It’s The Little Things: Summer Wine


I did a post awhile back about my favorite red wine.Then I wrote about the time my husband came home with a bottle of wine named after the girl of his dreams. And I thought that would be it for my posts on alcohol. But who are we kidding? Or rather whose blog is this?


It looks like someone else likes my wine, too.

My husband recently went to the store. And he came home with a pink moscato. And I was slightly disappointed inside. Not because I don’t like moscato. Because I do. I really, really do. For those of you who are not wine drinkers, moscato wines are usually very sweet and they often have a low alcohol content. And, of course, that was the reason for my sadness. I consider a wine with a low alcohol content, a waste of calories. There is much logic and perhaps sadness to that statement.

Nevertheless, it is true.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw that this moscato had a 9% alcohol content. The alcohol content is still not as high as a typical bottle of red or white wine. But it is higher than the 6% I had seen in previous moscato wines I have tried.


Is it just me or is Murphy way too interested in this wine?… I think he’s guarding it!

And it is so good. It is perfect for summer. Sweet. Cold.


Yep. That is definitely my dog.

The brand is called Barefoot. My husband purchased it for $5 a bottle at Albertson’s, because it was discounted if you bought six or more. He also bought their regular white moscato and a red moscato. I have not tried those yet, but the awards on the label look promising.

It’s the little things: adult beverages for the summer at a great price.

Do you like sweet wine? Have you tried this brand of wine before?

It’s The Little Things: Bracelets


I started this blog while I was still discovering my personal style. And I still am discovering it. I think self discovery is always an on-going cycle. With that said, I used to not like to wear more than one accessory. And sometimes that is still true.

But lately I have wanted to layer more and more.

The less clothes I get to layer as the weather warms up means the more accessories that get to take their place.

I bought my first bracelet last year.

It was so exciting.

I have since added a few more:


This Free People Hammered Stacked Multi Cuff was a recent acquisition as I try to push myself past my comfort zone.

My husband thinks it looks like shower curtain rings.

When is he going to learn that when he compares something to something else weird or funny, that just makes me like it even more?

Forever 21 has a very similar version in gold. I really like that one, too.


I wore these Forever 21 Globetrotter Cuffs yesterday. They are my absolute favorites. They are also less than $5 each. I love them so much, I hope they last.

The turquoise layered bracelet was one of five that I purchased last year for $4 each. They are sold out, but Forever 21 has some fun colored bangles in a similar color vein here. And I saw almost identical ones at Target yesterday.


I own two of the Anthropologie Scalloped Monogram Bracelets. One with my husband’s initial and one with my own. I think these are feminine and sweet. I like the little details on them.


One weird fact (of many… Too… Too… Many) about me is that I love octopuses. I think they are brilliant creatures that we still have not studied enough. So, when I saw Modcloth’s My Pet Octopus Cuff, I knew it was being added to my collection. This bracelet is fun, but I will say that I have small wrists and this moves around a lot. I think this would fit better on a girl with larger wrists.


I purchased this yellow wrap bee bracelet two weeks ago at Nordstrom Rack for $10. I could not find a link for a similar bracelet (or rather, I could not find a link to a similar bracelet at a reasonable price. I am not going to link to a bracelet that costs more than most dresses). The brand is Dazzle. Each bug had a different color. There was a pretty kelly green one, too, but my heart belongs to the bee. Ever since my grandmother passed away, I feel more drawn to my heritage as a daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter of many generations of beekeepers. So when I see a piece of jewelry with a bee or bees on it, I pounce.


It’s The Little Things: A small accessory to bring a little more fun to an outfit. And a little more joy to my heart.

Have you gotten into the bracelet love this season? Do you layer them? Do you have weird jewelry rules like me (you will never see me wearing a necklace and earrings. It has to be one or the other)?

*Disclosure: The links in this post are affiliate links. Clicking on a link will result in a small commission for this site.

P.S. Speaking of bracelets, Heather from the shop, Peacock Fairy, has some pretty bracelets, too. She is giving away a beautiful necklace.. It ends tonight at 9:00 p.m. PST. Please do not forget to enter. Thank you!

It’s The Little Things: Paper Straws

Folks. I have a problem. We can joke about. Pretend it is a silly thing. A small thing.

But it is getting a bit out of hand.

It is kind of my habit or need, if you will, to have a supply of every possible thing. Imaginable. Just in case. You never know.

“Just in case. You never know.” That is the mantra of my life, by the way. In one word it can be summed up to: greed paranoia.


