Gonna Try Harder


I’m boring and I’m bored. How ’bout you? I’m kind of tired of pictures of me. But what can I do? ; ) I unwittingly started a fashion blog and I am having too much fun to quit.

But I am tired of pictures of me standing in the same darn place. Sure it is easy. And I am lazy. So, it works. And I will continue to take pictures in front of my fireplace, because of both of those descriptions, but also because I happen to love my fireplace. And the lighting is good there.

But I am going to try to shake things up a bit. Take different pictures around my house.

Maybe even.

Oh my gosh. This is a biggie!

Maybe even leave my house now and again.

I tried that in my post on Sunday.

This is another attempt. In the pictures, I am wearing my Anthropologie Chevron Skirt (slightly similar skirt here and here), Anthropologie Lunation Tee, and Anthropologie Sandals from last year, Anthropologie… Okay. Just assume everything is from Anthropologie. ‘Cause it is. This includes the Star Necklace from Christmas and Layered Corset Belt.

Hmmm. That was all ready super boring. Sorry about that! On to the pictures!:


Ha! Okay! Well, I couldn’t resist the fireplace. It is my comfort zone.


I made my husband and myself Pepper Bellies for lunch. It was just the two of us at home with the kids at school. I thought it would be fun to get a cooking picture. This is my daily grind. ; )


I loved the color of the wood on the library ladder with this skirt.


And another.


Let’s try a chair. (Note: I have a stalker in the background).


Here comes another stalker.

He’s cute!


Oomph! He got me! We need to end this now, because I am about to be attacked again (see who is sneakin’ up behind me?!)!

Where else should I take outfit pictures? I am much too shy to do it obviously in public. Which space did you like the best? I need all of the help I can get! : )

P.S. I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!

47 thoughts on “Gonna Try Harder

    • Awww. Thank you Stephen. Ditto. You are so sweet! I hope you are doing well. I feel as though I am falling behind with everything! I need to catch up with you!

      Have a glorious Wednesday!


  1. Love all of these! Especially the one with you in the chair with your stalker in the background… and in the kitchen too, I like your green pan! The library ladder is awesome as well.. I love that it slides.. Hope you have a great week!

    • Thank you so much Lora! I love that green pan. It was I think $20 at Home Goods a few years ago! I have seen them carry lots of cool stuff like that. If you have a Home Goods near you, you might want to check it out. The pan has held up so well! : )

      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. They really made me feel good today.

      Have a fantastic week! : )


  2. Your house is so fantastic! I love that you have a library ladder! I would love to have a library one day, with a ladder. The way my husband buys books, my house will soon look like a library, whether I like it or not.
    I think all your pictures are great, even if you just stay by the fireplace. It has great light and you can see the details in your outfit…so I wouldn’t worry at all about it.
    I love the green and black and white contrast. Such a fun color palate!

    • Thank you Alicia! My inspiration was that new camera bag A Beautiful Mess has out. I wanted it for a Mother’s Day gift but indulged in some tall gladiator sandals that my husband is gifting me instead. So, I am going to ask for the bag for my birthday instead.

      I appreciate your encouragement so much. Sometimes it is hard because I see my pictures by the fireplace and then other blogger’s pictures where they are in the perfect setting. It can feel overwhelming. I did get some good pictures today, but it is an extra step to do. Plus I am learning where to stand to hide the wrinkles! Aaahhh! Direct sunlight is not my friend! : )

      Thank you again! Have a lovely Wednesday!


  3. Love all the ways you can pair up the chevron skirt! I am loving that corset belt! Your home is so cool! I can totally agree with doing pics in public – it is hard because I am shy about that stuff too. Especially when you live in a smaller town. The stair well I use in the parking structure by my work is the lesser used of the two. But inevitably someone comes in there from time to time. Ugh! I use my tripod there and at home. When I go outside at home, one of my neighbors usually comes out. I cannot catch a break! I have a few friends at work who take pictures for me too if we walk out for a break. The ones with the tulle skirt were by a local church on a corner and cars were going by like crazy. I finally just had to resolve to not care. Good luck as you continue on stretching your comfort level – I am excited to see what you come up with!

    • Thanks Heather. I always love all of our cool pictures. That green stairwell is so neat! I have always liked it. I wish I had a tripod. I want to start doing videos and I will feel more at ease if it is just me being a dork at home by myself. I want the option of deleting and not feeling self conscience. I think I might have to invest in one! You are so brave to do a busy street! I am not there yet. I have found some pretty scenery nearby and have been using that. I need to venture out more. It is definitely going to be a learning curve! Thank you again!

      Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  4. Ha ha! I love your stalker. Those pom pom flowers? in the vase behind you are interesting. Very quirky and eclectic house. Just like the owner : )

    Love the skirt and how you’ve styled it. That belt is a winner.

