Free People Spring 2014 Reviews

Oh, I love me my Free People. There is just something lovely and romantic about their flowly clothes. I have wishlisted almost everything in this set.


I wore Humboldt Tunic on my outing. He was pleased to get out. Although he still has never forgiven me for wearing him without pants. I wanted to show him Vegas and for him to see that there were indeed people in this world more devious than me.

He was not impressed. He still thinks I am the worst.

Aw, well. I tried.


First, I tried on the Rocket Cat Dress. I know I look serious, but I was contemplating the ginormous pimple on my chin and if I would be able to proceed with the reviews. Thankfully seeing this pretty dress made me smile again. I really liked this, but I could only buy one thing that day and it turned out to be a slip. This is sold out online now, but the stores might still have one. I am wearing a small in this. Actually, I am wearing a small in this whole set. It is my typical Free People size.


The Printed Strappy Front Maxi underneath the Rocket Cat Dress is the item I ended up purchasing. I love an item you can layer in multiple ways and use for multiple uses. You can also see me wearing it here. I love the romantic ease of this slip. I plan on pairing it next under my Sweet Lady Maxi and then underneath my seafoam colored slip I love with a belt and easy sandals.




I really liked the Magic Garden Dress, too. If you cannot tell from the many, many pictures. ; ). It is about two inches too short for this momma to wear. But it would be great for someone younger than myself. I am wearing a small. It fit nicely. Well, except for length. Of course, my husband loved this dress. : )




Oh man. I LOVED this Rio Dress. It is so fun. It is super short. The dark color it also comes in is gorgeous, too. I love the embroidery. Both colors are on my wishlist. It was way too expensive for me at full price. I will be watching this for a good sale price.



I had decided that this Mix Print Tunic would be my first purchase in April. It sold out the day before I could purchase it. So, I am hoping they restock it. The pattern is gorgeous. The fit is free-flowing but still very flattering. It has ties on either side of the waist to cinch it in more. Love.


The Near Perfect Tunic also came in lilac and black. I liked it in all of the colors. The lilac is absolutely gorgeous. Each color has a different patterned embellishment at the top. Gorgeous. This also has ties that tighten on the side to cinch it in more (I should have used them here). It is a good tunic if you like easy oversized pieces. I think this look looks good on most body types.


Finally, the only thing I did not add to my wishlist. These Balkan Sandals. Oh, man. They were really cute without my feet in them. My feet were swollen from walking in heels all night the night before, but even so, I could not love these. They were a bit too hippie for me. I did not know that was a possibility. That I had a limit. But here it is.

I added so much to my wishlist on this trip. I am being patient on a bunch of items, hoping for a sale. In my observations (I am not an expert), Free People does not have a set schedule for markdowns. Some items will sell out at full price and never get marked down. Sometimes it can take over a year before an item gets a cut. Sometimes it gets marked down with a few months. You just never know.

Are you loving any of the new spring offerings in stores lately? Are you hoping for a good sale? I am answering a giant, “yes!” to both of those questions.

* I will have an additional outfit post up later today at 3:00 p.m. : ). I have to catch up with all of these reviews! I will finish out my review sets next week with two more for Anthropologie. To be precise, they will go up Monday and Tuesday. Whew! Then this girl is done with reviews for awhile.

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25 thoughts on “Free People Spring 2014 Reviews

  1. Thanks for your reviews, I find them really helpful as I am a similar size to you! and the fact that I have no stores in Australia…and I do have very similar taste in style to you. Every thing that you tried on is what I have on my wish list. I have been stalking the mixed print tunic hoping it will come back into stock but don’t like my chances. It looks awesome on you. And I am waiting patiently for my FP order to arrive with the other~ yellow version of the magic garden dress. It does look short, I am planning to wear it with leggins or pants. They have so many gorgeous tunic/dresses at the moment, its so hard to choose just one or two. I also love the rio dress but I couldn’t justify paying full price for it. I do love the maxi your purchased. its so pretty.

    • Thank you Melinda! I hope you like the Magic Garden Dress when it arrives! I think it is so cute. That is a good idea to wear it with leggings, especially as you guys are heading into your winter. The store did not have the yellow dress, but it looks so cute!

      I want that Rio dress so badly, but there is no way I could spend that much money on a day dress. I really would love it for a quarter of the price, but I will settle for a third to a half! : ). It will probably sell out though, knowing my luck.

      From reading the reviews, it looks like the Mix Print Tunic was restocked two times all ready, so I imagine with it being that popular (seriously, I watched it sell out so quickly), they will probably restock it! I hope it is in May when I can afford it again. I cannot afford it this month. Anthropologie got my budget.

      Have a wonderful week!


  2. Love this Free People review! Love everything you tried on! If I had any $$ at all, this SAHM would buy her whole wardrobe from there & let my inner hippie be released! Haa. Unfortunately I usually get most of my Free People wear on sale @ Nordstrom Rack so I don’t get a huge selection. Those sandals are RIGHT up my alley!!! I love how you layer yor slips, maybe a whole slip layering post would be helpful to more than just me?! Love it! Thanks Jenni!

    • Thank you so much Lyn! I would buy everything if I could afford it, too. Everything! Ha! I love your idea of a layering post. In the last year, I have been playing with my style. So, I am still new to this whole styling thing. But I love layering slips. That is such a great idea. And I will definitely do it! Thank you for that! : )

      Have a beautiful week!


