There And Back Again


I have this Anthropologie Ponte Bell Skirt in black and it is one of my favorites. When more colors came out, I added them all to my wishlist with the hope of one day scoring one at a huge discount. In July, I finally was able to acquire one more in the color I had been wanting the most, this really pretty green. I got it for 75% off. The green reminds me of hobbits.

Well, pretty much everything reminds me of hobbits.

It is a bit of a problem.


When I take this skirt off, it stands up all by itself.

It is as though Gandalf granted it some mysterious skirt power.


I paired my skirt with a simple dress from Target. This skirt is short, so I feel better knowing that I have extra coverage underneath it. I could have used a striped shirt, goodness knows I have enough, but I was happy with this solution. I like that the back of the dress has a zipper like the back of this skirt.


We found the neatest gully in the middle of the desert. I want to walk down there one day for pictures. There could be hobbits! But my husband says that I will not be able to get back up.

I think he is forgetting that I am wearing a magic skirt.


The earrings are from Nordstrom Rack. The bracelet is Free People’s Hammered Stacked Cuff. The shoes are Anthropologie’s Almanac Sandals. The invisible necklace made from the remnants of second breakfast is courtesy of my imagination.


Do you have anything in your closet that reminds you of your favorite movie? Have you scored any popbacks lately? I have a post coming up soon with some of my recent best finds.

*Today is typically reserved for the feature “It’s The Little Things.” Unfortunately, life got in the way of me finishing pictures for it today. It has been hard adjusting to this back to school thing. The feature should resume next week. Until then, I need to rid myself of this outfit photo backlog.

These photos were edited using the Afterlife App’s forrest filter at 55%.

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With A Lighter Heart


Sorry for another outfit post. I am trying to get through my summer pictures. My mom will be happy. She loves the outfit posts the most.

I could not recall the name of this dress that I purchased last year. I had originally styled it like Mary on Happily Grey, on my older blog post here, but I had wanted to try it exclusively with gold and pink this time. Make it my own.


I found the name of the dress. And it made me smile, because I had picked this dress out of my closet that day simply to ease a heavy heart.


The dress is called, “With A Light Heart Dress.” I am sure it is sold out by now because when I purchased it in 2013, it was all ready 66% off. I bet it can be found on eBay. I cannot guarantee the light heart, though (I am not linking to a similar dress because I honestly could not find one similar enough to warrant a link and I do not like to add links simply for the sake of clicks).


The necklace is Anthropologie’s Lace Flag Necklace from last year. It is surprisingly hard to find pink jewelry. I am happy I picked this up. The shoes can be found here.


It seems silly, but I was thrilled to get a compliment on this outfit earlier in the day.

A woman stopped me when I was with my son and said, “I like your son-”

And I thought to myself, She likes my son? That is odd.

But then she finished. “I like your son-dals. And your whole outfit is just so cute.”

I thanked her and soared inside, both from the compliment and the fact that my son was not being strangely commented upon.


Another silly thing is this bracelet. I love it. I purchased it from Anthropologie when it hit sale with my husband’s initial. However, it is the only piece of jewelry that has ever turned my skin green.

But I still wear it.

‘Cause green skin is kinda cool. I do like to channel my inner Hulk, after all.

Not really, but I do wear it for short periods of time because I really like the bracelet.


Have you ever had jewelry that turned your skin green? Did you still wear it? Do you compliment strangers? I try to always compliment one elderly woman every time I leave the house. One time I was in an airport and I accidentally kicked the poor lady with my shoe when I tried to tell her I loved her dress. She probably did not appreciate that compliment so much.

I hope I did not give her a green bruise.

Maybe this bracelet is compliment karma.

Or some such light hearted nonsense.

It’s The Little Things: Predict A Pen


The other day found me in the aisles of Target mindlessly shopping for three events I had to attend that weekend. Most of the space in my cart was being taken up by cartons of Wondra and twenty four rolls of paper towels I had found on sale. You can never have enough paper towels. Or Wondra. Or toilet paper. But that’s a story for another day.

There is an aisle in Target that is so random. So wonderful. I can’t stand how much I like this aisle. Imagine an aisle similar to Spencer’s Gifts. Or an aisle in Target created by Fred and George Weasley using Muggle items. Or if Andy had grown up and instead of collecting cowboy dolls and slinky dogs, he preferred naughty little paperclips. Well, he would find those in this aisle. It is an aisle of mischief. And it is my favorite.

So, there I was standing in that aisle, with glittering, magnificent crap items all calling my name. I wanted to give each object its due attention, but I was immediately drawn to two things.

A beautiful sky blue flask.

