July 2014 Clothing Purchases

I am currently working on my Comic Con posts so that I can get them up starting tomorrow and also my funny but mortifying story of seeing Patrick Rothfuss again. I was not going to post anything today while I worked on those, but I decided to share the things I purchased in July instead. Because I always enjoy seeing, reading or hearing about other people’s finds.

July was my birthday month so I was able to splurge much, much more than usual. The great news is I did not spend my own money on most of these purchases because almost all of my birthday presents were gift cards to my favorite stores (thank you family and friends!). Plus, I had birthday discounts and 20% off sale purchases going on when I acquired a lot of these items. And I still have funds left over on a gift card to Anthropologie (which I am saving for the River Fade Dress when it goes on sale). I have become an exclusively sale shopper (I have to be with a kid heading to college in three years), so some of the items that I list are probably sold out but you might still find them in a store if you call customer service with the style number. I am still hoping for a price adjustment in the next two weeks on some of these things as long as they get further cut.


First, I purchased some accessories that I had in my wishlist for what seemed like forever as I patiently waited for them to go on sale: The Caterpillar Earrings (these are brown and not green in real life), Tassel Bloom Hoops in purple, Anthropologie Monogram Bangle (this did turn my wrist green), and Free People Kantha Clips. Of those four accessories my favorite is the Kantha Clips. I love anything Kantha and these are no exception. I actually own three different pairs.


I also picked up the Anthropologie Rainforest Belt now that it is such an amazing sale price. It reminds me of dragon scales. Just call me Khaleesi.

No, seriously.

Oh wait, that’s just what I make my kids do. Don’t worry, it ‘s not all of the time… Just when they want dinner… Or food… Or a ride.

It’s tough being the kids of The Mother of Dragons.


My Modcloth Twofer Honey Dress that I styled here with my honeycomb earrings was such a cool addition to my wardrobe. The dress just got cut to 70% off! I think it is now a great price.


I am so happy with both the Free People Loretta High Neck Dress and the Free People Late Summer Love Dress (styled here). My husband’s very favorite dress (and outfit post showcasing it which is going up later this week) in the world is now the Loretta High Neck Dress. So I love it all the more now. Plus, now I know what to wear when I need somethin’. Not that the Mother of Dragons ever wants for anything.


Anthropologie’s Melanie V-Neck Dress that I got for $20, down from $138 was one of my best scores.


Anthropologie’s Talisman Peasant Dress was 75% off after my birthday discount, but I still debated on keeping it. I was unsure about the fit, but when my daughter saw me try it on she could not stop gasping about its awesomeness, so now I am definitely wearing that teenage-conversation-starter everywhere.


The Anthropologie Salta Shirtdress (I thought this was awful on until I cut off the extra sleeves) was a great popback price. I love the dress with the alteration I made.


And this Anthropologie Laced Chambray Popover was too good of a price at $20 to pass up.


I waited for the Anthropologie Sunpass Dress for months, too, (after reviewing it here) and when it hit almost 75% off, I pounced. I am still hoping this gets cut one more time because I am greedy. (Edited on 8/3/2014 to add it did get one more cut! Wheeeee!).

Those dragons need to bring Momma some gold. Isn’t that the good thing about dragons? Don’t they hoard gold? Mine are slackin’.


Last but not least is my beloved Free People New Romantics Rio Dress. I originally tried on this dress here, but it was much too expensive for me. Every morning since I reviewed this dress in March, I would wake up and check the website to see if it had gone on sale (I am a patient stalker). Last week I noticed a review I must have missed where the reviewer spoke of buying the dress on sale in the store. Free People’s clothing prices do vary from store to website.

I called a store that the website had listed as having it in stock as soon as it opened (if you know me, you know this terrified me. I never call to order something. I get nervous, slur my words and inevitably get the sweaty shakes, but I did it for this dress. And guess what? They were really nice to me. I think it had nothing to do with my dragons roaring in the background). I bought both colors because both dresses purchased through the store were still 30% less than just one dress would have been retail price. Plus the store I ordered them from did not charge me tax or shipping. Score! Not since my beloved Anthropologie Vanga Kantha Dresses have I been this excited about a dress. I still have not received them, but I am hopeful they will arrive soon.

