Winners Of The Three Necklaces Giveaway And Cravings Gifts

The winners of the necklaces (picked from are Jo, Sharon and Lyn. Congratulations! I will get those out to you this week! I hope you like yours as much as I like mine. And thank you to everyone who entered! I will have another giveaway coming up in December!

There are a ton of things on my wishlists, but it is the time of the year where it is about buying for others. That, coupled with the fact that I also have a few clothing related posts I will be publishing later in the week if all goes as planned (including a set of reviews going up tomorrow), means I don’t really feel much like talking about clothes today. Gasp! So, today let’s talk about gifts. Here are a few things I am excited about gifting this year. I cannot post a lot about gifts here, because my family reads this blog, but I will post a few things that they know they are getting or things I can recommend for a generic gift receiver:


I always get my son the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar. It is a fun way to countdown the time until Christmas. Yes, that is Darth Vader dressed as Santa Claus! I purchased mine at the beginning of November. I cannot believe it, but it is sold out online all ready. Amazon has it for a huge markup through a third party. I think that is ridiculous so I am not linking to it. I would recommend heading directly to your local Target or Walmart (our local Target was out of them as of yesterday) VERY soon to check their stock if you want one for your kiddos (definitely before Black Friday).


This year I was able to get my daughter Benefit’s Advent Calendar from Sephora during their 20% off promotion. It gets mixed reviews, but I think it looks perfect for a teenager. I also recognize that her gift cost double my son’s. I had to seriously question the purchase of this, but she is only living at home for a few more years. I want to spoil her while I can.

I cannot wait to watch both kids get their gifts and countdown the holiday!


I do not burn candles a lot. I cook way too much to do so. I like the smell of food baking and cooking much better than any candle. The candles I do purchase are, surprise!, food based. My newest favorite scent is the Oatmeal Cookie Candle from Anthropologie. I have been on a roasted chicken phase here (I still cook when I am sick. Moms cannot take a day off. I think it is about time we went on strike), so I have not burnt this yet. But it is sitting on my counter waiting for a day when we finally get take out.


I gift and get these duvet slippers every year. They are simply the best. Like pillowy clouds upon your feet. I highly recommend them. I have been purchasing them for years.


As a little girl, one of the best parts about the holidays were the Lindt Truffles my grandmother would leave out in candy dishes throughout her home. They were not as available back then as they are now. It was a big treat. I like to give these chocolates as gifts. Right now Costco has these giant bags filled with about fifty truffles for $6.99 (for a very limited time). I may or may not have purchased four and have two left. Don’t count on these as gifts, folks. Or buy more than I did. The peanut butter truffle?! I swoon. I need to go pick up more!

What is a generic gift that you always give out? I would love more ideas. I also like to buy colorful colanders on clearance at Marshall’s, etc. and fill it with a pretty kitchen towel, and goodies (perhaps some Lindt Truffles if you have more willpower than me). Tie it with a bow around the handles and you can punch a hole through a gift card and attach it to the bow. Phew! That was quite a visual. I will have to make one up and show you a finished colander soon.

Let’s Compare: Rain Boots

It seems ridiculous to post this when the temperature in my neck of the woods seems permanently set in the nineties and my air conditioner is crying with exhaustion. But I am not so silly as to think that the whole world is smoldering in their sandals. Since it is technically fall, let’s talk about rain boots:


Last year I wrote a post about the new Chooka Rain Boots that I had purchased at Costco. I was very pleased with my Chooka Rain Boots and they even garnered their own funny story. However for Christmas, my husband surprised me with a pair of Hunter Rain Boots. And I supplied a post for those, as well.

Both are in a very similar color of green.

I decided to write a new post about what I like about each of them.


First, when I pulled my rain boots from my closet after less than a year of being stored in there, my Chooka Boots appeared brand new and my Hunter Boots had a waxy white film across them. I only wore each pair of boots two to three times last year (darn California drought), so I am by no means an expert on accessories for the rain.

But I can tell you the pros and cons I have found with each of the shoes:


Chooka Rain Boots Review:


As I said above, the Chookas have retained their sheen and still look brand new after many months in storage.


I think the Chooka Boots are more comfortable than the Hunter Boots, because they are a tad bit shorter and do not hit the back of my knees like the Hunter Boots do.


The price. I paid $30 for my Chooka Boots at Costco last year (from what I have seen online, I believe the average retail price is around $60). This is a great deal for a nice pair of boots.

The negative about these boots is that I am not a huge fan of the buckle on my Chooka Boots. I do not mind it on the Hunter Boots, because the buckles are balanced by the label in the center. But I wish the Chooka Boots did not have the buckle on the side. I feel like it draws attention to the lack of a label (which is actually another positive. Most of the time I am a label-free girl).

Chooka also now sells boots with a pretty contrasting brown buckle. I like that look better than the ones that I own.