I have always been a Straw Freak. I bet you didn’t know there was such a thing. Well there is. Here I am. “Nice to meet you.” I cannot drink out of a glass without a straw. I make weird slurping noises. It is like I have been drinking out of puddles all of my life. My lips cannot form properly onto the glass.

I am sure at this point you are crossing off the word “straw” in Straw Freak.

I don’t blame you.

Also. I cannot drink water with a straw. Or milk (unless the milk is from a donut shop in a small container purchased on the way to the airport between the hours of five and seven thirty in the morning. Jealous of my husband now?). It is simply not done. Sends shivers down my spine, it does.

If I am at a restaurant, I always grab extra ones. Especially at Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf. Their straws are the absolute best. They are big. They are purple. They live in my purse where I can stroke them daily.



So, I started seeing these gorgeous paper straws popping up all over the place. And the Need Beast in my heart grew.

I finally caved and purchased some hot pink paper straws from Amazon.

But the Need Beast was not satisfied.

So I bought a small pack of twenty yellow polkadot and stripe ones.

But he longed for more.

He wanted. All. Of. The. Colors.



But I did not want to pay for them. Well, the other day Anthropologie had free shipping on anything. That’s right. Anything. Do you want to know what I bought?







Shocker: I bought straws.

Eight boxes of fabulous clearanced paper straws. Eight boxes of 144 count straws (seriously, the best price I have found is on Anthropologie. Who knew?). This, combined with my previous Amazon purchases, left me with a total of 1,196 straws.

My husband was very impressed with this number, folks.

You should have seen his jaw clench.

I think it was in anticipation of the fun sipping he will be doing all season.

Don’t you?


I am so ready for this summer. For margaritas by the pool. For lemonade. And piƱa coladas.

All made more exciting with the use of colorful, happy straws.

It’s the little things: Making a drink even better.

Do you have paper straws in your house? Do you drink from a straw? Do you have weird rules about straws? Please share. My Need Beast really wants to know.

* The Amazon link is an affiliate link. The straws for this link are $1 more than what Anthropologie is selling their straws for. However, I provided the link in case Anthropologie runs out. Also, I get free shipping on Amazon but not on Anthropologie. Purchasing through the Amazon link will result in a small commission for The Need Beast this blog.

It’s The Little Things: Phone Camera Lenses

I never knew these existed. Did you? But I read about them last month on A Beautiful Mess here. They compared different photo lenses for phone cameras. Some of the ones they showed were expensive. I knew as much as they intrigued me, I probably would not be indulging in them. But they also showed a pack of lenses for sale at Amazon for less than $10. They are the VicTsing 3in1 Lens. I thought it would be fun to play around with them.

Spoiler: I was right! So, so right!

Duh! ; )


This is what the three lenses (that really does not sound like a word. Does it?) look like. There is the fish-eye lens and the macro/wide view lens. The macro and wide view lens screw together. To use the wide view, you keep them together. To use the macro (super close-up), you unscrew them and attach only that one.


This is what a lens looks like attached to my phone (I have an iPhone 5).


This one is my favorite. I think. I really love them all. It is the fisheye lens. It makes everything look distorted. I think it is so cool! This is sweet Ollie using the fisheye lens.


This is a selfie. I am on my knees (in case you were wonderin’). Probably beggin’ for clothes.

Or a cookie.


A flower in our backyard.


This is a picture of our backyard without the wide angle lens.


This is the same spot with the wide angle lens. You can definitely tell the difference.


And here is the macro lens. A flower petal in our house.


My eyeball.

Because why wouldn’t I?


An in-depth look at a pompom.


Here it is without the macro lens attached. It is a definite difference.

It’s the little things: getting more uses from something you all ready own!

I hardly ever use my camera on my phone. But now with these easy lenses, I can take fun pictures anywhere I am. These lenses will fit easily into any purse I own. I am thrilled with this cheap little indulgence. I am going to buy a pack for my daughter, too. They are a cool little gift.

Have you heard of these? Have you tried them? Do you use your phone’s camera?

* I was not paid for this post. I purchased the lenses myself, because I really wanted to try them. However, the link provided is an affiliate link. Purchasing through that link will provide a small commission for this blog. I will never write a post about something I have not purchased myself or that I would purchase for myself. As in anything I review, your experience may vary. I am not a professional photographer and I tried to use the lenses to the best of my ability. And my ability… it ain’t much. ; ).