Whew! Thank goodness for birthdays! It was so fun to stretch my gift cards by being frugal and buying multiple items that were on generous sale markdowns with them instead of just one or two items. I only had one black dress in my closet before this month but I saw this post from the wonderful and incredibly witty fashion blog, Suzanne Carillo Style Files, and it made me want more black little numbers. I knew I wanted to add some to my clothing collection (a much nicer way of saying, gluttonous pile of excess) with my wonderful, generous presents. I am doubtful August will lead to any purchases for myself because the majority of the budget will go to the children’s back-to-school finds, and alas, my birthday gift cards are almost gone.

Do you own one or more black dresses? Do you buy more in your birthday month (gotta love those discounts)? Are you waiting for anything to hit sale? Do you ever stalk something for months (I’m hopeful no one will say me)?

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Photos are from Anthropologie, Free People and Modcloth.

27 thoughts on “July 2014 Clothing Purchases

  1. What great birthday picks! I bought the Sunpass dress when it hit extra sale and I’m thrilled with it. I just wore it on a trip with my husband to San Francisco….with flowers in my hair, of course. I felt like it fit the vibe of the city so well. Can’t wait to see how you style it. Have a lovely week. By the way, I’m so excited for your Rothfuss post. I pre-ordered the Auri novella, and am trying to be patient!!

    • Thank you Kindra! I am very excited about the Sunpass Dress. I am thinking of styling it with turquoise jewelry. I love that you wore it with flowers in your hair! That just sounds lovely! I cannot wait for the Auri novella! I pre-ordered it, too and I am so excited. I bought the new Rogues book that he contributed to and had him sign it. I love anything he writes!

      Have a fabulous day!


  2. Can’t wait to hear about comic con! Love all of your purchases – glad you had a great birthday month! I tend to celebrate all month long as well. The only downside to a birthday is that pesky reminder to renew your license plates – ugh! You are certainly not alone in stalking items or calling to find them. I agree though, I hate calling if I don’t have to. It is so nice how technology can find inventory for us. I remember growing up (and learning from my Mom) how she would blindly have to call stores and try to describe the item and hope they found the right thing.

    • Thank you Heather! It was fun to stretch those gift cards! In California the license fees are due in the month you purchased the car. For some reason our cars are always purchased in the wintertime so we have no fees on our birthday. However, they send you the bill two months in advance. We had one due in September but I paid it this month so I would not forget. I guess they got me in my birthday month anyway. I have tried blind-calling a Nordstrom Rack for an item before with a description. That was a nightmare. Never again.

      Have a fabulous day!


  3. I love all your picks. What beautiful dresses. I am glad you had such a great birthday. I am totally jealous of all your popbacks! What great deals. I bought a few things from the tag sale (the maya dress, harley hoodie and a sweatshirt dress i found in the sale room) I did get the Bougainvillea Necklace on popback for $5, so that was awesome! I just ordered the prep start watch and the shimmering azucar tunic and got the extra 15% off for anthro day. I also finally bit the bullet and ordered that floral orange tunic dress from Forever 21! I hope it works out. I got a few other shirts I am hoping work and a few clearance scarves for $2.50! Can’t beat that. I am pretty shopped out as well and I am going to scale it WAY back for August. I am set for awhile now. I am saving for the bermeja tunic dress to hit sale…

    • What a great buy with that necklace! I want the Shimmering Azucar Tunic, too, but I am stubbornly waiting for at least one more cut. I might miss out on it. I am so excited about your Forever 21 dress coming! Please let me know if it works when it arrives. I am so hopeful for you! You got such cool stuff! I love so many of the new items but thankfully it will be months before any of them hit sale so my wallet will be very happy. I had wanted the Bermeja Tunic in black when I purchased the white one. I was waiting for sale on it, but I just got all of those other black dresses, so unless it goes 75% off, I will probably have to pass on it. Gwen from London Preppy styled the black one a few days ago. It looks great on her!

