About Me


About me… About me…

Where to start?

My old About Me Page had me explaining that my name is Jenni.


It is.


Are you still with me?

I am a stay at home mom who operates under the assumption that every single day should be fun. Or at least I would like it to be.

I love to tell stories:

My Husband’s Secret

Happy Birthday “Honey”

“Say What?!”

I Paid $40 For Closure With Sean Astin

I also love clothes, food, writing, and decorating.

Sometimes I get deep. It happens. Because as much as I try, not every day can be fun:

Dear Children: Hating Me


I once lost seventy six pounds. Every day my food decisions are a struggle for me. Sometimes I write posts about how hard it is to diet and my thoughts on weight loss. The road I took was not easy. It was tough. Is tough. Always will be.

I invite you to follow along with me. On this journey we are all taking. Sometimes it gets bumpy, but the bumps are the parts that make our stories worth telling.

Thank you for stopping by!

If you would like to drop me a line, please feel free to do so. I always love to hear from you!

22 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi! I just found about your blog! You lost 70 lbs? How did you do that! That’s amazing, and you look beautiful!!
    I’m also impressed by your writing! I have a blog but I suck at writing. lol
    I’m glad to see your cooking and outfits,and beautiful house decorating updates!!

    • Thanks Keiko! I lost 70 pounds on Weight Watchers. I love your blog! I think you are the best mom. Those meals you make your daughter are amazing! My children would be over the moon with those bento boxes. Thank you so much for stopping by! I all ready feel like we are great friends from over on Effortless Anthropologie!

      • That is very sweet of you to say such! I try my best to keep her interests in healthy food! I will blog about dinner meals sometime too!

    • Thank you! I think your blog is very well written. I love reading it, with a thirteen year old in mind. I think you care package ideas are great! I cannot wait to read more.

      I am glad you are enjoying The Americans. I was worried nobody would like that post, so, thank you!

      Thanks for reading and stopping by! Have a wonderful day!


    • Hi Brynne! I don’t. And since I have collected my clothes for years and years, I am afraid I am not much help there. You know Roxy at Effortless Anthropologie was doing a series of posts on that for awhile. Maybe check there. I wish I could be more help! : )

      Have a lovely weekend!


  2. I did read that series. After I typed my question to you, I did a google search and found a blog called Putting Me Together which has some really helpful posts. I just feel like my closet is all hodge podge and I want to put some order to it. PS. How do I send you a picture? Thought you’d like to see my candy corn skirt. I have not had my Ginette picture framed yet to send you a pic.

    • I am going to have to check that out. I love good advice!

      To send me a pic, just send it to my email on my “About Me” page. I can’t wait to see it! Yay!

      Two more days until it is officially candy corn month! I can’t wait!


  3. Very cute about me Jenni. We will get along just fine – I can tell. How many kids do you have? Boy(s) or Girl(s)? Love the photo with the dog by the way. And you are very pretty. =) Take Care, Ada.

    • Thank you so much Ada. I have two children. A fourteen year old daughter and a ten year old son. Your daughter is beautiful. Thank you for stopping by!

      Have a fabulous Thursday!


      • Wow! 8000 miles. That seems like a lot. Who knew?! I know you were kidding. : ). Thanks for thinking of me.

        Have a lovely day!


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