Target In January

I recently went to Target. As I do. When I want to buy a mindless variety of unnecessary items.

The reason I had gone there was because in my rummaging cleaning, I found 4 gift cards totaling $100 to Target in my drawer. They were given to me over the last few months as my kids would get them as gifts and then order something off of Amazon and pay me with their Target gift cards. I didn’t mind. I knew I would use them. Or lose them. Whichever came first. I decided to get on using them before I forgot.

With the holidays just recently being over and it being the beginning of the year, a lot of us are not spending money. I wanted to show some inexpensive options Target is offering right now, in case you wanted something new, but did not want a high price tag to struggle with.



I didn’t mean to go to the clothing section. Cross my heart. But that is where I ended up. And I saw the best shirt. Seriously. Run. Don’t walk. And go get yourself this shirt. The only sizes left in black at our Target were XS and Large. I bought a Large for myself (fits perfectly) and an XS for my daughter (now you see why they don’t mind paying me with their gift cards).

The shirt is $16.99 and so similar to the more expensive shirts in my wishlist. See here. And here. Plus, you get 5% off if you use their Target Red Debit Card. It also came in the prettiest seafoam green color. But I needed a black shirt. The back has the pretty key-hole.



Does this remind you of anything? How about my Ruffled Hem Pullover? This was less than 1/4 of that price?! I do like my Anthropologie sweater better. The back is more detailed. But this Target sweater was a great price. At $20, this was a nobrainer and my daughter got one, too. I bought the medium in this although I think I could have even gotten a large. It matches my AG Stevies Cords perfectly.


And this awesome poncho pullover is so cool! At $20, it is simple to throw on. It is the easiest black and white stripes. Goes with so much. It covers the bum. Another steal. Another win for Target. By the way, I have no idea what is on my thigh. I had put those pants on for the very first time five minutes prior to this pic.


I did not buy either of these sweaters. Not at Anthropologie. Not at Target. I do not own a French Bulldog, so it wasn’t for me. There was a popback of this sweater at Anthropologie last week and I would have ended up paying the same amount as the Target price. But I didn’t need it. So I didn’t buy it.

I just have to say… Umm. I’m not sayin’ this is a blatant copy of Anthropologie’s sweater. What do you think? Wink. If you missed it at Anthropologie, Target’s copy is $20.



Gnomes!!! Look at these little darlings. I love ’em. I want to marry them. I want to rub their cold little hard bodies all over my cheeks. I want to… Okay. Let’s quit there. $4 a piece (just the 4 crackled versions in the pot). Adorable.


And a big one to greet folks at the door. I only wish they had two more of him.


And a sad, sad little fellow. He looked so forlorn, I had to take him home to cheer him up. He still isn’t happy. I have a feeling he never will be. But he is a pretty color. Blue. Just like his heart.


This awesome crockpot was marked down from $35 to $17.48. How cool is it? I cannot wait to use it!

Have you been to Target lately? Do you always walk away with more than you came for? The buyers there are doing it right!

* Some pictures shown here were taken from Target and Anthropologie’s websites.

27 thoughts on “Target In January

  1. You did have fun! I think I actually prefer the Target striped top to the Anthro one…the black and white pullover thing is great. And I just realised I don’t actually know what a crock-pot is (it might be a carnivore deal?) but that is a lot of fun and very ‘you’.

    (got an email reply on my to-do list…)

    • Thanks Kirsten! It was fun! And my daughter thought so, too! ; ). The black and white piece is so cool. I have a neat plan for pairing it this week. Today just was not the day. Too hot! California forgot that it is winter. : (

      No worries on the email. I am behind like always with some of mine.

      Have a wonderful Wednesday!


      P.S. a crockpot is a slow cooker. You just plug it in and go. I use it for a lot of meat. But it is good for soups too. It is how I make my tomato soups.

  2. Oh yeah, Target is the devil! I really love how you can find similar items to Anthropologie (not just at Target). It is so fun for us bargain shoppers. We just got a new crockpot for Christmas, but it is plain silver. That one is so much more fun!

    • I love Target! I do wish they wouldn’t so blatantly copy, but some if their stuff is just the coolest! Like that crockpot I cannot wait to use this week! I hope you have enjoyed your new crockpot, too. I like getting a new one. I once paid for a top of the line one and it broke two times within six months. I finally just stopped getting it replaced for free with the company and threw it away. I couldn’t chance the fire hazard it created. So now cheap crockpots are all I buy!

      Have a happy remainder of the day!


      • Got it. Doh! Yes, I agree. I always always buy way too much stuff. In fact, I only go there when absolutely necessary ( or with a gift card) because I can exhibit absolutely no self control there!

        Have a beautiful evening!


    • I agree. Completely copying. Of course, they all do it. I remember Pier 1’s line of cooking products a few years ago were almost exact replicas of Anthros. I don’t have a problem with it, because I think Anthropologie’s quality is so much better you can tell the difference. But it is so fun to get a cheap pretty piece for SO much less! And I definitely appreciate that! I love Target! And Anthro! Good thing we don’t have to choose! : )

      Have a lovely Wednesday!


  3. That is 100% copy! Really makes me mad actually. Especially since I bought the original Anthro sweater at full price.

    It just bugs me that everyone goes around copying everyone else. Does no one have an original thought or design anymore? That is just me…an artist that makes my own designs that is so “over” everyone just stealing everything. I need to vent I guess : )


    • I can understand how you feel. Especially as an artist. I do think the Anthropologie sweater looks like better quality. But if it were something I owner, especially at full price, I would be upset. Thankfully, my Ruffled Hem Sweater is a different color here with a completely different back. So I was happy to see it rather than sad.

