Folk Tale


This Free People black dress that I purchased last summer continues to be one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I previously wore it with sandals, but I wanted to try belting it with tights and boots for this season. The dress I am wearing is sold out, but I adore the look of this dress in white. It has a similar easy vibe.


I love the longer back. I sometimes hate the new high-low trend, but it works with my lifestyle.

My lifestyle being that of a klutz. I am always dropping things and having to bend over and get them.


Case in point, the other day I was wearing my denim shirt “dress.” Thankfully with tights. I was in the grocery store. I had gone inside for two things and as I was walking to the register, I somehow managed to pick up ten items. I had them precariously balanced in my arms.


I probably would have made it to the register without a mishap, had I not at that moment noticed my children’s kindergarten teacher with her husband in another aisle.

We locked eyes and as I went to wave, I proceeded to drop all of my items on the floor. Three times! Over and over, I bent over and picked up cans and packages of cheese and chips.

It was mortifying.

I am sure the people behind me probably thought it was even more so.

I really could have used a high-low dress that day. Who am I kidding? I could use a high-low dress everyday.


Let’s move along from my mortification. I purchased this vintage folk belt from Modcloth last year (previously worn here). I love it so much. I keep it on my dresser instead of with my other belts because I am scared of it breaking.


I took these pictures on my dad’s property. I think I only explored this road once as a child. I was not very adventurous. Besides, the possibility of rattlesnakes curbed my desire to walk around.


Did you explore your neighborhood growing up? Or were you exploring worlds in books like I was? And when am I going to learn that I always need a grocery cart, even when I am “just running in”?

3 thoughts on “Folk Tale

  1. Ha! Sounds like me. I never grab a grocery cart and am always juggling too many items in my arms.
    Pretty dress and that belt is soooo amazing. You should frame it when you aren’t wearing it.
    Our house in Pittsburgh was right next to the woods so as kids we spent a ton of time in them. But up in those parts there was really nothing dangerous like rattlesnakes. Once we moved to Florida we had to worry about alligators and poisonous snakes and frogs but that only made it more thrilling. However, if I saw anything resembling a snake I was gone in 2 seconds flat. I am not brave at all.

  2. I love seeing this belt again and again. It’s so unique.

    I grew up in the suburbs in Calgary. We lived next to one of the biggest urban parks in North America though, and my cousins and I would often ride our bikes through there and have adventures. No poisonous snakes, but there were lots of deer and coyotes.

    • Thank you Liana! It is sitting and staring at me from my dresser as I type this begging to be worn again. ; )

      How cool to live near such a large park! I bet you had many adventures!

      Have a happy week!


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