Three Stripes You’re Out-fit


I could not resist this Anthropologie Tartan Blanket Coat. I tried to. Oh, how I tried to, as I attested to in the review post I recently did.


I was going to wait and have my husband gift it to me for Christmas. But I wanted to get as much use from it as I possibly could with this slight winter we have been having here.


I cannot resist fun.


It is my downfall.


I don’t even want to tell you the temperature it was in Southern California on this day. I will say it was the coolest day we have had this fall, but my husband laughed at me when he saw me in this hat (sold out, similar hat here).

I need to protect my tresses. I only wash them every three to four days. This was day four. I had waved my hair (post about how I do that here) so it still looked okay. But a hat seemed like the logical solution for the roots and it is honestly the only hat that I own.

Also, I like a flowy top. I’m not pregnant. That ship has sailed. I just thought I should put that out there ’cause this top looks like I am trying to hide something.

Just hiding dirty hair here, folks.


And look! I accidentally wore three different stripes on this day. That’s gotta mean something.


I don’t know what. But somethin’.

I wore this to grab breakfast with a sweet friend.

She very politely said nothing about my odd dressing.


I have worn this combo before. On Halloween to be exact. The striped dress is from Target (previously worn as a shirt). The purple top was an $8 popback from Anthropologie. These tights are my very favorite and less than $10 (also available in leggings). And the hat was a clearance find at Free People a few years ago.


I will be wearing this tartan coat as often as I possibly can here. If it is less than seventy degrees, this is what I will be wearing. I would not wear this in the rain. I do think it might get ruined if it gets wet. It feels like felted wool. I imagine this would shrink. For fit purposes, this is the XS/S.


Are you wearing a favorite coat this season? How do you decide whether to keep a splurge-worthy garment? Does it have to be practical or unique? My answer is always unique.

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Mexican Blanket Skirt


I love the creativity and color that symbolizes Mexico in my soul. There is so much to inspire: The Talavera, the Otomi embroidery, the Huichol beadwork, handblown glass, beautiful silver jewelry, intricate leather purses, embroidered dresses and woven blankets. I love it all.

We have Talavera tile all over our house. Even in our pool. I layer with Otomi blankets on couches and beds in our house. Each time we visit Mexico, I never ever leave enough room in my suitcase. I want to bring it all home. The lively spirit of Mexico has my heart in its grasp.


So, when I saw this vintage Mexican Blanket Skirt (similar not vintage item from Modcloth here and vintage item here and here and here) being sold from Effina Vintage, I knew my pocketbook did not stand a chance. Especially since it was exactly my size. And also, the seller was selling it very reasonably and her commentary on her items is fun.

I paired the skirt with my Anthropologie Cloth and Stone Denim Daydrifter Tee from last year (similar tee here) and my Anthropologie Almanac Sandals.


The necklaces are Free People’s Coin Necklace (given to me as a participant of Free People Me. Similar here) and Simply Livly’s Turquoise Necklace.

The Mexican Blanket was brought back from one of our trips. I thought it would be a fun prop with the skirt. I did not carry this blanket to Costco with me later in the day. Although, with all of the samples they give away, wouldn’t it be funny if I plopped this blanket down in the middle of the store and had myself a free little picnic?

That wouldn’t anger anyone.


Speaking of free samples, did you know that Trader Joe’s gives out free wine samples?!?! I also learned that on this day when I ran in there for Peonies. And walked out with Peonies and wine. Well played, Trader Joe’s! But next time, I’m bringin’ my blanket. You won’t even see me comin’.


The bracelet is Free People’s Hammered Stacked Multi Cuff


If my spirit was a skirt, this would be it. Wearing this skirt makes me feel more like “me.” Does that make sense?


What piece of clothing would your spirit inhabit? Do you own it? Do you feel more like yourself when you are wearing it? Do you think I would be able to finish my free samples of wine before I was asked to leave the store with my blanket? A curious girl would like to know.

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Handira Blanket Winner and Things I’m Craving

The winner of the Anthropologie Handira Blanket is Melinda. Congratulations! I will ship it out to you on Tuesday.

I loved reading about each of your peaceful places. It was so wonderful to have that imagery in my head. Thank you for that! It made my week entirely better. You are all so awesome. I just appreciate you so much. I want to hug you right now!

Next month is my one year blog anniversary! I am very excited about it! So, tune in on the tenth of next month for that one! I cannot wait! I have tried to make it special. : )

Thank you for all of your support and kindness. You make each one of my days happier. Fuller. More complete.

Things I’m Craving:


This month, I spent so much money on the Lace Study Dress, that my budget was primarily used up. I told myself I could not purchase anything unless it was $20 or under. Unfortunately, I am great at finding $20 and under. I managed to score some excellent popbacks. I got the Corca sweater for $20, the Illusione Top for $10 and the Lace Peplum Hoodie for $20. Three pieces for less than $50! Retail price for all three was $384.


