Anthropologie Spring Reviews Part IV

This is going to be my last set of reviews for awhile. I overdid it. I broke my shop box. Tore my dressing room nerve. Split my trying-on-gene in half.

Yesterday, I showed you some pretties. And, they were pretty. And I liked them a lot. But today is where my heart is. Today is the day I show… Well… You’ll see:



Do you recognize this Midday Dress? How could you not? I have been wearing pretty much nothing else for a week. If you missed it, you can see me wearing the dress here and here.

I know by now that in the Puella brand I always take a medium. This was found by trial and error. I love this brand. They create flattering silhouettes for women at a decent price in comfortable fabrics. What’s not to love?

I purchased this dress on sale. And I love it!



They only had a large in the Sunpass Dress. I have admired this dress online for awhile. I tried it on anyway. I will need a small in this dress. If I remember correctly, it was not lined. I just remember it being an incredibly thin material. Very light. Very pretty.

I believe this dress will look amazing on the more voluptuous gal. I cannot wait to see many women rock this dress.

Lovely dress that remains on my wishlist hoping for a great sale price.




The Stripe Swing Tunic Dress is another dress by Puella. It just came out. It is expensive for what it is. I love it. I mean I love this dress so much I want to cry.

I am wearing a medium in the picture. I love the way this dress flows. I am a sucker for grey and white stripes. They are everywhere in my house. I might as well match my interior.

I did not purchase this dress that day. I went home and thought about it. And thought about it. And when I was still dreaming of this dress a week after these pictures were taken, I ordered it and one other lovely below.

My soul is happy. Even the broken review parts.



This little number is the other item I ordered. It is currently on sale for approximately half off. It is so fun. Surprisingly flattering. At first I was hesitant due to the length, but I love it. The blue is so vibrant and gorgeous. I wear the Caravane Tunic Dress with silver flat sandals now. (These to be exact). I have a fun outfit post featuring this dress going up next week. In the wintertime, I will wear this with black leggings and booties. This is probably my favorite closet addition in awhile. It is a good sale price. It is mostly sold out online, but if you call customer service you might still be able to snag one.


When I was entering the dressing room, another gal was exiting. She had the Galen Dress in her hand. She was purchasing it. I got excited to try it on in the dressing room. I generally find that shirtdresses do not do much for me. It is just not my favorite style of dress.

This dress was cute. This is a size small. It fit well. It is short. The pattern is pretty. And so is the color. Again, this is a great style of dress for all women’s body types.


My husband liked this dress a lot. But I did not like how much of my side thigh was showing. Who does this dress think it is? Humboldt Tunic? Although my broken fitting room soul was not havin’ it, it is a nice easy little number.

This dress was a pass for me, but I think on the right person, it will be lovely.


I tried on the flower patterned version of the Caravane Tunic Dress I purchased, as well. It was a medium and too big, but I did like it. If I had not all ready fallen head over heels for the blue version and my heart had not been hurt from contracting the fatal shopping bug, I might have loved this. As it was, it was a “no” for me.


I am on the fence about this West End Top. It is a medium. I bought it, but I have not worn it. I am 99% sure I am taking it back. I am not sure if it is the size (maybe I need a small), but I am thinking it is not all that flattering on me. I love the rust color. It is gorgeous. The hem is such a cool idea. It is a reasonable price. But… I don’t know. I might reconsider in a different size at a sale price, though. What do you think? I need help with this one.

* Update 5/11/14: I ended up keeping The West End Top because I found a fun way to wear it here.

Thus, my reviews are concluded. I am happy to report my shopping wounds are being tended to. It makes it so much easier when your bandages are beautiful clothes.

It is going to be a ridiculous recovery.


And, yep, still hot in the dressing room. You can see the start and the end of the illness here.

What is on your wishlist this spring? Are you happy or bored with this season’s fashions?

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Whew! No wonder I’m sick of the dressing room!

22 thoughts on “Anthropologie Spring Reviews Part IV

  1. Thanks for sharing your reviews, helps me alot as an online buyer.Everything looks great on you, it must have been hard leaving some of them behind, especially the Galan dress. I really like that one. I love the striped mid day dress, its now on my wishlist. I must also be good as Ive purchased quite a bit from free people lately so no anthro shopping for me though I am really wanting to buy the Pleidas cardigan and it went on sale yesterday. I must be strong!! I do like the west end top you purchased,love the colour, I do find pleplum tops poof out too much for my liking though that one seems to fall nicely. I think you should keep it. if you size down i think it may poof too much as it will sit higher, I like the way it sits/length in the medium.

    • Thanks Melinda. I hope you are able to score all of your goodies soon! Free People has been amazing lately, too. I am kind of pretending stores don’t exist right now. ; ). It is easier that way. Although, these kids have been keeping me on my toes lately. I keep trying on the West End Top and since I am not in love, and I ended purchasing those other two dresses, I am taking it back. I wish it could work! Peplums just are not good on me! : (. So sad! Thank you for the sweet words! They made me happy!

      I hope your week is beautiful!


  2. I love your striped dress you ended up buying.

    I love the rust colour of that peplum but agree that it might not be the most flattering for your body. I think the high low on the peplum part might be the culprit.


    • Thank you Suzanne. I totally agree about the peplum. I think with my thighs, it just accentuates that area with the hi-low situation. Thank you for your advice! I really appreciate it! : )

      Have a happy day!


