It’s The Little Things: Rain Boots


For the last two years I have wanted a pair of Hunter Tall Rain Boots. Never mind that it rarely rains where I live. Never mind that when it does rain, I hardly ever leave the house. I wanted them. The fun colors. The squeaky soles. I loved the idea of them. I imagined myself stomping in puddles and squealing with delight. I’ll let you know if that ever happens.

Last year, I saw Hunter Rain Boots for $75 at Nordstrom Rack and I did not buy them. And, yes, I am still bruised where I kicked myself. I have been on the hunt ever since.


Two days ago I was at Costco and they had rain boots. They looked almost exactly like my Hunter Tall Rain Boots. On closer inspection, I realized they were Chooka brand. But they were a pretty color (dark green) and only $30. I bought one pair for myself and one pair for my daughter. I scanned the sky for rain clouds. Nothin’. But I am prepared now (Saturday, I’m talking to you). I suggest if you want these rain boots you buy them soon. Our Costco was down to approximately ten pairs of assorted sizes in mixed colors (black, green, and bright pink).


While doing some research online I found that this is a really good deal for these boots. However, I found something more.



Costco has Hunter Tall Rain Boots online for $80 (shipping included). $80! The average retail price is $140. You must be a Costco member to purchase from their store. The colors available are black, navy, dark olive, and red. That sound you hear is me hyperventilating.


Thirty dollars or eighty dollars? Oh, how I love the Hunter logo on the front of those rain boots. If I had not known about my thirty dollar pair, there would be no hesitation. With the holidays here, I am choosing practicality. I found a unique review on Hunter Rain Boots on this blog. It kind of made my decision easier. However, if I lived in a wetter climate, I might choose differently. They are just so perty. But I don’t. So, I won’t. Good bye my sweet Hunter Rain Boots. Maybe one day we will be together. Hello cheaper but still really cute green ones.

I wanted to let you guys know about these fun options.

It’s the little things: toasty toes kept dry from the rain in fun discounted colors. What more could a girl want?

Do you own a pair of rain boots? Do you dance in the puddles?

* The Hunter Boots photos are from the Costco website.

** Yes, I am a dork for posing with my umbrella. Gotta love a prop! ; )

If you would like to see more pictures of these boots and a story about me being an even bigger dork. You can click here.

13 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Rain Boots

  1. Hi Jenni,
    I love the Chooka boots on you — the green tone is much prettier, plus the buckle adds character. Love how you styled the outfit including the umbrella. I too live in SoCal and bought a pair of dav rain boots (in bright red no less) and a Vera Bradley umbrella — now all we have to do, is wait for a much needed rainfall and we’ll be singing in the rain and looking stylish:)

    • Hi Angela! Thank you! And we should definitely be twinsies! I love you have the bright red rain boots! Those sound so much fun! And similar umbrellas? I guess great minds just think alike. ; )
      Next time it rains, I am definitely pairing my two rain gear items together. Let me know if you do, too. It is fun to know someone who likes to dress in fun!

      Have a lovely Friday!


      • I have a confession to make. I found such a great deal on my red, Dav rain boots last year on (amazon’s fashion website), that I bought another pair in blue (same brand, different style) a few months later. I hadn’t worn rain boots since I was a child, that is until last year when a friend was shocked to learn that I didn’t own pretty rain boots with a matching umbrella — you see, shoes (any kind) are my weakness 🙂 Humm, I’m really loving your green Chookas — no, I can’t get another pair — can you imagine 3 pairs of rain boots in southern California?!?!

      • Hi Angela! That is so funny! And awesome! And, yes. You can have three pair in Southern California, as long as they are on sale and purchased in separate years. That is my new rule I am making up. ; ). I love red! That would be the other color I would choose. Lucky girl!

        And thanks for the other sweet comment. I hope to! Although, I am having ten teenager girls here for a sleepover. So, my bet is it might not be my favorite weekend. ; )


  2. I’m with Angela! I like the ones you bought better. I also want to see the two of you singing in the rain with your rain boots and umbrellas! Too cute! xoxo

    • Oh, thank you Cynthia! Yes, we need to get together with our ensembles and at the very least splash around a little! You and Marcy need to get some, too. I am sure Marcy would just love the rain. ; )

      I hope your Friday is magical!


  3. hey! I bought hunter in red at costco couple weeks ago!! I’ve wanted hunter black for a long time… when I found them at costco for $75, I was stoked! Unfortunately.. I ws with my husband, so I had to pick one pair….I would have bought two black and red.. because I couldn’t choose!!
    My hubby said red is better, so thats the color I got.
    I hate rain.. I don’t go out in rain.. just like you. but now I am excited.
    I will have a post about my rain boots soon too! I have a super duper cool rain boots I bought while I was in Japan!!

    • $75!!!! Lucky girl! I hate when I find a good deal when I am with my husband. He would not have gotten that I needed two pairs at that price, either.

      But I think you chose wisely! The red ones are so cool! I am with your husband, the red ones are the ones I would have chosen, too. You do live in a wetter area than me. I am envious of your boots! And I cannot wait to see the ones you picked up in Japan! I bet those are fantastic!

      I cannot wait to see your post! Have a great weekend!


  4. Strange coincidence – I was just looking at gumboots (do you call them that too?) the other day. Not intentionally and I decided I could in no way justify buying some but I still lusted a bit.

    That green you bought is a colour that always ‘gets’ me, absolutely one of my favourite shades. I hope there are photos of you out jumping in puddles soon! And the umbrella shot and caption made me laugh so much, I can just imagine it.

    • Thank you Kirsten! That color always does it for me, too. It did rain yesterday, but I did not wear the boots. Of course! By the time I made it outside, the light drizzle was over. I have never heard them called “gumboots” before. I like it! It is cute. My husband was mortified for me that I would use a prop. Ha! It was fun!

      I hope everything is going great with you! Have a lovely Monday!


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