Anthropologie Spring Reviews Part II

This post should really be entitled, “The Time I Melted In The Dressing Room And Lived To Tell About It.”

In the first set of my reviews a few days ago, you will notice I started with a sideways braid.

But it started to unravel. And I started to unravel.

So, in the next few pictures, you will get to see me attempt to cool down by moving my hair off of my neck. It ain’t pretty.

It didn’t work.

This is going to be anti-climatic, but I am going to give away the ending.

I survived.

I tried on fifteen items in a dressing room.

And I survived.

Who knew I was made of such strong stuff?


Linen pants.

I really liked these pants on the hanger. These were too tight on my thighs. As most linen pants are. I wish I could remember what size I tried on the Level 99 Wideleg Linen Pants for you. I think it was a 28, because I think I wanted to try on a size 29 and they did not have it. Or it was the other way around. All I know is, maybe these would be good in a size up, but the store did not have it. Which was also good, because I did not have it in me to try one more thing on.

Told you, my reviews are helpful.

The color of these pants is amazing. If you can wear linen pants then these are for you.

The Pintucked Buttondown is so cute. In the print I am wearing, there are sweet little pastel birds lounging around. I am wearing a size six here. Kristin from Lovely Apidae bought this top a few weeks ago and it looks so much better on her. She gives a good representation of this top. It looks much better with jeans.


Then I tried on this Mahdia Peasant Top with a pair of Pilcro Stet Slim Bootcut Jeans. I like the jeans. They are a size 28. What do you think? I do not know if they are too short with these boots. But with flats, they might be too long. I also realize it is hard to tell because of the way I am standing. Remember, I was melting. So, this seems to be a good stance to take to sink into the floor. Other than that, I have no answer or excuse for you.

I added these pants to my wishlist. Please let me know what shoes I should wear with them. I am clueless.


I adored this top. It ended up being the same Mahdia Peasant Top as above, just in a different print. I am wearing a size six in both pictures. I am still unsure about it. I do not know. I did not add it to my wishlist, but I might. Purple is my least favorite color, but I love it with the turquoise necklace here.


Speaking of purple.

This Del Mar Tunic was the top I thought I was definitely going to buy before I tried it on. I loved it online. This is a medium. I have larger arms and this sleeve was not flattering on me.

Notice my hair and make up falling. The end is near, I’m sure.


What can I say about the Haru Pullover?

It has really good reviews on the product page.

It was not my favorite, but I think the sleeves are fun.


This Texture-Print Tunic was me stepping out of my comfort zone. This is a small. I think it is flattering. It is cute and preppy. It is not my style, but it would be great on someone whose style it is. I also think the center pink stripe is surprisingly flattering.


I think I would have really liked this sweater, except it was the last thing I tried on. And that dressing room was hot. And, well, this is a sweater. I like the color and the crochet panel. It is called the Sujet Top. I am wearing a small in this picture. I think this runs big. It was extremely comfortable. It is see through, so an undershirt of some kind is required.

Have you braved a dressing room lately? Do you like trying on clothes? Do you find yourself getting warmer in the dressing room?

P.S. I recently did Free People Spring Reviews, too!

30 thoughts on “Anthropologie Spring Reviews Part II

  1. Love these posts! Even if you’re in various stages of melt (kinda like how the midwest is right now…). Love the whole look of the purple top w/turquoise necklace & your hair up!! I think flats w/ those jeans would be perfect. Also love that sweater w/crocheted panel! Love love love!!!

    • Thank you Lyn! Oh good! I am glad you like these! I like doing them, despite the heat. Reviews are some of my favorites. I figure if I am all ready at the store, I might as well show what the clothes look like! : ). I like the idea of the flats. I just need them to go on a great sale price!

      Thanks again! Have a Super Sunday! : )


    • Thank you Brynne! I HATE trying on clothes, too. That is why I rarely make it to the store. But when I am there, I figure I might as well try things on. It is much easier when I really like the clothes! : )

      Have a relaxing Sunday!


  2. Kudos for sticking it out in the heat. I wouldn’t have been able to handle it, I would have hightailed it out of there, or just melted right into a puddle on the Anthro dressing room floor.
    All the tops look really great on you, and the jeans look fantastic too. Purple is my least favourite colour too (don’t know why), The Del Mar Tunic doesn’t make your arms look big, at least from how you photograph it. The Mahdia Peasant Top definitely looks great on you though!

    • Thank you Rachel! I thought about leaving, but I had all ready paid for a taxi just to take me there. I did not want to have wasted that money! I appreciate the compliments. Thank you. Yea, I do not know what it is about purple. But I very rarely even look at it. I love pink, though!

      I hope your Sunday is fantastic!


