Girl In The Moon


I put this outfit on for a date with my husband.

It had been spinning in my mind ever since I scored this awesome moon Top from Anthropologie on a popback sale price of less than $20.

I was over the moon about my new score.


I put it all on and paraded into the living room to show my husband.

“What do you think of this outfit?” I excitedly squealed.

He studied it for a moment.

“Meh,” he said as he shrugged his shoulders.


I was kind of crushed as I made my way back to our bedroom to search for something else to wear. I ended up picking this.


The next day my daughter casually said to me, “Mom, remember that outfit you put on yesterday with the moons and the moon and star necklaces. I can’t stop thinking about it. It was the best outfit I have ever seen. If I could ever have an outfit like that one day, I would be so happy.”

“Really?!” I grinned from ear to ear.

I am sure at some point when she moves away for college, this outfit will disappear, but until then I was so happy to hear that maybe I wasn’t so wrong with my choices.


Later in the week I ended up wearing the outfit.


Blue is my favorite color. I adore all of the different shades going on here. I had purchased this skirt from Modcloth many moons ago. My favorite way to wear it is over my Colima Maxi Skirt. I love layering hi-low skirts. It makes me happy.

I think that this works as well.


My small moon necklace is from on Etsy. The white star necklace was a Christmas present from “my husband” in 2013.


My Astrological sign is Cancer. Its planet symbol is the moon (I know). I love when I can find pieces with the moon shape that are not over the… top. Do you get a rise out of sale items? Do you collect any astronomy items? I once took an astronomy course in college. Oh, vey. I think I confused astrology for astronomy. Do you know how much math is involved in astronomy? It’s lunacy. I totally spaced out. Went to the dark side. Thankfully it was just a phase.

It’s The Little Things: My New Favorite Sandals


I knnnnnnooooooowwwwwwww. Sandals?! It really is not the time for them. And yet, it is. It is not fall yet. Now is a good time to stock up (or stalk up, whichever creep level you feel is appropriate when pricing out shoes) on sandals for the spring and summer of 2015. Almost all of the sandals I have seen in stores are now on sale. I purchased so many boots on sale last winter that now I only need a black pair to complete my collection. Shopping between the seasons is the best way to accumulate items for a wardrobe on a budget.


I picked up these Julianna Hough Teresa Sandals two weeks ago for $25 (regular price is $60. Link goes to a different site, in case you do not live near a Nordstrom Rack. The link price is a little more).


I loved the eyelet design on the back. They are sweet and comfortable. I like the color, too. I purchased mine in a pretty beige color that reminds me of my favorite tall gladiator sandals. Here is a peek at an outfit post coming up with these shoes. They go with so many items in my closet. I have a very high arch and I was scared that the high back of the sandal would rub on my ankle, but they surprisingly do not. I took my regular 7.5 shoe size. They have a zipper in the back making them easy to get on and off without messing with any buckles.



I also purchased them in this lovely brown color for my daughter. They came in a pretty black color, too. My sister came over to my house and tried my sandals on. She was going to go and get some herself. I hope she did (did you Mandi?). Nordstrom Rack had a lot of them in stock just last week.


Did you know Julianne Hough made shoes? At first I was incredulous, thinking that she could not possibly make comfortable shoes. She is a dancer. A beautiful, beautiful dancer. I wanted her to stay in her perfect little box that society or myself had put her in and perfectly dance away. Barefoot. But I tried them on. Swallowed my inner envy that the girl can do anything. And I am now happily walking around town in them. Maybe even spinning. Just a little.

With only a bit of jealousy to my step.

You can barely see the green envy of my sole.

Just don’t look too closely.

$100 More Or Less: Happy Dress Sad Girl


I started a new feature a few weeks ago in which I pull together an entire outfit for around $100 ($125 being the max). This is one of those outfits. I realize that, of course, you can create an outfit for around $100 using cheaper brands or thrift store pieces. However, my theory is that you can shop anywhere on a budget (including the mentions above, but also higher priced retailers) and still create a great outfit.

If you read my post, “You Can’t Cry In Costco”, then you know I had a sad day a bit ago. It happens. I found a swivel chair that made all of the difference. This is what I was wearing that day.


I love how the curves of the crescent moon necklace fit perfectly with the swirly pattern of my tears this dress.

I had not realized that I was not really smiling for the camera in this outfit photo session. I just did not have it in me on this day. I am really bad at needless dramatics faking it.


However, the price I paid for this outfit should have lifted my spirits. Just a little. This outfit post is more a post to convey my love of waiting for an item to hit sale instead of indulging in the immediate satisfaction of full price. I do the latter, too. Sometimes I just cannot help it (as was the case with this dress). But the outfit shown here was my ultimate showcase of self restraint. I waited until the items hit rock bottom prices until I pounced.

Or I lucked into them…

Either way is probably a little right.


I feel like this dress is very reminiscent of a circus. I think it is the stripes, sequins, and over-the-top sleeves. All of which I love. Although on this day I guess I was playing the very sad clown.


Outfit Breakdown:

Anthropologie Sunpass Dress (now sold out): I paid $30 Original Price $198
Anthropologie Nazare Sandals (now sold out): I paid $24 Original Price $118
Anthropologie Crescent Necklace (now sold out): I paid $10 Original Price $42
Forever 21 Gold Cuff: $6

Total Spent: $70
Retail Price: $364


What do you wear on sad days? Do you have an item in your closet that showcases your ultimate shopping self restraint? Do you own this dress? How else do you style it? And don’t worry, the sad day passed, today is fresh and new. I am hoping it is a happy one for both me and you. : ).

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The Godmother


I have never seen “The Godfather.” It just does not seem like my kind of movie. Unless he grants wishes and turns pumpkins into carriages and fixes dresses into ball gowns, then count me in. However, I remember something about a horse head.


And I happen to have a horse head necklace that would have made any mobster proud.


This necklace is giant. It is sparkly. It is fun.

I love it.


I paired it with my Free People Embroidered Gauze Dress (sold out, slightly similar dress here), as only us Godmothers know how to do.

I previously wore this dress with some grey jeans for an informal date night here.


Here I am pondering where to bury my next crime. A girl’s gotta keep herself in shiny necklaces. This horse head doesn’t feed himself.


This looks like the perfect place. Don’t ya think?


Or perhaps here.


What about this place?


Wait! What exactly are we talking about? What crimes? What are we burying?


The price tag for this dress?

No. I bought it for less than $50.

Then what?

Maybe my crimes against fashion?


I’ll never tell.

I keep it locked up tight.

Let’s just say, “I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.”

“Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo!”

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P.S. * I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!