It’s The Little Things: Summer Wine


I did a post awhile back about my favorite red wine.Then I wrote about the time my husband came home with a bottle of wine named after the girl of his dreams. And I thought that would be it for my posts on alcohol. But who are we kidding? Or rather whose blog is this?


It looks like someone else likes my wine, too.

My husband recently went to the store. And he came home with a pink moscato. And I was slightly disappointed inside. Not because I don’t like moscato. Because I do. I really, really do. For those of you who are not wine drinkers, moscato wines are usually very sweet and they often have a low alcohol content. And, of course, that was the reason for my sadness. I consider a wine with a low alcohol content, a waste of calories. There is much logic and perhaps sadness to that statement.

Nevertheless, it is true.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw that this moscato had a 9% alcohol content. The alcohol content is still not as high as a typical bottle of red or white wine. But it is higher than the 6% I had seen in previous moscato wines I have tried.


Is it just me or is Murphy way too interested in this wine?… I think he’s guarding it!

And it is so good. It is perfect for summer. Sweet. Cold.


Yep. That is definitely my dog.

The brand is called Barefoot. My husband purchased it for $5 a bottle at Albertson’s, because it was discounted if you bought six or more. He also bought their regular white moscato and a red moscato. I have not tried those yet, but the awards on the label look promising.

It’s the little things: adult beverages for the summer at a great price.

Do you like sweet wine? Have you tried this brand of wine before?

Library Fill A Bag


Recently, my family got in the car and headed to the city library. The library was doing fill-a-bag (plastic from the grocery story) with books for $3. It is an annual thing. I had not heard of it before. I checked the internet and it is something a lot of libraries do. Sometimes more than once a year! The prices vary per library, but you should definitely stop by your local library and see if they do this.

Because it is exhilarating.

It is fun.

It is a madhouse.

Perfect for yours truly.


You are crammed in a small room filled with books and the rustle of plastic bags. The energy is full of nervous excitement. And you just start grabbing and filling.

I saw people I knew there. But I was on a mission. No time to be polite. Or talk. Or nod. Or be human. There are books to be shoved in bags, people! Focus!

I was in a manic frenzy.

It was not pretty.

I am not proud of my actions.

But what happens in the library room stays in the library room.



We ended up filling 4 bags with books. Our total was $12. We scored 60 books (five are not shown in the pictures. They unbeknownst to me fell out of the bags into the car. I just discovered them!). That is .20 cents a book.


Look at all of our loot! I consider each book I picked up a story. An adventure. Cheap travel for the mind. Now we definitely need to get more bookcases. I will (knock on wood) never stop hoarding books. Each one is a new memory. An old friend.

Have you been to one of these fill-a-bag adventures? Did you check with your local library? Do they do this?

It’s The Little Things: Red, Red Wine


You make me feel so…


I like wine. But I am not a wine snob. In fact, I really do not know all that much about it, despite the many tastings and tours I have been on. I do know what I like, though. And this is it.


It is called Firefly Ridge Red Flash. It is available at Safeway and Vons. It is also almost always on sale. A good price for it is $5.50 a bottle. A great price is $5. I stock up on this delight.


It is smooth. Not too sweet.


Look at its aura. ; ). I highly recommend this for all you adults out there!

It’s the little things: Good wine for a great price!