  3. Wow. You may have noticed that most of my review “sets” are only 2 or 3 items. I am in awe of you right now. I like the Mahdia Peasant Top on you.

    • Thank you Liana! I figure if I am going to get naked in public, I might as well make it a worthwhile experience! ; ). I love your reviews! I like your style! : )

      Have a beautiful Sunday!


  4. all so cute, love that sujet top I have seen that online, but wasn’t sure about where the lace began…now I know! the pintucked top is adorable, all the purples super cute too especially with the turquoise necklace!!!

    • Thank you Melodee! I am so glad that that helped you. I am always hopeful the review will be helpful, but I am never quite sure. Thank you for letting me know. : )

      And for the sweet words on that top!

      Have a delightful day tomorrow!


  5. I love your reviews! I had the del mar tunic on my wish list…will have to try it on in person. I had never noticed the texture-print tunic before. I really love it. You keep adding things onto my wishlist 🙂 looking forward to seeing the things that you loved!

    • Thank you Alicia. I had had the Del Mar in my wishlist before I tried it on, too. Then I removed it after I tried it on. : (. In my upcoming review sets, I tried on and ended up purchasing the West End Top. That one is gorgeous. The salesgirl said she and a lot of the other girls had purchased it as well!

      Have a fun Sunday!


  6. Yikes. How grueling. I really like the Mahdia Peasant Top in the white and those jeans look fantastic on you. I would just wear them with flats. I tried on the Pintucked blouse in the red and yellow but it was so billowy I felt like I looked pregnant or like a little girl playing dress up. I can’t wait to see the stuff that you did like!

    • Yes, it was definitely a calorie burner! ; ). I can think of much worse things I could have been doing, though. Bummer about that top on you. I do think it runs big. I cannot wait until I get to show the sets I love! Those clothes are fun! : )

      Have a gorgeous (it looks like our weather is going to be amazing) day!


    • Thank you Brynne! And thank you for letting me know! I appreciate that. I only can get around doing reviews every so often, so it helps to know that they are not a hinderance! : )

      Have a fun week!


    • Thank you Merrie! I loved them, too. If only they were not so tight on my thighs. That was a deal breaker for me. It showed too many imperfections! I hope they look great on you! The color is so fab!

      Have a yummy week!


  7. Hmmmm I think I really like the Pintucked Buttondown – the print is absolutely adorable. I really like the Mahdia top paired with the bootcut jeans. The jeans fit you really well and I wouldn’t be concerned about the length. It seems like with flats they would perhaps touch the floor but I don’t think they’d need any hemming. Love the print of the Haru Pullover but the fit is somewhat strange. I think it’s poor tailoring on Anthro’s part! Can’t wait to see the rest (:

    • Thank you Deniz! Yes, the fit was so strange on that Haru top. But it has all five star reviews on the home page. So, it must have been me! Thank you for the advice on the jeans! I appreciate it! : ). Now they just need to hit a really great sale price!

      Have a lovely week!


    • Thank you Sarah! I appreciate that. It is more a preppy style rather than bohemian. I think preppy style girls will love that shirt. Heck! I loved it enough to try it on. I love that hot pink stripe. It is fun! Thank you for the sweet words! I appreciate it! : )

      Have a beautiful week!


  8. I have such expectations of taking outfit photos and doing reviews whenever I step into the fitting room. And then I start melting and get swept up in the feverish trying on and peeling off that I forget. Almost every time. I really need to work on my follow through. But I hear you on the melting. I do love the evolution of your hair throughout the set. lol I think my favorite is surprisingly that white tee with the pink stripe. It doesn’t look like Anthro at all, and I wouldn’t say it’s really “your style” either, but it looks awesome on you and is such a fun top! I wouldn’t have even paid it a second glance on the hanger, but now I want to seek it out!

    As for the almost too-short jeans? Flats, baby! All the way! Pointy d’orsay ones? Your mustard yellow ones?

    <3 Liz

    • Thank you Liz! I think the worst part about doing the reviews is the click of the camera. I feel like the sales associates hear it and have to wonder if I am some sort of weirdo in the dressing room. It makes me super nervous!

      And the heat!

      I like the idea of my mustard flats! I have kelly green ones, too. I need to wait for them to go on third cuts, but I did like them. Jeans are hard.

      Have a super week! : )


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  11. I followed your link to that Etsy page for the turquoise necklace you’re wearing. It looks so pretty with everything you are wearing! Can’t wait to get it. 🙂

    • Thanks Sara! I have had that necklace for over a year and I wear it at least once a week. It is so cool! I have bought a few as gifts, too! The designer is the sweetest! I hope you love yours! I am so excited for you. Thank you for letting me know. You made me smile!

      Have a fabulous Friday!


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