Mexican Blanket Skirt


I love the creativity and color that symbolizes Mexico in my soul. There is so much to inspire: The Talavera, the Otomi embroidery, the Huichol beadwork, handblown glass, beautiful silver jewelry, intricate leather purses, embroidered dresses and woven blankets. I love it all.

We have Talavera tile all over our house. Even in our pool. I layer with Otomi blankets on couches and beds in our house. Each time we visit Mexico, I never ever leave enough room in my suitcase. I want to bring it all home. The lively spirit of Mexico has my heart in its grasp.


So, when I saw this vintage Mexican Blanket Skirt (similar not vintage item from Modcloth here and vintage item here and here and here) being sold from Effina Vintage, I knew my pocketbook did not stand a chance. Especially since it was exactly my size. And also, the seller was selling it very reasonably and her commentary on her items is fun.

I paired the skirt with my Anthropologie Cloth and Stone Denim Daydrifter Tee from last year (similar tee here) and my Anthropologie Almanac Sandals.


The necklaces are Free People’s Coin Necklace (given to me as a participant of Free People Me. Similar here) and Simply Livly’s Turquoise Necklace.

The Mexican Blanket was brought back from one of our trips. I thought it would be a fun prop with the skirt. I did not carry this blanket to Costco with me later in the day. Although, with all of the samples they give away, wouldn’t it be funny if I plopped this blanket down in the middle of the store and had myself a free little picnic?

That wouldn’t anger anyone.


Speaking of free samples, did you know that Trader Joe’s gives out free wine samples?!?! I also learned that on this day when I ran in there for Peonies. And walked out with Peonies and wine. Well played, Trader Joe’s! But next time, I’m bringin’ my blanket. You won’t even see me comin’.


The bracelet is Free People’s Hammered Stacked Multi Cuff


If my spirit was a skirt, this would be it. Wearing this skirt makes me feel more like “me.” Does that make sense?


What piece of clothing would your spirit inhabit? Do you own it? Do you feel more like yourself when you are wearing it? Do you think I would be able to finish my free samples of wine before I was asked to leave the store with my blanket? A curious girl would like to know.

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Gonna Try Harder


I’m boring and I’m bored. How ’bout you? I’m kind of tired of pictures of me. But what can I do? ; ) I unwittingly started a fashion blog and I am having too much fun to quit.

But I am tired of pictures of me standing in the same darn place. Sure it is easy. And I am lazy. So, it works. And I will continue to take pictures in front of my fireplace, because of both of those descriptions, but also because I happen to love my fireplace. And the lighting is good there.

But I am going to try to shake things up a bit. Take different pictures around my house.

Maybe even.

Oh my gosh. This is a biggie!

Maybe even leave my house now and again.

I tried that in my post on Sunday.

This is another attempt. In the pictures, I am wearing my Anthropologie Chevron Skirt (slightly similar skirt here and here), Anthropologie Lunation Tee, and Anthropologie Sandals from last year, Anthropologie… Okay. Just assume everything is from Anthropologie. ‘Cause it is. This includes the Star Necklace from Christmas and Layered Corset Belt.

Hmmm. That was all ready super boring. Sorry about that! On to the pictures!:


Ha! Okay! Well, I couldn’t resist the fireplace. It is my comfort zone.


I made my husband and myself Pepper Bellies for lunch. It was just the two of us at home with the kids at school. I thought it would be fun to get a cooking picture. This is my daily grind. ; )


I loved the color of the wood on the library ladder with this skirt.


And another.


Let’s try a chair. (Note: I have a stalker in the background).


Here comes another stalker.

He’s cute!


Oomph! He got me! We need to end this now, because I am about to be attacked again (see who is sneakin’ up behind me?!)!

Where else should I take outfit pictures? I am much too shy to do it obviously in public. Which space did you like the best? I need all of the help I can get! : )

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Target In January

I recently went to Target. As I do. When I want to buy a mindless variety of unnecessary items.

