rug while reading a postcard and getting over a hangover?

We will never know.

But I like to think, yes.

“ha ha”

It’s The Little Things: Small Artwork And I Need Help

Okay. Not necessarily help. I kind of need you to take my side. In a disagreement.

With my husband.

It has been going on for over a month.


My daughter recently finished these two art pieces. I love them. I think they are so cool. They are pen on burlap. And I enjoy all of the details she put into them. When I look at them, I see the pure joy of a teenager.


However, I have a dilemma.


My husband wants to hang them askew. So that one is taller than the other.

Can you imagine what that does to my OCD?

You guys, it can’t happen!


They will probably go underneath the painting of the vineyard my daughter did in fourth grade.


There is so much detail around all of the sides, I do not know how to hang them.

But, I do know my heart cannot take unevenness. Especially since I would see these from my place of worship my bed.


What should I do? Is there any other way or place we can hang them? I think side by side is fine, but they have sat on that chest for over a month, because we cannot make a decision.

Please help!

It’s the little things: well, this painting has little things all over it. But really, I need some advice. I cannot keep walking by these another day.

The guilt.






And also, he left the hammer in the corner until we could reach an agreement.

It’s been there for over a month!

Things are gettin’ crazy around here!

That hammer is no accident.

It is almost worse than paintings hung at an angle.


He’s playing dirty.