      Have a lovely day! Enjoy your awesome scores!


    • Hi Jenn! So, go to the Rio Dress’ product page on Free People’s website. Underneath the $268 price, it has a small button that says availability. Click on that and type in the information for the color, size, and your zip code. It will then list the stores that have that dress and you can call them to ship it to you. I took a small in the dress. It runs big.

      I hope that helps! Please let me know if you need anything else and also if you get it! I would love to know! : ). I have pictures of me in the dress on my Free People Reviews on the link in the post above.

      Have a great day!


  4. I am also hoping for the river fade dress to go on sale, I tried it on this week and it is so soft and flattering, but I felt it was just too expensive for what it was. It was my birthday month too, I went a little crazy. Two items I got that I really like that I got are the stargazer maxi dress and estrella maxi dress, and my husband bought me the petaluma skirt for my birthday (and when I say bought I mean I picked it out and he paid for it haha)

    • I cannot believe it has not hit sale yet. Especially since they just renamed it. I love that dress. The Stargazer Maxi is stunning. And so is that Estrella Dress! It is so flowy and lovely. And the Petaluma Skirt is lovely. I like when my husband picks stuff out for me, too. ; ). Thank you for sharing!

      Have a terrific Tuesday!


  5. Wow someone did manage to get rather spoiled : )

    Thanks for the shout out! I can see that LBD working so well for you. Both them. Or was it three? Ahem.

    I was sucked in by the Anthro day sale this past Saturday. Argh. I hate it when that happens. I never manage to find stuff as reduced as you do though.


    • Spoiled is my middle name. Thankfully my last one isn’t “brat.”

      I think it was FOUR! Arg! See spoiled above.

      I did not buy anything on Anthro Day. Nothing popped back at a good enough price. I check the website several times a day when I am in stalker mode for popbacks.

      I cannot wait to see what you scored! : ). And I love to shout-out your fabulous blog!

      Have a super week!


  6. goodness, I love your finds. When I read your posts I feel like I do when I am behind that lady in the grocery story with a ton of coupons. Like sort of jealous that she saved so much…..all well knowing it takes hard work and determination…then I am like “good for her!” the only problem is when I read your posts I want to go shopping! haha!

    • Thank you Melodee! I love coupons, too. : ). It does take patience and time to find the deals. Plus, I have to be willing to lose the item if it sells out and never pops back. I feel the same way when I read about your cool dresses you bought. And that site with the awesome knee high socks. Sigh. Is it too much to ask for all of the pretties? ; )

      Sweet dreams!


  7. oooo–i am deeply interested in a comic-con story you are wanting to share! and meeting an author…sounds intriguing. happy belated birthday, by the way! as you revel in the birthday highs, compose your thoughts so that fun of the con can be shared with us out here in the great beyond!

    • Thank you Mark! The Comic Con post goes up in a few hours. It is going to be two parts because I just could not add all of the pictures into one post.

      Have a terrific Tuesday!


  8. What a fun birthday month! I don’t tend to buy much for my birthday since it’s in November and I am never excited about winter offerings in the stores. I agree with your daughter about the black dress. It is awesome. Can’t wait to see how you style your new dresses!

    • Thank you Cynthia! I actually wanted to wear it tomorrow but I have a doctor’s appointment and do not want to flash him. So capris tomorrow. : ). November is a tough month for a birthday so close to all of the holidays. I love winter clothes butI have enough for California living. I truly do not need one more sweater or jacket or pair of boots. And I am definitely not ready for fall! I am loving summer!

      Have beautiful dreams!


