Poor Humboldt Tunic

I feel I owe the Humboldt Tunic (it is sold out online, but some stores might still have it. You can call customer service. Its sku# is 29392131. I am wearing a small) an apology. I think I embarrassed it when I first reviewed it, as I wore it without pants in the dressing room. And then I kind of posted it all over the internet. You can’t even google its name without finding it. I find this hilarious. Humboldt Tunic does not. I guess it didn’t deserve that. It’s not like it is one of my children I can embarrass whenever I feel like it.


Humboldt was thrilled it did not have to go home with me that day. It didn’t realize I was just biding my time. I had fallen in love with it. It just didn’t know it loved me back…yet.

Recently the Humboldt Tunic went on sale for a little more than half off at Anthropologie and I could finally bring it home (last day for the extra 25% off is Sunday. This is how my price was that low).

I could tell it was still a little scared of me, despite my many assurances that never again would I appear in a photo sans pants with it.

Notice I said, “photo.”

No wonder it doesn’t trust me.

I decided to show it a little love.


Look Humboldt, I am wearing you with pants! And, okay, these aren’t super expensive name brand pants. Maybe they were $7.50 at H & M, but hey, they’re pants. When did you get so picky?

Don’t blush Humboldt! Oh, wait. That’s just the color I bought you in.


Let’s cuddle up together in my favorite denim jacket. Do you know what pants are made of Humboldt? That’s right! Denim! So, in essence, you are right now being caressed by two pairs of pants.

You’re welcome.


And, of course, I also tried it with my favorite item (shhhh. Don’t tell Humboldt), my Ruffled Sweater Vest.

Is this covered up enough for you, Humboldt?

Humboldt, if I wear you with my favorite vest, you can hide almost your whole self behind it. Maybe nobody will even know it’s you.


This was its favorite option. Humboldt loved this cuddly vest. It hid its scars.

I think the photo is blurry from Humboldt’s tears…or my husband’s from having to take so many darn pictures.


The next day, in a delirium of fever and stuffy nose, I decided to try on Humboldt with my Paige Skinny Cords from Nordstrom Rack. It just looked too comfortable in my closet to not torment some more.

This would have been fine and dandy if I hadn’t had the thought of pairing it with my Faye Boots I got for Christmas. I just don’t think it goes. What do you think?


And its security blanket vest made another appearance.

I think it is going to take a while for Humboldt to trust me. Right now it is hiding in the closet. It is pressed up against three pairs of pants. Earlier it got its much needed cleanse in the washing machine. It was finally beginning to feel better when I hung the poor wretched wet thing up to dry. And there it lay, shivering all night… Plotting its revenge.

I think I hear it whimpering. Or whispering.

Who’s going to tell it I’m wearing it again tomorrow?

How do you think it would look with leggings?

Or, better yet, as a swimsuit coverup?

Poor Humboldt.


* P.S. I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!

24 thoughts on “Poor Humboldt Tunic

  1. You are too funny. I think you paid Humboldt back by posting so many great photos WITH pants although personally – I love the no pants photo and think Humboldt is being a little too sensitive. It is such a pretty color of red. I especially like it paired with both of your sweater vests. It would be great as a swimsuit coverup!

    • Thanks Cynthia. Yes, Humboldt is a little too sensitive. Don’t tell it I said that, though. I love this top so much. I hope it pops back on third cute in blue, too.

      Thanks again! Have a great week!


    • Thank you so much Heather! It is such a great piece. The material is so soft and comfortable. I just want to wear it all of the time, though. Even tomorrow! I need to get out of my Humboldt rut.. But I don’t want to. : )

      Have a lovely week!


  2. You are too funny Jenni. I cracked up while reading this post. And I just love the little pose that u do in all your pictures. 🙂

    • Thank you Sherry! I appreciate that! Ha! I don’t even notice I am doing a pose. I do notice I often make a claw. Anything is better than that. : )

      Thanks again! Have a terrific week!


  3. I had my eye on that one though postage costs to Australia put me off buying anything from anthropologie lately. I love it with the denim jacket. I wanted to ask you; have you worn your maricopa wrap yet? I also recently purchased this beauty and would like to know how you would style it?

    • Thank you so much Melinda. I am sorry about the postage costs. That sucks. I have not worn my Maricopa Wrap yet. I have had it out all week to wear and then realized I am living a pipe dream. It has been in the 70s and 80s forever here. There is no end in sight, at least for the next 10 days. So, I finally folded it and put it away for now. I did try it on with an oatmeal colored long sleeve top (just a cheap one from Target) with distressed flared bootcut jeans and boots. It was really cute that way. I will definitely post it as soon as it gets cold. We desperately need rain here.

      Have a lovely week! Thanks again!


    • Thank you Lisa. I was wondering if the boots were too much with it. You put me at ease. I appreciate it!

      Have a rad week!


  4. hi there! love the top and all the outfits you paired it in…even with the strappy boots…very cool! question though can you tell me the brand of the ruffle sweater vest? i purchased it full price than returned it because i felt guilty but haven’t gotten over letting it go and when i went back to re-purchase it i can’t find it anywhere…so hoping if i call the store they can maybe do a search for me…thanks for you help…i appreciate it!

    • Hi Kim!

      Thank you so much for the compliments! I love the ruffled vest. I own it in both colorways and I bought one for my mom and one for my sister for Christmas.

      The XS in taupe is right now on backorder status. The black is showing M/L available as of this comment being posted. The item # for it is 29022415. They will ask you for this number if you are calling to check on it. The brand is Renee’s NYC Accessories. I hope this helps! Good luck finding it! It is a great piece.

      Have a lovely week!


  5. I can’t wait to meet poor humboldt in person. I especially think you did him justice pairing him with the gray skinnies. He is fab in every way.

  6. I love how you styled the tunic Jenni!! You style everything so effortlessly and make everything look beautiful!! My favorite is the last picture with the long boots!!

    • You are too sweet Sayaka! Thank you so much! I never quite feel pulled together so I appreciate that. You, on the other hand, are perfection. : )

      Have a lovely week!


  7. How poetic and kitschy and fun. I love the writing here. Poor humboldt tunic. I do think it’ll survive just fine, though. It is weird when you google an item and find yourself wearing it as one of the first google images. I suppose that’s part of the point so people can find it and see how it looks on someone else, but it’s still bizarre to see yourself and realize how many other people are seeing your face when they google search a particular item.

    I really like the tunic with the orange cords and also with the denim jacket over it. But I agree that the knee-high strappy boots might not be right with it. It’s like the two are competing for attention. The boots are spectacular but are maybe better suited to solid colors or a simpler look so they can really shine? How you styled the tunic with the boots and then the vest over it seems to work though. The vest mutes the tunic a bit and lets the boots shine, and my eye isn’t bouncing back and forth between the printed top and the boots. It feels more balanced or something.

    I can’t believe I’m analyzing your outfit like a piece of contemporary art…talking about movement and balance and emphasis. Oh lord, listen to me dishing out all of the elements and principles here. I think I need to go to an art museum and get my fix. Stat.

    🙂 Liz

    • Thank you Liz! I so agree with you. I thought it looked busy. But less so with the vest. I am so glad you thought so too. I thought I was crazy.

      And, hey, I like that you are critiquing my outfit like art. It makes me feel special. : )

      I get so embarrassed when I search for something and see my picture. I feel like sinking into the ground when that happens. Especially a picture where I’m not wearing pants!

      I hope you are doing great! Have a terrific week!


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