  3. I just love your reviews. everything is so cute on you, but I see how you have to be choosey with the prices! those sandals are super cute, and love the color on your toes!!!

    • Thank you Melodee! Yes. If I did not worry about prices, oh man, the trouble I could get into! That would not be fun! I actually think it is fun to have a budget and see how far you can stretch it. The sacrifices that you have to make. It is like a clothing drama every month. “Sorry, I couldn’t save you, tunic!” What a soap opera that would be! ; )

      Have a fun Thursday!


  4. Those are all so lovely. I have not really done much with Free People, but I love all your options. There is a FP store at one of our malls that is semi-close to us. You have me wanting to go try some of these items on! 🙂 I hope you get a popback on the Rocket Cat dress…it is just so fantastic!

    • Thank you Alicia! I did like that dress, but I wanted it at a sale price. Maybe one day. I love Free People! And I love to shop there, because the customer service is so good, but I rarely get there! : )

      Thank you again! Have a super Thursday!


  5. Thanks for all the reviews! Everything you tried on looks great but I especially like the rocket cat dress (fingers crossed you get a popback!) I really like how you layered the maxi dress and the rocket cat dress.

    • Thank you Liana? You know, I really liked that look, too. But my husband really, really did not. I think that is what soured the deal for me. If it ever goes on sale and I can score it, I definitely will!

      Thank you again! Have a terrific Thursday!


  6. Hey Jenni!

    I’m so glad you had a wonderful anniversary and a nice trip 🙂

    Thank you so much for your reviews…I live 5+ hours from Anthro and Free People so it is really helpful! I depend on ordering online which makes deciding on sizes, etc a nightmare….uggh!

    I recently ordered the **Bedouin Traveler skirt** from FP and totally thought of you when I first saw it…It looks like a Jenni skirt 🙂

    I like that you are trying purple in both of your Anthro and FP reviews!! Lilac and eggplant are two of my *favorite* colors to wear!! Purple looks fantastic on you as well!

    Aww…I LOVE the sandals you tried! They look adorable on your feet and especially with your nail color <3 They would be super cute with maxi skirts and dresses!!

    The slip you bought is lovely! I always think of yellow when I think of shopping for Spring 🙂 Hope you find the **Rocket Cat dress**…That is seriously awesome but I'm always a sucker for greys!

    Can't wait for the rest of your reviews! Have a lovely day, as always :0) <3

    • Thank you so much! I was wondering if anyone would notice that I was trying more purple on here! I am glad you did! : ). I am so glad you like the reviews! I really appreciate that! I kind of feel like a dork posting them, so thank you! It is kind of weird to be taking pictures of yourself in a dressing room! I always worry about what the sales associate is thinking about the “clicking” sound!

      I liked the sandals, but the black sole was so distracting from the pretty fabric, it ruined it for me.

      I did love the Rocket Cat Dress (if only for its name!). I just do not think it will go on sale for me. : (

      Anthropologie did so well in my next two sets! I cannot wait to show them next week! : )

      Have a delightful week! Thank you again!


    • Awww. Thank you! I do want that Rio Dress desperately! But I definitely have to wait for sale! : )

      Thank you again! Have a jubilant week!


  7. Free People is so much fun! You can go romantic or hippy or rock n roll. My fave is the Rocket Cat Dress. Super cute and so versatile. Plus that color is gorgeous!

    • Thank you Cynthia! I think that dress would look great on you! Plus, I totally thought of you when I found out its name! : ). I forgot until now that the back of that dress was really hard with a standard bra and that is why it was a “no” at full price for me. That was a bummer! Weird that I would remember that right now! Maybe it was the chocolate chip cookie I ate tonight. ; )

      Sweet dreams!


  8. I wanted the Mix Print Tunic soooo bad! There’s a video that Free People made on their Youtube channel in which the model is wearing it and it looks so cute! I even sold some of my other Free People stuff on ebay just so I would have the money for this tunic. but it sold out lightning fast! I bought the Almost Perfect one instead. Sheesh, here I am whining about not getting a $128 tunic. Meanwhile, people are starving.

    • I am so sad you did not get it. That really sucks. Especially since you even sold stuff to get it. I definitely want to check out the video now. I also wanted to let you know something I just discovered. Under availability for it, you can search stores. Almost every store seems to have one or two in stock. I do not know if that is an option for you, but I wanted to let you know.

      Thank you for putting it into perspective, though. It is true. It is just clothing. There are a lot more important things going on in the world.

      Have a terrific Friday! I do hope you find your shirt!


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  10. You are so a Free People girl. Pretty much everything looks so amazing and so natural on you. Any of these pieces would slide right into your wardrobe perfectly. But my favorite is the Rio Dress. It is amazing. I love the folksy embroidery and cut. It is short, but maybe not too short with flats. What about a slip that could add an extra couple of inches along the bottom? You could have such fun pairing tights with it in the cooler months, but you probably don’t want to be in tights this summer, do you? lol Anyways, I just adore it on you.

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you so much Liz! I do want that dress desperately! But
      I can definitely not afford it full price. I do adore the embroidery. I will be sad if it sells out. : (.

      Thank you again! Your words made me smile! : )


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