  9. I like the Mother of Dragons theme. Khalisee is fierce isn’t she? That belt does look like it has dragon scales. How fun! I stalk items and get nervous calling stores too. I have no idea why I get nervous doing that but I do. You found some great bargains.

    • Thank you! My husband thought it might be one reference too many, but I kept them all in anyway. I do not know why I am nervous either. I just hate inconveniencing them with them having to go to the trouble of shipping something to me. That must be a bummer to get the calls.

      Have a lovely week! : ). I hope you are currently listening to a little monster snoring, too.


  10. Jenni, I’m so envious of all your amazing fashion sales this month! Yeay you! A perfect birthday month of fashion! I too am a strictly sale shopper, except that when I do pay “full price” it’s at Nord rack, tj maxx, Marshall’s or Ross! I find some great things most times at any one of those stores for my entire fam!

    I love all those dresses you found, can’t wait to see them! Yes, I own quite a few “little black dresses” bc they are perfect for any occasion. It’s how you style them! I don’t think you can have too many, esp since each one I have is a different style, length, or material. I really do think they are appropriate for any occasion, happy to sad & anywhere in between, that a girl needs! I even have a couple dressier (2 that I can think of off the top of my head) that I’ve never worn bc I purchased them at such great sale prices, years ago! I’ve thought about consigning them, but then if I get rid of them I’ll have an opportunity to wear them & they are nice & were cheap. So yes, that’s how I justify buying/keeping clothes I haven’t worn that I got totally on sale! It’s what we fashionistas do, right??!!
    I knew you’d agree with me!

    🙂 rebecca

    • Thanks Rebecca! I love those stores because they list for me how much I saved. I just wore a pair of boots a few days ago that I originally bought at Ross seven years ago for $13. Gotta love those prices!

      I just posted a black dress post tonight. Silly me. I forgot I asked that question on this post and asked it on that one.

      I am out of it!

      Have a marvelous Thursday!


  11. AAAAARGH!! Wrote you the most enormous comment. Evil internet deleted it. GAAAH!!

    Right, so now that I am done head-desking. That is one impressive pile of birthday goodies! My fave is the same dress your daughter liked, You should style that one next, I bet it will look so effortless and cute on you. That shape is just… yeah! Also love the hair-clips, and earrings, especially the blue ones, but both pairs are so YOU. Shame about the bracelet though! You should return that and get your money back!

    As for me, I almost didn’t buy anything in June aside from my black Bermeja dress when it went on sale. But July, however… oy vey. Stress shopping is still alive and well, and has resulted in me sending Anthro’s “Lune de Papier” tee and a pair of striped capri pants from J.Crew your way, since they’re not available in my country. Call it stress shopping, or call it abusing your friendship – or both! 😉 (Seriously, I hope you don’t mind. Please be my depository for a little while!) I also got, in no particular order, a pair of skinny blue AG jeans on sale (replacing my own pair, which had to go to jeans heaven after coming down with “no crotch left” syndrome, after over a year of regular use), a green pencil skirt and a T-shirt with “C’est la vie” printed on it in large, friendly, floral letters, a really pretty dress from the Gap with white and nude pink stripes, and of course my crazy clocks dress. Oh, and I got that cute Marseille tee at Anthro, at full price – I’m going to say it’s my replacement for my favourite Pilcro tee that I had to throw out. The one thing I’m still holding out for is the Bermeja dress in white… I’d like to get it at sale price, so I’m here biting my nails, haha!

    By the way, speaking of your birthday, I went and made you a birthday present myself! Sure, it’s mega late but it’s on its way to you, so keep an eye on your postbox! 😉

    • PS: I suddenly realised how all this must look! Just so you don’t think I’m a *total* nutjob – I didn’t have all this crap sent to you! “Just” the stripey pants and paper moon T-shirt, which are bad enough without asking! 😉 Anything I can get in the UK, I will – even if that does mean paying a bit extra.

      • I would never ever think anything but good thoughts towards you Gwen. No worries! : ). I am easy peasy.

        Have a super day!


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