Fanned Flora Dress


I rarely will pay full price for anything.


But when I saw Anthropologie’s Fanned Flora Dress all logic went out the window.

I fell hard.

In love.

With this dress.

It is called The Fanned Flora Dress from Anthropologie.


Granted I did have an amazing 25% off coupon that I used for it, but it was still more than I usually spend… And it looks like Anthropologie is currently having a promotion featuring 25% off dresses right now (I also love this different sleeveless dress for less than $30 right now. Although the reviews about laundering it scares me), so you would get the same deal! Yay!


It was worth it.

This dress is ah-mazing.

Sorry about the wrinkles. I wore this all day before we took pictures, and it happens. Oh, well. Tis the way it is. Here is the picture of the back of the dress with the zipper some people have had a problem with. I did not have a problem with my zipper or the zippers on the other two I tried on. It might be a problem on a certain batch. I recommend trying this on in the store to check the zipper, size (I sized down to a small), and pattern (which is completely different on each dress).


I have never, ever, ever gotten as many compliments on an item of clothing as I did this dress. An elderly man stopped me in the parking lot to tell me that my dress was just beautiful. “It looks like a watercolor painting.”

That is exactly the reason I purchased this dress. It looks like a piece of art.


Of course, I immediately did the thing I feared the most. I got food on my dress. See that spot?! I need to figure out how to get it out. It is mayo. This girl is a slob cannot resist tuna salad. It is a problem.


I tried on three different dresses to find the pattern I preferred (my original review of this dress can be found here). Each dress has a different pattern placement. I like how my arms on this one match up with the sides. I also prefer the wide space of blue at the neckline. The pattern at the neck is not as flattering.

I also want to note that in the picture of this dress on Anthropologie’s page, the model is wearing a necklace with the dress. I really think that is a mistake. It takes away from the gorgeous pattern and breaks up the flattering blue. Oh, this braid? Why that’s completely different. That’s organic. Come to think of it, so are the wrinkles… On the dress.


I strongly believe this color will look good on every skin tone. I think the swing shape will look good on a variety of body types.

Do you like swing dresses? In the window of the store, they had this dress belted, but I do prefer the swing shape to structure… On the dress.

*I shared this on The Pleated Poppy and Reasons To Dress.

The Sisterhood Of The Stay-At-Home Jacket


I opened up the bag that had come from Anthropologie. I sat there on the floor. Stunned. Staring into the wrapping.


My daughter looked up from her cell phone, “Whadja get?”

This jacket,” I replied in a surprisingly monotone voice. The tremors in my soul not vibrating yet to betray my vocal cords. I held it up for my daughter to see (and definitely not to worship, as I held it above my head… on my knees… with my eyes closed).

“Oh. My. God,” was her reply.

“I know right?!”


I immediately slipped it on. Its buttery softness engulfed me. I stood and looked into the mirror. I ignored the flannel pajama bottoms and oversized stained t-shirt I was sporting. My hair was piled on top of my head in a greasy four day old mess. The jacket was the star. The scenery did not matter.


“Here. You try it on,” I generously proclaimed to my daughter.

She put it on and I rolled the sleeves for her as I had seen another blogger do earlier in the week.

She turned to face the mirror. “I love it! It is soooooo soft.”

“I know. And it is not real leather. It is fake leather. No animals were hurt making it!”

My husband piped up from the corner of the room. “Were any fake animals hurt in making the fake jacket?” He quipped.

He knew I would ponder that all afternoon if I let it get to me, so I ignored his question and turned my attention back to my new favorite purchase.


“We can share it!” I proclaimed. This is kind of amazing because I am a size 6-8 and my daughter is a size 0-2. But the size medium fit us both perfectly (on me it is more fitted and on her it is looser). It was just like that book/movie with those traveling pants. Minus traveling. And pants. But you know what I mean.

I actually was going to break my cardinal rule and let her be on the blog for this post. She had been wanting to. But when I asked her if she wanted to take pictures with me for this post (I thought it would be funny to have pictures of us fighting over the jacket), she vehemently declined. Why? Because she did not want anyone to say that she looks like me. Sigh. And so it begins continues.