I found this jacket that looks incredibly similar to the jacket I coveted on Elsie from A Beautiful Mess in November. Except hers sold out at $66. I was really sad I missed out on it and have been thinking about it for months. Then I found it. Sort of. I found mine last week at Forever 21. Cost after 30% off sale? $21! I will post a picture with it styled soon. I may or may not hold my dog in the process, stand in my dining room, and have my hair in a messy bun atop my head. Is that too stalkery creepy awesome?


I am coveting nothing at Anthropologie right now. I do not know what is going on, but I am not in love with any of the spring items that have come out (except for the Lace Study Dress I caress nightly). Although, if I could afford it, this beautiful lamp from last year would be coming home to me.


I cannot afford this jacket from Free People, but I think it is rad (a word I seem to be using a lot lately).


What I have been lusting after our books. I bought “Fan Girl,” “The Magician’s Elephant,” and “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore.” I finished the first two and I am halfway through the third.


Because I absolutely adored “The Magician’s Elephant,” I also purchased “Flora and Ulysses” to read to my family this week.


And “Attachments.” Although, I think this author is brilliant, I do not care for her abrupt endings in the other two books I have read by her. I am hoping this one is different.


On Valentine’s Day, I made these brown sugar cakes for my family from this recipe. I will not be creating a full post about them. But if you like macadamia nuts, you will like the cake. If not (like my kids and myself, you probably will not). My husband loves macadamia nuts and loved it. Which is why I made it for my Valentine. : )

I am kind of burnt out on shopping. I picked up some coated Paige Denim Pants for 81% off at Nordstrom Rack and a tribal maxi cardigan from Forever 21 for $17 recently. I also couponed my butt off on Saturday and saved over 50% at the grocery store and got two loaves of french bread for .45 cents each in the process! Stick a fork in me, I’m done.


Also, I had to share what I came across on Friday night. I was turning all of the lights off in the house. I am a night owl. I am always the last person to bed. I was on my way to my bedroom when I heard a loud snort. That snort could only be coming from one thing. Ollie. But I looked around the floor and could not see him. I turned on the lights. And there he was. In my Corrigan chair. He was so ashamed at being caught where he knew he was not supposed to be, he would not look at me. I called his name numerous times. Nope. If he can’t see me, I can’t see him. Right? After these pictures were taken, I had to move him. You can imagine the snorts of indignation this produced!

Poor guy.

What are you craving this month? Are you excited or nonchalant about the stores’ spring items trickling in? Do you just want to crawl into a chair and not be seen? I can kind of see the appeal in that.


NOW CLOSED: 11th Blog Giveaway


Thank you all who entered! This giveaway is now closed!

Oh, you guys, I am now eleven months into writing this blog. I was unsure about blogging and so far I love it. It is the creative outlet I did not even know my soul needed. Thank you for hanging in here with me. I know I can be all over the place. I guess I am just a random person. I appreciate all of your support. I truly could not and would not continue this blog if it was not for you.


I am so excited about this month’s giveaway. I had received one of these Anthropologie Handira Blankets as one of my Christmas presents. It is beautiful. The blanket retailed for $188, but two weeks ago I got another one as a popback for $24.95. So, now I have two. And I was beyond thrilled, content and happy.

Two days later, another one popped back. I could not believe it. I definitely did not need three, so I bought it as my giveaway for this month. I cannot wait for one of you to win this! I think it is a work of art. And you know my motto: stripes go with everything!


To enter for a chance to win the Anthropologie Handira Blanket, simply leave a comment on this post telling me what is the place of serenity that you see when you close your eyes. I think giving away a blanket brings thoughts of contentment and warmth.

I have many places that flutter and flitter through my mind. Images that slide around until I finally settle on one. Today mine would be leisurely laying in bed with my husband in our hotel room last year. Our room overlooked Pike Place Market in Seattle. I could see the ocean and hear the bustle of the morning crowds below. We had the windows open and the fog seemed to linger right outside of the window as if waiting for an invitation before entering. All of the delicious food from the market blended together to just barely waft itself into the fog. Seattle will always smell of the sea, coffee, curry, garlic, and yeast in my memories. There is no meal that could hold it, but it would be delicious all the same. The bed was perfectly crisp and warm. The air carried the coolness of morning left behind by the moon. I could have stayed right there in that spot forever.

I cannot wait to read about your calm place that only you can see when you close your eyes.


You can also earn a second entry by following this blog. You can do so any old way on the right hand side of the page. Please just make sure to leave a second comment stating you are following.

Limit two entries per person.

This giveaway runs from Monday February 10, 2014 12:00 a.m. PST to Sunday February 16, 2014 9:00 p.m. PST.

I will pick one winner by entering the names from the comments into I will contact the winner February 17, 2014. I will announce the winner’s name on this blog on February 18, 2014.

* This giveaway is not sponsored or affiliated with Anthropologie.

* I will attempt to contact the winner three times. If I receive no response within two weeks, the winner will have forfeit the prize. A new winner will be drawn.

* Past winners are welcome to enter. : )

Thank you to everyone who enters! I appreciate you all so very much!