And a pen that was similar to a magic eight ball. You pressed it to activate the pen part and it revealed an answer at the same time.

Now, if you know me, you know that this decision was a no-brainer. Well, and also, this post was not titled, “Beautiful Flask.”

Of course I was going to go for the Predict A Pen.

But what if I told you the flask had a goldfish in the center of all of that blue?

Well, a goldfish on a flask is exactly equal to a magic eight ball pen.

In case you ever come across this scenario or were just wondering.

I decided to let fate decide.

And by this, I mean I parked my shopping cart in the middle of that magical muggle aisle of nonsense and decided to ask the Predict A Pen.

“Am I going to win the lottery?”

Okay. I know that was not the question. But if you have a pen that is giving you the answers to the future in your hand, you don’t start small. No baby steps here.

“It’s Unclear, Ask Again.”

So I did.

“If you’re lucky.”

Hmmmm. Is Predict A Pen messing with me?

I asked the question a final time.

“Not for a million dollars.”

Okay. Now I knew the mystic pen was messing with me.

I liked it.

I decided to ask it the burning question. And give new meaning to the phrase, “Ink or Swim.”

“Predict A Pen, should I buy you instead of Goldfish Flask?”


I looked up. Coming towards me was a sweet woman and her family. I had a flask with a goldfish painted on it, in one hand. And a magic eight ball pen, in another. And I was having the entire conversation above. Outloud. To myself. With inanimate objects.

I said to the approaching woman, “I’m holding a fish flask!” I like to state the obvious in an uncomfortable situation. I guess it could be worse. I could have said, “I carried a watermelon!”

I immediately set the flask back down on the shelf.

I had a sweet conversation with the woman and then I made my way to the checkout.

I was wondering to myself if that woman must think I am crazy.

I looked down at my hand and flipped it over to reveal Predict A Pen’s answer.

It said, “Without a doubt.”


And that is why I do not have a flask with a tacky tastefully decorated goldfish on it in my purse. And that is why you will find me around town talking to a small black pen in my hand. Completely sober. And that is why my children will not go out with me.

Predict A Pen has none all of the answers. He even has the appropriate response to most of my crazy observations.


Who could compete with that?. Poor Goldfish Flask never stood a chance.

It’s the little things: an inanimate object with an attitude that can perform multiple tasks. In other words, my new best friend.

“Gosh. Is there something wrong with me?”


* Predict A Pen is just a fun little novelty. It cannot really tell the future (that I know of). I feel the need to state this as not all of us are muggles. In which case, this pen would have been an incredible deal! Sorry. You will have to go to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes for the real deal. The above link is an affiliate link. Purchasing the pen through the link provides this muggle blog a small commission.

Antique Shopping With My Mom

My mom wanted to have a girl’s day a few weeks ago. I was in. Since we both love antiquing, we planned on heading down to some local antique stores and picking out a fun restaurant to eat at.



It was a fun day, but incredibly hot. I wore my Free People Tutti Frutti Slip Skirt that I got for a steal at Nordstrom Rack (similar skirt here) with a white t-shirt, bow belt from Anthropologie and On A Wing Necklace with vintage boots. It seemed like a good outfit for antiquing. Sorry for the blurry pictures. My daughter took them and the camera is big for her tiny hands.

I wanted to share all of the pretty vintage treasures there were to be had. I did not buy anything except for a few post cards to add to my collection. You can see a new feature about them that I started on this blog here.


Vintage Maracas. The color is beautiful.


This bracelet that reminded me of peacock feathers (Heather!).


I can always spot a gnome.


This guy lurking creepily in the back was tagged as an elf. The horror! But, well, he is creepy enough for the title. He was $150. Now that may seem like a lot of money. And it is. But imagine the possibilities. How scared would your spouse/partner be of this creature?

Oh. Man. What a steal!

If only I weren’t so scared of it myself…


Here was a cute ceramic gnome candle holder. I don’t buy the kitschy ceramic stuff. I like the small felted gnomes I can hide in other objects or plant sticks or outside gnomes. But he was cute sitting on the shelf.


If I had one more room in my house, I would have sprung for this amazing ceramic Italian chandelier. It is gorgeous. The colors were perfect. The price was fair for a chandelier. So pretty!


I love the blue on this ceramic crock.


And the blue on this old plunger.


Look at the pretty turquoise jewelry!


And there was great blue grass music being played throughout town. It was a beautiful day. We even got to see this cute little dressed up fellow.

Thank you Mom for spending it with me. I had so much fun!

Have you been antique shopping lately? Thrift store shopping? I love sifting through old things. You never know what you are going to find!

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And My Romantic Home.