I will still share the jacket.


Now, before you think I am the most giving person out there. That I am sharing my most favoritest (my most favoritest not-a-real-word word) of jackets out of simple selflessness and not greed. This is what I told my husband:

“If we both use the jacket then technically it is only half price for each of us. Technically my clothing budget is only moderately affected.”

“Is that how it works?” Deadpanned my husband.

“Yep.” I like to use my fake logic on him.


Do you own a leather jacket? Or a fake leather jacket? Or a traveling pants kind of jacket? If you have a fake pet, please do not show it this post. It would scar it for fake life.

*I shared this on The Pleated Poppy and Reasons To Dress.

*this outfit was inspired by Tifforelie on Instagram. I love how she paired Anthropologie’s Vegan Leather Jacket with Anthropologie’s floral tights. The colors match perfectly. The cream Free People slip is combined with a dress from Forever 21.

Flit And Flare


I bought this dress so long ago I cannot even recall its name. I have searched for it and I believe it was called Floral Fit And Flare from Free People. It is now sold out, but I actually think this dress they are selling now is so much prettier.

Am I the only one who cannot get enough of white or creamy lace? You would think that I am secretly wishing for a white wedding.


Maybe with this little guy. The moon necklace can be found on Etsy here. The pink necklace was an older Anthropologie find.

A similar sweet groom gnome can be found at this shop on Etsy.


My husband loves this dress. He likes any fit and flare dress and any pencil skirt. I like big flowy pieces, but I can appreciate his tastes, too.

Hey! Maybe we should get married?


Let’s not worry about weddings. Let’s talk about footwear instead. Those awesome boots were a late season sale find from Anthropologie last year. I think these boots are very similar in looks.


Anyway a future wedding is out.

No renewal of the vows for me.

No ceremony.




I once went to a psychic who told me I would marry the same man three times.

Sounds lovely right?

Well, she also told me my expiration date. Which I am hoping is wrong. So I figure if I don’t remarry the same man, I can ignore the other part of the prediction, too.


I recognize how crazy that sounds.

But, um, did you happen to notice I am a grown woman flitting through the “forrest” holding a felt gnome? It’s a miracle that I got married even one time.

Do you own a lot of fit and flare dresses? I think they are the best fit for all body types. Do you love white dresses? If you are married, what did you do with your wedding dress? Mine is hanging up in my closet. I used to take it out once a year and flit around the house in it.

But that scared the gnome.

And we can’t be having that.

A Dress Falled With Embroidery


My husband and I went on a lunch date on this day. It was not cool enough for the sweater, so I wish I had set it down.


I also wish I had more pictures of the dress itself, but my photographer that day was all about the closeups.

I hate closeups.

I love my photographer.

You will just have to bear with me.


Or bare with me. Look at the cute Free People bandeau bra (bralette post can be found here) I simply put over a regular bra for a pretty lace peek-a-boo moment.


I found this dress at my local Nordstrom Rack for a screaming deal. I could not believe nobody had scooped it up (it is sold out. I could only find one size medium of a similar dress. It is on sale for $30 from $148 on Free People here).


The embroidered detail is amazing.


I wanted to pair the dress with some wood accessories. I slipped on this Scrabble Ring for a fun solution. If I was a pumpkin latte kind of gal, I would happily drink it in this dress. This dress screams, “fall!”, with its orange and mustard accents.

Alas, I am allergic to pumpkin. So, I will have to get by just wearing the color.


I will somehow manage to get through the autumn with regular ol’ coffee.

And closeups of my thirty seven year old face.


The secret is in the sauce a little thing I am grateful to not be allergic to, wine.


Did you notice something amiss in the previous closeup picture? Something that did not look right?

Was it a bit creepy?

Was it my elbow?

I am double jointed in my elbows, so sometimes in pictures like those it looks as though my head should be flipped the other way.

Just give it time.

Halloween is coming up.

With pumpkins. And closeups. And weird elbows.

And wine.

It’s enough to make a girl’s head spin. What is making your head spin lately? I am definitely craning my head towards this dress. Are you double jointed? I only have it in my elbows and my thumbs…

And my mind.