The reason I had gone there was because in my rummaging cleaning, I found 4 gift cards totaling $100 to Target in my drawer. They were given to me over the last few months as my kids would get them as gifts and then order something off of Amazon and pay me with their Target gift cards. I didn’t mind. I knew I would use them. Or lose them. Whichever came first. I decided to get on using them before I forgot.

With the holidays just recently being over and it being the beginning of the year, a lot of us are not spending money. I wanted to show some inexpensive options Target is offering right now, in case you wanted something new, but did not want a high price tag to struggle with.



I didn’t mean to go to the clothing section. Cross my heart. But that is where I ended up. And I saw the best shirt. Seriously. Run. Don’t walk. And go get yourself this shirt. The only sizes left in black at our Target were XS and Large. I bought a Large for myself (fits perfectly) and an XS for my daughter (now you see why they don’t mind paying me with their gift cards).

The shirt is $16.99 and so similar to the more expensive shirts in my wishlist. See here. And here. Plus, you get 5% off if you use their Target Red Debit Card. It also came in the prettiest seafoam green color. But I needed a black shirt. The back has the pretty key-hole.



Does this remind you of anything? How about my Ruffled Hem Pullover? This was less than 1/4 of that price?! I do like my Anthropologie sweater better. The back is more detailed. But this Target sweater was a great price. At $20, this was a nobrainer and my daughter got one, too. I bought the medium in this although I think I could have even gotten a large. It matches my AG Stevies Cords perfectly.


And this awesome poncho pullover is so cool! At $20, it is simple to throw on. It is the easiest black and white stripes. Goes with so much. It covers the bum. Another steal. Another win for Target. By the way, I have no idea what is on my thigh. I had put those pants on for the very first time five minutes prior to this pic.


I did not buy either of these sweaters. Not at Anthropologie. Not at Target. I do not own a French Bulldog, so it wasn’t for me. There was a popback of this sweater at Anthropologie last week and I would have ended up paying the same amount as the Target price. But I didn’t need it. So I didn’t buy it.

I just have to say… Umm. I’m not sayin’ this is a blatant copy of Anthropologie’s sweater. What do you think? Wink. If you missed it at Anthropologie, Target’s copy is $20.



Gnomes!!! Look at these little darlings. I love ’em. I want to marry them. I want to rub their cold little hard bodies all over my cheeks. I want to… Okay. Let’s quit there. $4 a piece (just the 4 crackled versions in the pot). Adorable.


And a big one to greet folks at the door. I only wish they had two more of him.


And a sad, sad little fellow. He looked so forlorn, I had to take him home to cheer him up. He still isn’t happy. I have a feeling he never will be. But he is a pretty color. Blue. Just like his heart.


This awesome crockpot was marked down from $35 to $17.48. How cool is it? I cannot wait to use it!

Have you been to Target lately? Do you always walk away with more than you came for? The buyers there are doing it right!

* Some pictures shown here were taken from Target and Anthropologie’s websites.

I’m Crafty Crazy


I am not crafty. Oh, how I long to be.

But I’m not.

Please remind me of this the next time I decide to do a project. Because I always do. And I always end up reenacting Amelia Bedilia. And crying. Then laughing like a maniac. Then crying. I think I confuse “crafty” with “crazy.”

I saw this Chevron tablecloth on Anthropologie’s Website and I loved it! But at $228, I knew that even if it went on sale, it would be too expensive for me. I thought, how hard could it be to make one myself?

You probably all ready know the answer to that.

Well, first I purchased a tablecloth in a neutral linen from Target’s website. Then it came and I promptly set it on my husband’s desk for three weeks and ignored it. Until finally, I begged my husband to help me make this tablecloth. And because my husband is the closest thing to committing me to a perfect human being that I know, he agreed.

He cut me a templet from Elinee Studio. And we watched the video Her video is for a rug, but I figured it would be similar enough to my project to work. This was incredibly helpful. Honestly, if we had not watched the video or used her template, we would have had a tear-splattered fiasco at the end of this project.

