Colima And See What I Did


Last year, Anthropologie sold the Colima Skirt. It came in many colors. I believe the final count was six. But I could be wrong.

I bought two of them. And then I could not figure out how to style the darn things. The skirts were pretty. But the hem that I thought I would like, proved to be a challenge. And they were a bit too clingy and see through.

The other day, I had an epiphany.

Why not wear them together?

Why not create the hem I wanted by layering the two together?


So I did.


I love them worn this way. Together they have become my favorite maxi skirt.


And the spin factor cannot be beat.


Trust me.


If you missed out on the Colima Skirt last year at Anthropologie, you are not out of luck. Modcloth is carrying an incredibly similar version of it in blue. They call it Sway by the Sea Skirt. It is $49.99. The original price for the Colima Skirt was $118. I am trying to decide if I need another layer to mix up the colors. Because that price is great.

I have also seen this skirt being sold in a variety of colors on eBay.

The top was a random clearance find at Nordstrom Rack last spring. It is by Cloth and Stone. You can find similar chambray shirts here and here.

Have you ever layered two skirts together? Did you end up liking the end result? What other top could I pair with these skirts?

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P. S. Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister, Mandi! : )


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47 thoughts on “Colima And See What I Did

  1. Love the pink & green together! That blue would also be awesome with either color! Fun combinations!! What about a solid white tee? Or a gitted lace tee!?? It’s great with the chambray but might need some cooler options for summer 😉

  2. Jenni, this is stunning! Such a great idea to layer the skirts on top of each other. You look beautiful! Also, loving the big pile o’necklaces – I really have created a monster, eh? 😉

    Is it weird that this outfit makes me think of Sound of Music? In like, the best possible way!!

    • Thanks Gwen. I love that movie. So much! That is what my friend said, too, when she saw it. It made me giggle. A lot of my pictures will probably have scenes like that, because the most beautiful place I have ever been is just ten minutes from our house. Lots of photo opportunities! Maybe next time I’ll yodel! : )

      Have a super week!


  3. Love the two skirts together, it reminds me more of a tulle skirt now! I have the Colima in orange, I wore it to Mexico and paired it with a black halter, white beaded belt and black wedge sandals. I think it’s a very versatile skirt because of the solid colour. I think it would look good with a crop top or a big statement necklace too…

    • Thank you Sharon! That outfit you created sounds fabulous. Where did you get a white beaded belt? It sounds intriguing. I bet it goes with a lot of things. Thank you for the great ideas! I cannot wait to wear it again. I am wondering if it would hold up as a swimsuit cover up, too.

      Have a delightful Monday!


      • Thanks for sharing the link, Sharon! How did I miss that belt?! I had never seen it before. It is truly gorgeous. I bet that looks so fantastic with that skirt. I will keep a lookout for a popback and check to see if any of my local stores have any in stock.

        Have a terrific Tuesday! : )


  4. What a great idea! I owned both the pink and the green…but didn’t wear them right away and decided to sell the pink one. Now, I am kinda regretting that! I wore the green one for Easter and loved it. It is SO comfy. ( I did wear a slip, as it is a bit too sheer!) Very fun with the double layers. I will have to try a chambray button down next time. I just wore a white tank and jean jacket with mine!

    • Thanks Alicia! That is funny, because I almost sold my pink one, too. Actually, I almost sold both of them. They were put in the “to sell” pile together and that is when I saw them that close and thought of combining them. So, they got to stay! : ). That sounds like the cutest Easter outfit. I love the idea of wearing it with a denim jacket.

      Have a wonderful week!


  5. You are so creative! I never would have thought to put two skirts together. I love the result!! So pretty and twirly. Plus, I do love pink and green together. Where are you? The setting is gorgeous! What gorgeous photos! You must frame them!

    • Thank you so much Cynthia. Oh my gosh. I do not think I have any pictures of just myself in the house. I couldn’t do it. Is that weird that I can put them on the internet and not in my house? The pictures were taken at the most beautiful place ten minutes away from our house. It is where I would love to live if we could afford it. The views are amazing. We have to drive out there once a week for my son’s golf class, so we have been stopping for pictures. My poor son sits on the car while I twirl. Oh. His childhood memories… ; )

      Have a super week!


    • Thank you Lisa! I appreciate that. I found another skirt in my closet that I all ready own I can pair with the two. I am super excited to try it! : ).

      Have a cheerful week!


    • Thank you Kristin! I love flowy, because it makes me happy to be a girl. : )

      I hope you get plenty of rest tonight. And have a happy Monday!


    • Thank you Heather. That area is where my dream home would be. It is beautiful. We looked for a house there a few years ago but between having to adjust our lifestyle to accommodate the high mortgage (absolutely no shopping or vacations!) and the commute to the kids’ schools, we opted not to continue the search. It is still pretty to visit, though! : )

      Have a gorgeous Tuesday!


  6. What a great idea to layer the skirts! I layer my t-shirts all the time, but have never thought to layer skirts. Come to think of it I have a few I never wear because they’re sheer, or clingy or tend to get taken a bit too easily in the wind! I’ll have to give it a whirl…or a twirl! Got to love the spin factor 🙂

    • Thank you so much Brooke! I hope it works for you. Twirling skirts are the best. And reusing clothes you all ready own in a new way is my favorite. Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet words! : )

      Have a delightful week!


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  8. Very clever way to get the look you were after! I have a beautiful skirt that doesn’t work on its own as it’s too filmsy and floaty, I might have to try this idea out! P x (via What I Wore Wednesdays linkup!)

    • Thank you Porcelina! I hope it works for you, too. I have tried it with a different skirt and it works with that one as well. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!m : )

      Have a terrific Thursday!


    • Thank you Nicole! That is so nice of you. Thank you for stopping by and for commenting! : )

      Have a delightful week!


    • Thanks Jessica. I did this with a different skirt, too. And I like it even more. I cannot wait to take outfit pictures in it! : )

      Have a splendid week!


  9. Green and pink complimentary colors can’t go wrong. Looks beautiful. I love long skirts too and layering. You can pull off any style my dear!

    • Thank you Ginette! Right now I am laying here in a swimsuit. I wish it were chicer. I love pink and green together, too. It is one of my favorites. I think the colors just say, “happy.”

      Have a terrific week!


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