    I too am too shy/scared to take photos outside by myself. I take them in our backyard. What about your yard?


    • Thanks Suzanne! I do need to try our backyard. The few times I have tried it, the lighting has been too harsh. I feel like my wrinkles are amplified in the backyard. So, I am leery to try it again. I need to, but I am scared.

      Thanks for your compliments! : ). Those are pompom flowers. I love them!

      Have a beautiful Wednesday!


  5. I love seeing pictures of you around your house! It almost makes for a simulation of what it’d be like visiting you…;) I ALWAYS love pictures of you posing on the library ladder, because you know, you have a freaking library ladder in your house, and that’s like my dream, haha. And how cute is your outfit – the star is what makes it extra special, I think, but you’ve now got me trying to think of how I can copy this look! Cutie-pie!!

    • Thank you Gwen! You can visit any time! : ). I love the library ladder, too. I still get a thrill each time we get a book down or put a book away using it! Although, I do not go up it too often. I scare my husband because I am such a klutz. That star necklace is one of my favorites. So fun! I am glad you like it, too! : )

      Have a happy Wednesday!


  6. Oh yes haha getting outside to take pix is not always the easiest. And love who is sneaking up on ya!! Haha and that Anthroplogie skirt is great.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    • Thank you! Yes, taking pictures outside takes some planning. And I am awful at planning! : ). I love that guy sneaking up on me, but he was very naughty tonight!

      Thank you again! Have a gorgeous week!


  7. Nice post! I like the different scenery and I enjoyed your little “stalkers.” They are adorable. I do have to say that I don’t mind seeing the fireplace at all. You have a very picturesque fireplace.

    • Thank you so much! After you see the picture tomorrow of what happened to me yesterday when I tried to take an outdoor picture, I might be heading back inside. It is much safer! : )

      Thank you for the encouragement and sweet words! You are always so nice! Ollie went to the vet yesterday and he is doing so good on his diet! He weighed sixty pounds when they put him on it but now is a healthy forty eight.

      Have a sweet Wednesday!


  8. Very creative. I am in awe of your library ladder. That’s on my list of things to include in my dream house (which also includes a sauna, big windows, a pottery studio, heated floors and a room for yoga).

    • Thank you Liana! I am intrigued by a pottery studio. Do you make pottery? I think that is such an amazing skill. I took pottery in high school and managed to make exactly one thing. I have been wondering lately what happened to it. It was a tiny face jar. With all of those face vases and jars out lately it has made me nostalgic for it. Anyway, I love your dream house! That would be awesome features! : )

      Have a great week!


      • I do but I’m not very good. I rationalize this by assuming that if I had a pottery studio, I would have to get better.

      • That is so cool that you have that skill! I do the same thing. If I only had a Mac, I would be a better writer! : )

        Have an easy and fun Friday!


  9. Okay so I am going to be a copycat and copy every element of your awesome outfit. From the green shirt to the black and white skirt and belt and shoes. I may even dye my hair blonde. Love this outfit!!
    You know, I am not bored of your shots in front of your fireplace. I almost see it as a neutral backdrop and can focus on your outfit. But, I also understand your need to mix things up. I am no help though. I run inside to take pictures all the time if it is the least bit windy outside. Or hot. Or cold. Love your library ladder pics and the ones you did the other day on that beautiful hilly road.

    • Thank you Cynthia. I will admit, I have been taking pictures outside but I also have two outfits in front of the fireplace. Sometimes there is just no time for anything else! This does seem like a Cynthia outfit! You can totally copy it! I do love your gorgeous brown hair, though. I would miss it! You have great hair.

      Thank you again! : )

      Have an easy and peaceful Wednesday!


  10. Love the library ladder!! And your outfit too! It’s almost warm enough here to start pulling out some skirts. Your dogs are adorable. You totally got photobombed ha! When I used to write a style blog I would go to really quiet parks to get outside photos away from the public eye! I was living in a small city at the time where everyone knows everyone and didn’t want to draw a lot of attention. I started looking outside of busy areas and actually found a ton of isolated parks, hay fields, dirt roads and abandoned buildings that worked quite nicely as backdrops. The best part was that I didn’t have an audience!

    • Thank you Brooke! I love your idea of going outside the city. I think I might have an idea on where to find some of those places. Thanks for the ideas! Fashion blogging is hard. I am much more comfortable writing stories. But it is also good to step outside comfort zones. That is why I am trying. And I don’t like being bored.

      My dogs are always photobombing. I think they think the camera is going to give them food or IS food. They love to see what’s going on! : )

      Thank you again! Have an awesome week!