I took the tablecloth out of the package. And I stared at it. It was itty bitty. My husband looked at it.

“What size did you get?” He asked.

“Um. I don’t know. Whatever size it came in.”

“You mean you didn’t look at what size the Anthropologie tablecloth was and buy the same one?”

“I didn’t even think of doing that,” I said, as air whistled through my ears.

“Well, what are you going to do?”

“I don’t know! Maybe I’ll just use it on our breakfast table.”

“Is it square?” Says my my husband, who is the owner of a square breakfast table…as am I.

“Uhhhhh. No. But I could just let the sides dangle.”


Then the sound of me tapping on the computer and ordering the correct size off of the Target website. Thankfully they had it, and because I used my Target Debit Card I got free shipping.

But now I had to wait for the correct size to come…

20131125-105116.jpg class=

It came rather quickly and we set to work.





It took the two of us approximately three hours to tape the tablecloth.


The next day, we decided to paint it. We mixed up our two bottles of orange fabric paint and quickly realized that it would probably not be enough.


We added some yellow and red that I had on hand and made this color. It still did not look to be enough. I suggested that we paint every other row just in case. Thank goodness we did, because we ran out. As you do…when you suck at DIYing.


Now, we had a soggy half painted tablecloth outside.


I decided to sacrifice my pink paint I had on hand to fill in the other rows. I just wanted to finish it. So, that is how our tablecloth ended up looking like this. A mished mashed version of the original. I am not sure how I feel about it. I would have preferred all orange, but we worked with what we had.

While we were painting, my husband burst out laughing. I smiled and asked him what was so funny. He said he was imagining what I was going to write about this tablecloth in my blog post.

I said, “Don’t laugh. We’re creating a family heirloom.”

He responded, “This will be the first thing our son’s wife will throw away.”

We both laughed. But now that kind of breaks my heart.

We continued to paint. And I asked my husband, “So, what do you think this is going to look like?”

The eternal optimist responded as if there was no other option, “I think it’s going to look great!”

I laughed and said, “Honey, when have we ever painted a straight line? Even with painter’s tape?”

He laughed.

I think you can guess the answer to those questions, too.



This was our finished project. It ended up costing much, much more than I thought it would. My husband is in love with it. Which is cute. I think it is okay. We will definitely use it. And I have happy memories of us making it together. You know, we should make another one! I cannot believe it actually turned out with no major mishaps.


On second thought, maybe waiting for sale isn’t such a bad idea after all.

Look at what us DIYers did to our concrete. Yup! We are super smart professionals. Obviously, if you attempt this, and why wouldn’t you after seeing all of the fun we had, place a tarp underneath your project.

Or maybe you want a permanent reminder of the day you painted a tablecloth?

Because, obviously, we did, too. Forget the tablecloth! Let’s just make a random half painted tablecloth design on our concrete. This is genius if you ever have company you don’t like over. Just start laying dishes on the pattern on the ground. Then sit cross legged around it like you would at a table. How fun would that be?

Thankfully it came off, but I should add paint stripper to the final total. And maybe a therapy bill. Because why do we keep doing this?

Project Costs: $61.76

After tax and my discounts (ebates, using Target Debit Card) Tablecloth = $16.78
Fabric paint (7 4 oz. bottles after tax and discount) = $29.48
Paint pan, 2 rollers, 2 sizes of painter’s tape approximately $15.50 (I lost the receipt. Surprise! But I remember it being $15 something).

Have you DIYed anything lately? Are you crazy crafty? Or are you like us and just think you are sometimes?

Oh, and if you are wondering what became of the “too small” tablecloth, well, I have just the project for it… ; )

* I am playing catchup from being sick. Sorry I am behind on emails and posts. I hope to accomplish everything by Wednesday. A new post will run on Tuesday night. I will also post Wednesday. And I am doing a “live” Thanksgiving post on Thursday, updating throughout the day with things I am grateful for. After that, my regular daily schedule will commence. Thanks for bearing with me! I hope your week is great!”