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Recently, my family got in the car and headed to the city library. The library was doing fill-a-bag (plastic from the grocery story) with books for $3. It is an annual thing. I had not heard of it before. I checked the internet and it is something a lot of libraries do. Sometimes more than once a year! The prices vary per library, but you should definitely stop by your local library and see if they do this.

Because it is exhilarating.

It is fun.

It is a madhouse.

Perfect for yours truly.


You are crammed in a small room filled with books and the rustle of plastic bags. The energy is full of nervous excitement. And you just start grabbing and filling.

I saw people I knew there. But I was on a mission. No time to be polite. Or talk. Or nod. Or be human. There are books to be shoved in bags, people! Focus!

I was in a manic frenzy.

It was not pretty.

I am not proud of my actions.

But what happens in the library room stays in the library room.



We ended up filling 4 bags with books. Our total was $12. We scored 60 books (five are not shown in the pictures. They unbeknownst to me fell out of the bags into the car. I just discovered them!). That is .20 cents a book.


Look at all of our loot! I consider each book I picked up a story. An adventure. Cheap travel for the mind. Now we definitely need to get more bookcases. I will (knock on wood) never stop hoarding books. Each one is a new memory. An old friend.

Have you been to one of these fill-a-bag adventures? Did you check with your local library? Do they do this?

15 thoughts on “Library Fill A Bag

  1. I see your dogs like to inspect everything that comes in the house just like mine. (Smile) I am so glad your library has a book sale. They are AMAZING. One place we lived had an enormous sale for a week. They set all the books out and the prices got lower everyday. On the last day, they had a grocery bag sale like yours. I miss it. All the funds raised from old library books and donations went to buy new books. The last place we lived had a shorter sale that I could never catch but you could always check out anything you wanted. They had an amazing collection. The library where we live now has such extremely limited resources it makes me sad. I see you got the Kite Runner. I loved it. Parts are sad but it is an amazing book. I loved both the book Like Water for Chocolate and the movie. I have Law of Love but haven’t read it yet either. Please tell us what you think about it and The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. I have been curious about it as well. Sorry if this comment was too long. I get excited about books too.

    • Thank you. I am sorry the library near you is not up to par. We are really lucky. I am glad you got to experience these sales at your old library. They are amazing! I have not started any of these books, yet. But I can’t wait. I am scared to read “The Kite Runner,” because I have heard it is sad.

      Oh man! The dogs inspect everything that comes in. And Ollie is usually terrified of it all. He is such a funny soul. Thankfully, he doesn’t eat books. Anymore. He used to chew the spines when he was a puppy. Sob.

      Have a fun week!


  2. Oh goodness! I’ve heard of this too, but have never done it. However, we do go to the library all of the time to borrow books. Then, if I like a book enough I will purchase it. I don’t think I will ever convert to electronic books – I just love holding a book in my hand, the smell of it, etc….. Plus, as my hubby says, it’s our tax dollars at work so why not take advantage of your local library!

    • I so agree Heather! I will never be able to get behind e-books. They break my heart. I love the weight of the book in my hand and the rustle of the papers. I am glad I am not alone! I used to use the library all of the time, but I am awful about turning them in on time and always end of with a late fee. Now I just buy them!

      Have a wonderful week!


  3. I don’t even WANT to know if my library does this! I would so be in trouble! I have so many books from my college/20s that I really had to stop buying them. I use the library A LOT now because I buy very few books. But I’m going to have to ask my library if they do this now. Thanks. Ha.

    • Ha! I hope they do! One can never have too many books. I do love the library, though. I just wish I could return my books on time! I think it is because I secretly never want to give them back. Let me know if you go to a fill-a-bag at the library! Please. I must know what you get!

      I hope your week is fabulous!


    • Lyn! Your family is so beautiful! And your cooking! How do I comment on your blog? I could not figure it out!



      • Well you’re not the only one! Haa! I’vetried installing disqus on there & can’t figure it out! It’s basically my instagram photos! Are you on instagram or facebook? Thank you!

      • Hi Lyn! I am on Facebook, but I haven’t figured it out. I have no idea how to follow anyone. Or comment. : (. I need to figure it out! And I keep hearing about Instagram, but it kind of terrifies me. Yes, I’m a blogger scared of social media. I don’t see that ending well. : ). I hope you can add comments! Your food looks so good. Homemade noodles! Wow! And your kids are so cute. Your pictures are beautiful quality, too! I will definitely keep checking out your blog!

        Have a gorgeous day!


  4. Ha! Thank you Jenni! At least I’m not alone in not figuring out ALL THE TECHNOLOGY! I messaged you through facebook once I found you! I’ll keep working on the disqus! Those noodles were my 2nd noodle attempt ever. 1st attempt I had to use my kids’ play dough rolling pin. No joke. I found that beauty of a rolling pin in the photo at TJ Maxx!

    • Thanks Lyn! I will try to figure it out! That is so funny about the rolling pin, but well worth waiting for that gorgeous one from TJ Max. I do not get to that store nearly enough. The noodles look just beautiful. If my husband gets home before midnight, I will message you tonight. Otherwise first thing tomorrow! : )

      Have a great evening!


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