  11. I love your ladder pics! That’s a great idea. I’m not very creative either, but I’ve started to learn not to care. I’m documenting my outfits, not trying to take amazing photos. Yours totally work though. And I love your stalker!

    • Thanks Rachel. I am trying to take better pictures. I get bored so quickly. I want to try to push myself so I don’t just give up and quit. I do want to try to take better photos. But I do have more fireplace pics coming up. : )

      Have a great week!


  12. I understand about being bored with blog photos. That is one thing I dislike about blogging. Trying to capture good pictures. The thing is, I really think that it helps the stories and or topics along. And I think readers appreciate seeing the blogger and it holds their interest more.
    I personally do not get bored seeing your pictures with the same backdrop. There are so many fashion bloggers that have their pictures taken in the same spot and I think that is perfectly fine. If they, like you for example, add recipes or pet photos, I look at that as a bonus.
    Oh, please share some of your makeup tips. I need help with eyes and I love that color of lipstick. I found a fun tutorial on pinterest last year and the eye work was very time consuming. It really is an art form.
    I have that skirt and need to wear it.
    Have a nice evening,

    • Thank you Stacey. I agree. I think a good picture is more interesting. I also do not mind seeing other bloggers in the same spot. In fact, I have never thought anything bad about any of those photos on other bloggers’ websites. I love any pictures they want to show me. : ). I just know I want to push myself out of my comfort zone. I am feeling the clock ticking at life lately and I am striving for improvement. I think we are definitely hardest on ourselves.

      Maybe I will do a video tutorial on my makeup. My sister should actually do it. I am a mess with my makeup. I do it in about seven minutes. My friends are always having to rub my make up in better because I hurry too much. My sister is really good at make up. I love when she applies mine.

      I cannot wait to see you style that skirt. I think it is one of the best Anthro has made.

      Have an exciting (in a good way) Thursday!


  13. fun pics! I love this outfit, that skirt is gorgeous! And I only take pics in front of my fireplace or in my backyard. With two little ones it’s just too hard to take them elsewhere. But it was fun seeing you around your house! 🙂

    • Thanks Jessica! Oh my goodness. When my kids were little, I never got dressed at all. Seriously. When my son was one we were in a car accident and I did not even have shoes on. I cannot imagine being able to dress as cute as you do and take your pretty pictures. You are awesome. Very inspiring.

      Have a fabulous week!


  14. library latter? too cool. i think you’re house is adorable, and i love all the little stalkers wondering around 🙂 you should definitely try venturing outside of the house. i’ve started it recently, and i now love it!
    xo jac

    • Thanks Jac! I am definitely trying. Although I stumbled into a cactus bush the other day. I would be in big trouble where you live! Thanks for the house compliments! I appreciate it!

      Have a delightful weekend!


  15. You’re lucky, you seem to have good lighting in your house! So you can move around a bit. I have to take my photos outdoors, I have a ‘spot’ on the front porch where I take photos, unless I can persuade the other half to follow me around the garden (weather permitting). I have to say I’m most envious of the library ladder, maybe I could have one put in my dining room…

    Love the chevron skirt! P x

    • Thank you Porcelina. We do get good light in our house. It s California, so I think it is just naturally sunny. My husband and I put the library ladder together as a kit. It was cheaper that way. I have also seen them at the flea market (of course, after I bought the kit).

      Thank you again! Sweet dreams!


  16. Hmmm I want that skirt, and the belt and the shoes (and the top would be nice too). OK so I basically want everything you are wearing but especially swooning over the skirt. Anthropologie should pay you.

    Your home is lovely too and I love that ladder. Check out my latest whenever you like Can you say Flower Power?! =)

    Happy Hump Day my friend. <3 Ada.

    • Thank you! You are so sweet! I love to wear that skirt. I got it on sale and it is so well made. It has an amazing lining. I went to wear the belt today, only to discover my daughter had stolen it. : (. Maybe tomorrow.

      Have a great Thursday!


  17. I love these pictures because they kind of give us a look at your daily life! Such a fun idea to mix up the pictures. I always take my pictures in the same place outside and it definitely gets boring, but I just don’t feel like I have the time to go out and about. I might have to copy you and take some around the house!

    Oh and I love that skirt and belt!

    • Thank you Ashley! : ). I absolutely love your pictures with you on that road. I think it always looks professional and pretty! Thank you for your sweet words!

      Have a jubilant Thursday!


    • Thank you Jess. I appreciate that. Midi skirts are tough. I find them the hardest to style. I am working on it.

      Have a beautiful Thursday!


    • Thank you so much Maria! Those stalkers are cute but, boy, do they require a lot of attention! ; )

      Thank you again!

      Have a lovely week!


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