Root Beer Chocolate Cake


Mmmmm. Hmmmmm. Ohhhhhh. Yeeeeeaaaaaaa. That is what I thought to myself when I watched Carla from The Chew (I love that show. And I love her. Anthropologie lovers, Carla wears a lot of clothes from there, on the show) make her chocolate root beer cake. I went online to get the recipe and I was disappointed to see that the recipe for the cake part differed from the one she made on t.v. I gave it up until I saw that someone in the comments had geniusly used a boxed cake mix and substituted the water it called for for root beer.

I can do that, I thought.

But then I didn’t.

I drank the root beer and ate some chocolate cookies and considered the flavor craving dealt with.

I had forgotten that I know myself well enough to have purchased two bottles of root beer. So when I came across the other bottle sitting unsuspecting on the shelf. Minding its own business. Not knowing that soon it would be meeting its soul mate, chocolate. No need to tell it about the part involving the oven. And then my mouth. Let’s be kind… I had to make the cake.


This is my new favorite cake. I am so excited to share this recipe. The best part about it is that it is incredibly easy to make. Well, and it tastes good. Our cake was gone in two days. We are a family of four. Two days. The math adds up to gluttony deliciousness.

Time to unite the star-crossed lovers…

Cake Ingredients:

1 devil’s food boxed cake mix
3 eggs
1/3 cup melted butter
1 cup root beer plus 3 Tbsp. root beer reserved for cooled cake rounds

Frosting ingredients:

1 cup root beer
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1 cup white chocolate melted (I used Merckens melting chocolates because I had it but she said to use white chocolate chips. Either will work)
A pinch of salt (I just added three shakes of my salt shaker)
1/2 cup (1stick) softened salted butter
1 tsp. vanilla extract


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. If you have a convection oven, preheat at 325 degrees F convect bake. Generously spray two nine inch round cake pans with nonstick cooking spray.


In your mixer or with a hand mixer in a bowl, beat together melted butter, eggs, cake mix, and one cup of root beer until mixed together. This is about one minute.

Pour cake mix evenly into the two cake pans. Give them each a gentle tap on the countertop to rid them of extra air bubbles. Put the cake pans in the oven and bake cake according to directions on box. Because of the fluffy mix produced from the root beer, my cakes needed two minutes longer than the longest baking time on the package (I baked mine thirty one minutes on convect bake).

Remove cake rounds from the oven. Let cool for five minutes in cake pans.


After five minutes, run a butter knife gently around the edge of the cake and the cake pan. Flip cake over onto cooling rack. Repeat with other layer. Allow to completely cool.

In the meantime, pour the one cup of root beer for the frosting into a small saucepan. On medium low heat simmer the root beer until it reduces to a third of a cup. I actually was overzealous with my simmer and reduced it to a quarter cup. This still worked out fine. This should be about five to seven minutes to reduce.


It will look like this. Turn off burner. Allow to cool.


Now that the cakes are cool, you are going to brush the cake layers evenly with the 3 Tbsp. of reserved root beer (not the reduced stovetop product! That is for the frosting) with a basting brush. Yep. Give the two lovers a wet root beer kiss.

Melt white chocolate (I put mine in a bowl and microwave for thirty second intervals, stirring each time. Usually takes 90 seconds to melt).

In your stand mixer or with your hand mixer in a bowl, beat together softened butter and powdered sugar until fluffy about two minutes. Add salt and mix. Add white chocolate and beat for a few seconds until incorporated. Add reduced stovetop root beer, and vanilla extract and blend until smooth.

I, very helpfully, do not have a picture of this part. I do, however, have a picture of me posing with the frosting. Which I have been told has nothing to do with is very important when baking a cake.


Place one cake round with basted root beer side up on a cake stand. Spread one third of the frosting on the layer towards the middle, leaving a little room at the edges because when you put the other cake layer on top, it will push the frosting further out.


Place the other cake layer on top of the frosted bottom layer. Frost top with remaining frosting. I like to place it in the middle and then gently ease it towards the edge until it barely goes over.

Cover or immediately serve.

Now eat the mingled lovers. Why does something that sounds so wrong taste so right? Don’t try to analyze it, just enjoy.


My daughter has requested this cake as her birthday cake coming up in October. She doesn’t even usually like cake. My husband woke me up the day after I had made this at 9:00 in the morning holding a plate with a half eaten large slice of the cake that he could not resist for breakfast (this is not a breakfast cake. He just has as much self control as his wife). Maybe he was feeling the ingredient love.


I promise, a bite of this cake , and you will feel the romance, too.

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17 thoughts on “Root Beer Chocolate Cake

  1. This sounds so interesting and chocolate cake is one of my favorite foods. I’m curious what the root beer does for it. I love root beer but does it over power the chocolate cake?
    I am going to Tivo that Chew show.
    Thanks for sharing,

    • Thank you Stacey! It definitely does not overpower the cake. In fact, it just has a touch of root beer. I am not sure if you did not know it had root beer in it that you would notice what the flavor was. It makes the cake super moist and light and the frosting is SO good. I love that show. And I wishlist items on Anthro many times after I see Carla in them.

      Have a great Friday!


    • I would say you should probably like root beer to make this. : ). But I bet you could definitely substitute coke for the root beer and it would be fine. I have made a cake with coke before and it turned out fine.

      I wish I had cake for breakfast tomorrow!

      Have a sweet Friday!


  2. Hhmmmmm, may have to try….I love chocolate, all chocolate, & brownies, but don’t usually like chocolate cake. Weird, I know. And our kiddos became chocoholics after our bi-daily visit to ghiradeli in San Francisco last summer, & they also love brownies, so I’ll try it sometime, thanks!

    Can I also say I love, love the dress you’re wearing!!! I’m sure you’ll say it was a long ago anthropologie purchase. But I adore it, you look fabulous in it. It looks comfortable & cute! You’ll be proud of me, I bought a $118 anthropologie dress for $29.95 & I love it! I wore it to our anniversary dinner. I’ll have to look online & see if I can find it’s name, since you always have cool names for your anthropologie finds!

    Have a great evening!

    • Thank you Rebecca! Oh man, I love chocolate cake. I will say that my sister will only eat yellow cake but loves this recipe. So, maybe you would like it, too!

      And that is an awesome score on the Anthropologie dress! Happy Anniversary! That black dress is from Free People. They called it a tunic. I will have a post up with it soon!

      Have a wonderful Friday!


    • Thank you for pinning it Brynne. I appreciate that! I hope you love this cake! Happy early birthday! I am making it again on Sunday!

      Have a gorgeous Friday!


  3. This looks amazing! I seriously want to make this right now…but I have a million other things to make for Macy’s bday party. Is a root beer chocolate cake a good 1st bday cake?!?! Cause I am tempted….

    • Thank you Alicia! I am so excited about Macy turning one! Happy late birthday Macy! Is the party this weekend? Have so much fun!

      Sweet dreams!


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