A Cheap, Easy and Waughty Mess

I realized recently that I had not shared a good many of my outfit photos from the wintertime. I do not know what happened? I guess I just would rather talk about dimes falling out of my underwear than clothes. ; )



I purchased this easy little dress (called the Eyelet Twofer Chemise) in the winter of 2012 from Anthropologie. I have always liked it. Probably because it was called a “chemise” and I cannot resist wearing such items out in public. It is easy to layer. It is one complete piece, so it is also easy to wear.

I guess what I am saying is… I’m easy.


Bet ya didn’t know that.



This outfit is kind of a hot mess. But I had fun with it. And in it.

I guess what I am also confessing today is, I’m a mess.

An easy mess.


This whole outfit from head to toe cost less than $80. So, I guess there is that.

Did I mention I’m kind of cheap, too?



With one of my Christmas gift cards, I bought this beautiful Arslan Sweater Coat on sale from Anthropologie In December. I have only worn it once. However, my dear friend borrowed it for a trip to Canada last month. So, this sweater has traveled more than I have! Don’t tell Humboldt Tunic. He will not be able to contain his jealousy.

I paired the sweater-coat with a lingerie piece my husband gifted me as a Christmas gift. I like to wear my underwear as clothes, too.

I am weird. Or naughty. I’ll go with weird.

Or waughty.

I have shared much more than I meant to in this little outfit post today. We learned that I am an easy, cheap, waughty, messy girl. Darn! I was hoping I would secretly learn I was elegant or sophisticated.

You can now add delusional to the mix, too.

Are you ready for winter to be over? It is 95 degrees here today. I am happy to see spring, but I am hoping this is not a sign of things to come!

P.S. A new monthly blog giveaway starts at midnight! : )

24 thoughts on “A Cheap, Easy and Waughty Mess

  1. Hey Waughty Girl! I love every piece of your first outfit. Those boots are awesome. Love how you combined beautiful/romantic with a tough edge. Like the beautiful ballerina gone bad girl. woot woot!

    • Thank you so much Cynthia! I love how you describe that outfit! You make me like it even more! : ). Rugged ballerina! So cool! : )

      I hope your night is lovely!


  2. Oh I like all of those outfits, very stylish indeed! And I love that you mix things up. Pairing diff’t pieces that maybe don’t necessarily go together, together! Smart w/ the lingerie!

    I love the term hot mess & use it to describe me/us a lot! It’s such a southern saying. Apparently I have a bit of a southern accent to others. I do realize that some words I pronounce sound really southern, not on purpose, but that’s how my Aunt says them & it’s just rubbed off on me I guess. Six yrs ago we went to Chicago to visit my husband’s extended fam & his youngest cousin (who is an adult, but had the most strong Chicago accent of any of the family, including all the elders, which I thought was interesting & funny!) totally said I had a southern accent, so I guess I kind of embrace that even though I’m not from the true south. Just from the southwest!

    I’m so happy bc now when I start to post, my lil pic shows right up! No log in necessary! I guess bc I always comment on the iPad it remembers. I really enjoy when technology works correctly & easily for me. Esp regarding blogging bc all my real life friends who blogged stopped yrs ago, so I have no one to ask & I usually struggle figuring things out.

    Anyway, 12 hours & random thoughts later…..have a great night & rest of your week! It’s 95 here too today. And it feels muggy & humid bc it was a little overcast! UGH, bc G has softball game tonight. Oh well it’s only going to get hotter soon enough.

    • First, yay that the technology worked! I am so glad it is now easier for you. And thank you for letting me know. I appreciate that because I do always wonder!

      Thank you for your compliments! I am always trying to get more bang for my buck out of a piece. Even my nightgowns! : )

      Oh man, this weather. It was so muggy here, too. It was yucky. And our air conditioner was on all day. Oh! The electric bill comin’ this way will not be so pretty!

      Thank you again! Have a cooler Thursday!


  3. Loving all of these outfits! The Eyelet Twofer has been added to my eBay search list! I have always loved those asymetrical sweater coats as well.

    My son was sitting on my lap and as soon as I pulled up your post he goes, “Mommy!” LOL! I could totally see us being long, lost sisters!

    • Thank you Heather! I hope you get it. Although with it heating up, you have awhile to shop the best deal! I think the initial price was $68. Or $78. It was the old school chemise pricing!

      And Ha! That is too cute with your son. I have often thought we looked alike. That is so funny that your son thinks so, too! And we both have the same style and like peacocks! Yes, long lost sisters! : )

      Have a beautiful Thursday. Thank you for the smile!


    • Thanks Melodee! And I dance like her, too. Maybe I am secretly morphing into that character! Too funny! : )

      I hope your Thursday is fabulous!


