Do The Hippie Dippie Shake



I have not posted pictures in a while of my husband’s true love. Nope. I am not jealous. I love her, too. She is a 1967 VW Bus and she is so perty.

I recently purchased a dress I had been longing for. The dress is Free People’s Estelle Maxi Dress. I used my birthday discount on it (I also used it on its rust twin). I knew this dress deserved an excursion. We went for a drive.


We pulled over for some photos.


I gave my husband’s baby some affection.


It was lovely.


My husband’s lover had a great time, too. Just look at her grin.


She did pull my hair a little while we were driving. She also tried to throw me out with her shaking and rattling. But I don’t mind.


She is too lovely to resist.

Overheard In August


I know many blogs do a recap at the end of the month about their favorite posts or memories from that month. But I get bored rather quickly. I thought about doing the recap thing. It would be a great, incredibly easy extra post. Only, I cannot choose. And I did not want to copycat.

I thought of something I enjoy more. Eavesdropping. It is a terrible, delectable habit. No calories. Just some bloating of your soul. So, I am going to share my favorite overheard moments at the end of every month. Because the best conversations are always the ones we are not a part of. For the first time, I introduce, a new monthly post, “Overheard in…”:


We were at a local diner eating breakfast. There was a large gruff old man sitting by himself at the next table. His figure spoke of masculinity. The waitress approached him and the following conversation commenced:

“”James*, your meal comes with a drink. Pick out a drink and I’ll bring it to you.”

“No, that’s okay.”

“But James, it’s free. Just pick one out. Do you want some orange juice?”

“No, that’s okay.”

“James.” Exasperated.


“What’s that James?”

“I guess I’ll take a milk.”


“A chocolate milk.”

Aw. The large gentleman ordered a chocolate milk and melted my heart.

*I changed his name for privacy reasons. People should be allowed to order their chocolate milk in peace.


I was shopping at Nordstrom Rack. There was a five year old little boy, his mother and his two year old little sister in one of the aisles. This is what I heard the little boy say to his mom:

“Mom, imagine if you went to my school.

And imagine that you were my friend.

And imagine you were wearing this dress.

What would that look like?”


At the hair salon:

A man says to his hair stylist, “I don’t want a haircut that my wife sees and says, ‘Honey, that’s a nice haircut.'”

He paused for dramatic effect here.

“I want you to give me a haircut that makes my wife make out with me.”


At Costco in the food court (the very best place to eavesdrop and people watch ), there was a family of three. One member of the family being a little girl of two.

There was a bird in the food court and of course the little girl was fascinated with it. She began chasing it around her table. The mother encouraged her. The father did not.

He said, “Be careful! The bird is fast.”

The little girl continued to chase the bird.

The husband turned to his wife and said, “When those birds came at us…That was the worst thing I have ever experienced. In my life.”

They packed up after that. But I noticed the man peering into the bushes where the bird had hidden as he cautiously walked away.


And that concludes my eavesdropping for the month. Have you heard any good (but still nice) conversations lately?

A Beautiful Mess App


Have you heard of A Beautiful Mess? Chances are, you have. And if you haven’t: It is an incredibly successful blog hosted by two fashionable creative foodie sisters. It is what all of us bloggers strive to become. One of the few success stories out of millions of blogs.

I love them.

Their photography is beautiful. Their food is beautiful. They are beautiful.

And they have a new app. I use it all of the time.

That is how I make my pictures fancy.

I am clueless when it comes to editing pictures. And photoshop, forget about it. But this app, I can do.


You can make yourself prettier. Even in a bad pic. Before.



Hmmm. I said, “prettier.” Not pretty. There was really no helping that pic. ; )


You can make your animals talk.


You can add fun borders.


You can make yourself a fairy princess. Because, why wouldn’t you?

Seriously, it is addicting. I love it!

Have you tried it yet? What are your favorite photo apps?

It’s The Little Things: Organic Brown Sugar


I know I have all ready done a post about chocolate chip cookies. The situation is this: that will not be the first or the last time I discuss these treats. These cookies are my blood. They lift my spirits. They show my family I love them. I have an addiction. I needed these for my soul.


And I just happened to have bought organic brown sugar at Trader Joe’s this week. This is the secret ingredient to making any cookie softer and richer in flavor. Organic brown sugar. Gotta have it.


My friend recently made my chocolate chip cookies. She said they were so much better using this sugar. Thanks Bridgette! : )


This picture shows the difference between regular brown sugar and organic brown sugar.


It is so pretty glistening in the bowl. Yum!


Look at these treats. You know what is better than a chocolate chip cookie? Having enough points (Weight Watchers) left over at the end of the day to enjoy one! Now, that is the best part!


It’s the little things: an easy ingredient to make baking better! Who doesn’t need that?

Have you tried baking with organic brown sugar? Did you notice the difference? If not, try it in your next cookie recipe. I bet you will be amazed at the difference!