  3. Went to Anthro last weekend and looked around a bit. Have not been in forever. Tried on the cute bird top that you reviewed, but it just was not flattering on me. Bummer. Ended up purchasing Pilcro Picardy Jodphurs in grey for $20 and the weekender scoopneck by Saturday/Sunday in the moss color (already have the cream and wear it all the time) for $30. Not much else to inspire me lately.

    • I love what you got! $20 for those pants is such a steal! A whole outfit from Anthropologie for $50! That is awesome! Thank you for sharing. I really love hearing about the deals other people get. It makes me happy for you! I love the Saturday/Sunday brand. It is pretty and comfortable. Two of the most important things! : )

      I hope your Wednesday is delightful!


  4. I still love all your striped dresses! If I could just figure out a way to make them nursing friendly, I would want them all!
    I ending up getting the west end top in the deep plum with an online order I placed yesterday. With the free shipping and my long awaited darcy swing tunic in the blue and white on sale, I added it to make the threshold. I think that the only problem is the size. A small would fit your shoulders better, thus narrowing out the peplum effect. I have the rust color wishlisted as well, but decided on the plum. I ordered the medium, but I am a larger size than you…so hoping it fits.
    Thanks for all the reviews. They are so helpful! I love them!

    • Thank you so much Alicia! I love what you got! I did not see the plum until I got home and saw it online. It is such a pretty color. I love it. Thank you for the advice! I am taking this one back and waiting for sale and then I will see if a different size is a love for me. I was so sad it did not work! I hope you love yours! I do think it will be nursing friendly. I always forget about that. I cannot even remember what the heck I wore when I was nursing. And it was two years of my life total. But I cannot remember at all! You are smart to think about it! : ). I cannot wait to hear how your new goodies work!

      Have a fantastic week!


  5. Your stamina was pretty incredible! I would have given up in despair long before that. Then again, I’ve discovered I really don’t like shopping very much. Clothes, yes; shopping, no.
    The striped dress was definitely a great buy!

    • Thank you Rachel! I like both. Shopping and clothes. I just hate trying on clothes. In fact, if I were not doing these reviews, I would usually just buy it and hope it fits. Then try it on at home. I am so lazy! : ).

      I hope your week is cheerful!


  6. That Midday Dress was a good buy, it’s perfect on you. So is that other Puella dress! It’s funny, I’m all weird with stripes, to me they need to be either black on white or blue on white… and polkadots need to be white on navy, or black – in a pinch. I have a grey cardigan with white stripes, and it kind of wigs me out because it’s wrong, haha! Crazy, much?

    Are you gonna wear the grey dress with the entire pile of layering necklaces? Just saying, then you really WOULD match your decor! 🙂

    • Thanks Gwen! I think your “rules” are funny. Maybe it is like me and jewelry. Which by the way, you have created a beast! I wear them like that all of the time! In fact, I wore them AND a bunch of bracelets the other day. It was wild! ; )

      I think the necklaces with that dress is a great idea. All I know is I have to wear it with my pompom sandals!

      Have a great week!


  7. Thanks for all the helpful reviews, Jenni! You talked me into the Caravane Tunic Dress. I had been waffling on it, but decided to bite with free shipping. I ordered it in both colors to see which one I like better.

    • You are welcome, Melanie! : ). And thank you! I hope you like it! I love mine. In fact, when it gets cut again, I have a good friend who wants me to watch it for her on a popback. She saw it and loved it, too. It is just so easy. And easy is…well, easy!

      Please let me know what you think! I love hearing about what people end up liking! And which color you chose! So exciting! : )

      Have a marvelous Wednesday!


  8. Thanks for all of the great reviews! I’m loving so many dresses right now. Unfortunately, pretty much none of them will work right now since I need breastfeeding-friendly options. Oh well, I can admire them on you.

    • Thank you Kristin! Alicia was just commenting on the fact that she is looking for nursing friendly clothing as well. I know Emily Henderson did a blog post about it a few months ago detailing her picks for nursing friendly clothing. But I think it was wintertime stuff. I could be wrong, though. Maybe that would help. I, myself, am of no help because I absolutely cannot remember what I wore nursing. I rarely left the house. I suffered really bad postpartum depression with both kids. So, I probably just wore my husband’s old t-shirt. I wish I had bought fun things to wear. It probably would have helped me feel better! : ). I hope you find cool things that work! It is such an exciting time!

      Have a restful week!


  9. I can see why you have worn that striped dress all week. It is fantastic on you. If I looked that good in it I would never take it off.
    I too tried on the West End Top. I loved the plum color and almost bought the top. And then I turned around sideways and thought I either looked like I was pregnant or wearing a circus tent. But I am wondering if I will get it when it goes on sales because it is so cute. Just a little off.
    Thank you so much for all of these reviews. Holy cow you did FOUR sets of them. Whew!!

    • Thank you Cynthia! I love everything about the West End Top except the way it looks on me. : (. I wish it was a better fit for my body type. Too bad it did not work for you either.

      Four sets was a lot. I have no idea how Roxy does it. Hats off to her! She is amazing!

      Have a harmonious week! : )


  10. Hard for me to be sure because sometimes things are different in real life than in pictures but it seems like the ‘lay’ of the pleats (specifically the one that lies most toward the front) is wonky. If it’s just the particular one you have on that does that, perhaps another one might lay flatter to the body rather than stick out??? Does that make sense?

    • Thank you Brynne! I think you are right. Unfortunately, I thought that was what it was, too. So, I did not buy the top in the picture, I bought a different size medium in the store thinking it would be different. Then I got home and it wasn’t. It was exactly the same. : (. But your idea was great! Thank you for your help. You are just the sweetest. I think about you every day. I hope you are doing great!

      Have a lovely day!


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