  4. I love that coat/sweater and I still have it on my wishlist. I wondered if the built in scarf would be too irritating but it looks like it lays nicely on you. And as for the lingerie with this coat, you may be on to something. I think it looks great and the double ruffle makes it look like an Anthro blouse or bottom ruffle of a cardigan. Can you share where the lingerie piece came from? Now I want to copy you. If it’s Victoria’s Secret I may be in luck but if it is a La Perla, I’m out.
    Thanks for sharing,

    • Thank you Stacey! The collar is not itchy at all. It does drive me crazy because it will not lay flat, but that is a different issue.

      The lingerie piece is really cute and I wear it underneath stuff all of the time. I have currently misplaced it in my pile in my closet that I am going through this month trying to decide donate, sell, keep, store for the summer. I know he bought it on clearance from Nordstrom Rack for $20. I remember seeing it around Valentine’s Day. When I find it, I will definitely give you the brand. Nordstrom Rack has fantastic prices on little lingerie pieces that I love to wear peeking out under clothing. Usually $20 or less!

      Have a sweet Thursday!


  5. Your outfits all look very nice. Is the lace dress from H & M? It looks just like one I have from H &M. If you wear the lace dress again, please post It. I would love to see more ideas about how you style this since I have something similar. I had never thought to wear mine with leggings.

    • It is from H & M! I have worn it with cowboy boots, too. I really like it! And I love how versatile it is. Plus it was a great price! I will definitely style it again! It is a fun little piece! I am glad we both own it! How fun! : )

      Sweet dreams!


  6. Always delightful! Easy items are great- and oh my god, I totally had those pale grey ankle boots in sixth grade and I would kill to have them again (plus the bright yellow pants). Winner all around!
    I finally pulled out my beloved Arslan sweater yesterday. And i’m afraid it doesn’t suit me. Eeps! Time to wear it tons and hope it comes to love me back…

    • Thank you! Ha! I think I had this outfit back then, too! Maybe that is where the inspiration came from! ; ).

      I cannot wait to see you style the Arslan Sweater. I remember you buying it. I would imagine it would be stunning on you! I think you got the other color (or you did in my memory). I am bummed that I am going to have to pack it away next week.

      Thank you again! Have a delightful week!


  7. You are an adorable, fun & waughty friend, and I wouldn’t change a thing about you. Love the cool sweater and your sweet and generous nature! Muchas gracias, amiga. 🙂

    • Thank you Holli! I am so glad you were able to use the sweater! I bet it looked gorgeous on you! You are such a good friend! I love you!

      Have a fabulous Friday!


  8. I love all your looks. I just love love the Arslan sweater. I wanted it SO bad. I tried in on and had to take if off before even buttoning, it itched so bad on me. I knew that I could never wear it and it made me sad. Since I have had kids, my skins has gotten incredibly sensitive. I have no itch tolerance at all. I’ve had to give away a bunch of my sweaters that now are too itchy for me to wear. I am glad you got it though. It is just stunning on you and the lingerie is a fun little bonus. Great idea!

    • Thank you Alicia! That is too bad about about the sweater on you. I have a family member like that as well. She is very limited on her sweater choices. That sweater is super itchy. That is another reason I paired it with such a loose lingerie piece. Less to touch my skin! Although, I can tolerate it pretty well anywhere except my neck. Thankfully this had a different material there. Maybe next year, they will make a version more sensitive skin friendly! That would be great!

      Have a super Friday! : )


  9. You are weighty! That much is clearly evident! LOL

    I imagine your friend froze in that sweater. They would have needed a full down parka for the winter we just had…unless they were on the west coast. Those bums out there always manage to escape unscathed it seems.


    • Thank you Suzanne! She did go to the West side of Canada. So, I think that definitely helped! : ). She even said that she almost wore it one night but was glad she didn’t because some other woman at the restaurant had the same sweater on. What are the odds?

      Have a golden : ) Friday!


  10. Aw, I love the first one with the tunic and cropped sweater. Such a cute layered look! Those booties are adorable, too. Your winter looks are so cozy! I really like the “hot mess” outfit, too. It’s kind of 1960’s mod with the swing dress and neon and white color scheme. You look like you could be in an old spy movie or music video!

    It’s lovely and springy here. 95 degrees in April would give me a panic attack, too. Hopefully it’s not a sign of things to come! Savannah was hot hot hot all summer. I’m hoping Nashville is a bit cooler.

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you so much Liz! It has been such ofd weather all of the country this year. Tomorrow it is muggy and 68 degrees. It has never been like this! So weird!

      I went in a date night tonight and wore jeans for the first time. I just did not feel like dressing up. But now I wish I would have. Either way, it was lovely!

      Enjoy your spring weather! : )


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