Hunter Rain Boots Review:


First, the gorgeous logo. I mentioned above in the Chooka Boot Review that I generally am not a label girl, but it has to be said that the Hunter logo is stunning and makes the boot.

The taller length of the Hunter Boot is better for skirts, and looks better with them because of their height than the Chooka Boot. However it is not as comfortable as the lower height of the Chooka Boot.


The Hunter Boot runs slightly larger than the Chooka Boot. This means that sometimes rain can get into my boot through the larger gap at the top (which kind of defeats the purpose of wearing a rain boot). I bought a size eight in both brands and the Chooka Boot fits perfectly while the Hunter Boot runs a little big. There are pros and cons to both. In colder climates, the Hunter Boot would allot for a thicker sock to keep feet warm in the brisk weather. Hunter Boots also appear to accommodate a larger calf. I feel the Chooka Boot is better for warmer climates because it would not accommodate a larger sock unless you sized up, but in California, I do not need that. I simply need a boot to keep my feet dry. Chooka Boots seem better for smaller calves.


The price. Hunter Rain Boots are expensive. My husband purchased mine for $79.99 at Nordstrom Rack. They are usually around $150. I know Costco typically offers them every year on their website at a large discount, as well.

Finally, my pair of Hunter Rain Boots do not look as pretty as they did when I first received them less than a year ago. I am hopeful the waxy finish will go away with more trips out into the rain but I am not positive. The reason I am thinking it is going to take a bit of work to remove the white film is based on this article I found on the subject. I really wanted a low maintenance shoe, so I am disappointed that these require some elbow grease.


So with all of that said, which ones do I recommend? Honestly, I like them both. The Chooka Boots have a slight advantage because of the great price I paid for them. And the fact that they still look the same as when I first purchased them.

Vainly, I like the Hunter Boot for the logo. And I adore the many colors it comes in. If you ever see a baby pink tall pair at a discount please let me know. I love that color!

I will keep wearing both of them.

And be happy and grateful that I have the options.

Do you own a pair of either of these brands? What do you think? Did your Hunter Boots produce a white film? And if so, did the waxy quality on the Hunter Boots go away without having to do anything special to them?

*I was not compensated for writing this post. These opinions and reviews are my own. Your experience with the different boots may vary.

Little Short Long Short Black Dress


I had not seen this dress before I noticed it in the sale section while browsing on Free People’s online website. I now know it is because it is listed as a tunic and not a dress. It was called Free People Romantics Same Suit Tunic (now sold out. Slightly similar “tunic” here). I am generally not an impulse buyer, but this was an impulse buy in the summer.


It was odd to me that this was listed as a tunic for a variety of reasons. First, half of Free People’s dresses would really be tops for this thirty seven year old. So, this piece being labeled as a tunic and not a dress made absolutely no sense to me. Second because I really, really liked it and I was shocked to not have seen it before.

But then I looked up the word “tunic,” having previously thought it meant a loose top. But it really is defined as a loose piece of clothing that goes to your knees. So, this fits. And Free People is right once again.

And I was wrong.



Don’t tell my husband I admitted that.


I paired the dress with some gold jewelry on this day. My cuff from World Market and Honeycomb Earrings from Modcloth.


I know there will be some mixed reviews on the extreme severity of the hem disproportion of this dress. My daughter being a huge not-fan of it.

However, as an extreme champion klutz, having extra coverage in the back for the inevitable picking up of fallen objects is an amazing addition.


Plus, it is as though I have a cape trailing behind me when I walk.


A cape or odd tail feathers. I guess it depends on your point of view.


Maybe I am the superhero of ducks. It would certainly explain many things.


What? You ask.

Hmmmm. I cannot think of any but I certainly have an affinity for quacking.


Hey! I think I see a pond over yonder. Let’s go.

Do you have anything with a hi-low hem line? I will admit that I am getting kind of sick of the trend. But for some reason I still like this piece.


P.S. * I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!

*This dress can also be seen in my root beer cake post.

*this post was edited using the App VSCO Cam filters: C1 at level 3, temperature at level 1 and contrast at level one.





Sometimes. Well, sometimes you just have to let go. Give into the music. The peace of the day. On days like that, I like to dress the part.

By the way, the only music playing here was the music in my head.

My soul is groovy, Baby.



Both of these Free People pieces were obtained from Nordstrom Rack for 66% off. I am not linking to the products (I believe the jeans were called Bali Discharge Flare and the top is the Rave On Tunic), because I think they are sold out. And Dude, I bet you can get them on sale like I did.

Which would leave you more money for actual music.

Of course you are always welcome to tune into the music in my head. Don’t let the voices scare you. They are there to set the mood…

At least that’s what they tell me.


Are there days when you just want to dress a part? When you just want peace?

Right on man! I dig it.

* P.S. I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!