      I have seen Anthropologie copy a vintage dress of someone’s before, so they all do it. Even I will copy a more expensive home item at home if I can so it for less.

      Thankfully there are people like you who always keep it original. Because no one will style it like you! So that is awesome!

      Have a lovely creative day!


  4. I love Target! There is a Super Target that is right up the road from our house, so I do a lot of our grocery shopping there and admittedly toss some extras in the cart quite frequently. I got a new winter coat with a really fun Aztec pattern for only $30 there this season, which was my favorite find. That crock pot is SO FUN! I would totally hunt it down if Chris and I didn’t already have two crock pots in our limited apartment space. πŸ˜‰ LOL

    I really dislike the notion of knock-offs of other people’s designs, but tulleandtrinkets has a really good point that Anthro seems to rip off independent designers, just as Target is obviously doing to them. Regardless, it’s not right and kind of bums me out. I really dislike when people have imitated the ideas I have put forth in my writing, so I can imagine it really sucks when someone copies your clothing design. I get why they ripped off the Anthro pullover, and I’m sure they made a ton of money on it, but it seems like they could have at least varied the pattern to make it less of a cookie cutter item. Okay, hopping off the soap box now… πŸ˜‰

    • I agree Casey that it is so obvious it is kind of disappointing. In fact, if they had varied the item a bit, maybe even the original owners of the Antho piece would want that one, too. I can see how they could have had the idea and done it a bit differently. Maybe even cuter. Instead it is almost exactly the same. So, they limited their buyers. Or maybe they didn’t. If someone had wanted it at Anthro but couldn’t afford it, it is nice they have the option.

      However, as I was saying, if you just wait patiently at Anthro, you can usually get it for a similar price anyway. My ruffled hem pullover popped back last week for $25.

      Thanks for commenting! Have a super day!


  5. I will have to show my daughter that sweater. She has Target gift cards and that is a great price (I don’t mind the copying). I don’t shop the clothes at Target for some reason unless it’s PJ’s or loungewear. I guess I always just wait and pounce at Anthro! It looks like you put your gift cards to good use!

    By the way, here is a Polyvore with the Mara Hoffman wrap. Just an idea!

    • Hi Lorraine. The link isn’t working on my iPhone. I will have to try it at home later. Thanks for doing that.

      I don’t mind the copying unless it is so obvious like the bulldog. The other pieces are fine with me because they are different. And actually, nothing really bothers me as I just find the whole thing amusing. Now if it were me being copied, I would have a whole other opinion. : )

      I hope your daughter gets the sweater! I love that Target makes such affordable finds. I never feel guilty about my purchases there.

      I’ll edit this comment later after I hopefully get your set to work!

      Have a terrific rest of the day!


    • Okay! I was able to view the set. You are a genius! I never would have thought to put Humboldt in the mix. That is awesome! And I have those earrings in my wishlist. Thank you so much Lorraine! You’re awesome! I will definitely try this! : )


  6. Wow, I need to go to Target soon! I actually think that the Target top is nicer than the Anthropologie one. I liked the first Anthro shirt until I saw it on the model. It’s funny how the sleeves were gorgeous on the hanger but looked funny on.
    I also want to look for that Gnome too!
    Have a great rest of the day,

    • I love and want them all! : ). I just have to be more patient about some of the pieces from Anthro. But then they go and create something awesome (like the Satpura Sweater Coat) and I have to just splurge and buy it. And the gnomes are so cool! I want everyone to have two. One and it would be too lonely. : (. But two they could have a party.

      Have a great day!


  7. I just want to do a little Anthro defense. I’m a SA so I know a little behind the scenes info. It’s not Anthro that copied Etsy artists. One of the companies (Cody Foster) we purchased from was accused. After taking time to research the accusations, Anthro pulled all their items, sent them back, and no longer carries their products.

    • Thanks Lisa. That is good to know. I think we all love Anthropologie here (as I sit here typing this in a literally head-to-ankle outfit. Had to remove my shoes. Killing me). And it is also lovely to hear that Anthropologie treats their employees so well they will come to its defense. It gives me warm fuzzies.

      And I love Target! I just love everything. Etsy, too. And this world would be a very boring place if we didn’t all influence each other and grow from there. I am so grateful for all of the influences I have around me. It makes me a more creative person.

      Thanks for commenting! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  8. Loooove the striped sweaters.
    Kind of really mad about the knock off dog sweater but Anthro also knocks off stuff too so maybe that is just what goes around comes around.
    Your blue gnome makes me want to cry for some reason so I am going to scroll back up and admire your stripes some more.
    stripes=happy! xoxo

    • Oh! I hate that he makes you cry! He is so good at that. I went back to stare at him after you said that and he made me teary eyed, too. He better cheer up soon! I like to imagine he is just pretending. He is laughing all night long. This is just one of his tricks.

      I want to wear that striped sweater so badly! But, oh my gosh, Cynthia! What the heck happened to our winter? I have so many sweaters to wear. And jackets. And cords. And tights. And nowhere to wear them. : (

      Thanks for the super sweet mention in your blog today! I appreciate it so much. Made my day!

      Have sweet dreams!


    • Thanks Melodee. What is weird is the poncho/cardigan in the store was in sizes S/M and M/L. But it has actual sizes online. So weird! I love that cardigan. I hope you do, too, if you ended up getting it! : )

      Have a beautiful Wednesday!


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