Our Completed Baseboards

I am so excited! We had been living with our sad, dinky baseboards for ten years. I had finally had enough! We had been putting it off, because it is such a pain to have to move the whole house around. But we knew it was time to give the house a new interior paint job and so we decided to kill two birds with one stone. Could there maybe be a better way to say that? Such as, catch two fish with one line. Or capture two butterflies with one net. I do not know. My analogies are lame.


Anyhoo, the baseboards are done! We chose a more modern, simple solution. They are 7 and 1/4″. I believe the style number is #314.

I cannot believe what a change it has made to the house. The house looks fresher. More modern. Dare I say, fancier. Pinkies up!



Before pictures, above.




After pictures, above.


The baseboards are painted Swiss Coffee. They were installed throughout our entire home by the sweetest guy, Paul, and his brother, Chris. Paul is at Vrieling Woodworks. He also built us built-in bookcases in some niches, our custom frame on our bathroom mirror, and installed the legs on our vanity. I will post pics of those projects later. But if you are in Southern California, I highly recommend this company. He did a great job!

Thank you, Paul and Chris!

*The grey color on the walls throughout the house is Moonshine by Benjamin Moore via Home Depot. I am doing a separate post about the paint. The darker grey formal living room is Forde Abbey by Ralph Lauren (they do not sell this any more at Home Depot, but the color mix was still in the computer).

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13 thoughts on “Our Completed Baseboards

    • Thank you Noelle! I cannot wait for you to see it! Of course, right now I should be cleaning because my mother-in-law is coming at five o’clock tonight. But I am laying in bed, drinking diet coke and watching Pioneer Woman.

      I am so happy with the grey! It is a really subtle change.

      Have a great weekend! Thank you so much for commenting!


  1. The new baseboards look great! Ours look almost exactly like yours did before, so now I am very inspired to go bigger with them… Unfortunately, there are lots of other things to get done in our house, so it would be a very low priority project at the moment!

    • Thank you Brynne! It took us ten years, so don’t feel bad! We are slow movers around here. It was low on our priorities, too, but we are so happy we did it.

      Of course, with a bulldog, we are constantly wiping them down. Something I hadn’t thought of.

      Thank you so much for commenting. I REALLY appreciate it!

      Have a great remainder of the weekend!


  2. Nice job on the wider baseboard trim-we are slowly changing out our trim, and wishing we would have gone a tad wider.
    An FYI regarding the Ralph Lauren paint- Forde Abbey is still a current color and available at independent paint stores. Home Depot no longer carries RL paints

    • Thanks Marsha! It is exciting to see it all come together. I am sure yours looks great!

      Thanks for the info on the Ralph Lauren paint. Our painter had told us they stopped selling it, but it is good to know it is still available. I will correct the post to reflect that. Thank you!

      Have a great week! Good luck with your trim projects!


    • Thank you Joani! I love your name, by the way. I appreciate it. We love the difference the baseboards make. Who knew? I am grateful for the compliment!

      Have a lovely day!


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