Little Short Long Short Black Dress


I had not seen this dress before I noticed it in the sale section while browsing on Free People’s online website. I now know it is because it is listed as a tunic and not a dress. It was called Free People Romantics Same Suit Tunic (now sold out. Slightly similar “tunic” here). I am generally not an impulse buyer, but this was an impulse buy in the summer.


It was odd to me that this was listed as a tunic for a variety of reasons. First, half of Free People’s dresses would really be tops for this thirty seven year old. So, this piece being labeled as a tunic and not a dress made absolutely no sense to me. Second because I really, really liked it and I was shocked to not have seen it before.

But then I looked up the word “tunic,” having previously thought it meant a loose top. But it really is defined as a loose piece of clothing that goes to your knees. So, this fits. And Free People is right once again.

And I was wrong.



Don’t tell my husband I admitted that.


I paired the dress with some gold jewelry on this day. My cuff from World Market and Honeycomb Earrings from Modcloth.


I know there will be some mixed reviews on the extreme severity of the hem disproportion of this dress. My daughter being a huge not-fan of it.

However, as an extreme champion klutz, having extra coverage in the back for the inevitable picking up of fallen objects is an amazing addition.


Plus, it is as though I have a cape trailing behind me when I walk.


A cape or odd tail feathers. I guess it depends on your point of view.


Maybe I am the superhero of ducks. It would certainly explain many things.


What? You ask.

Hmmmm. I cannot think of any but I certainly have an affinity for quacking.


Hey! I think I see a pond over yonder. Let’s go.

Do you have anything with a hi-low hem line? I will admit that I am getting kind of sick of the trend. But for some reason I still like this piece.


P.S. * I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!

*This dress can also be seen in my root beer cake post.

*this post was edited using the App VSCO Cam filters: C1 at level 3, temperature at level 1 and contrast at level one.

Denim Over All

First, I apologize for the unexpected blogging break. I expect to be back here daily as long as September can behave herself. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I appreciate it. : )


I thought a year of overalls and I would be done with them. I have all ready worn my mustard overalls three times on this blog. And many more times in real life.


But then, these Mih overalls I had had my eye on went 75% off during a sale and I could not resist their denim appeal (I purchased mine at Anthropologie, but they are now sold out. They run very small. I sized up to a large. Another cute overall option can be found at Anthropologie here.).

I have a flat butt.

A big ol’ flat butt (which is thankfully not as tragic as the bug ol’ flat butt I had originally typed).

And that is okay with me, except I am not sure these overalls are the most forgiving and flattering from the side or behind.


Maybe a sparkly, colorful headband will detract from all of that (old from Anthropologie. Similar headband can be found here).

Isn’t that the rule?

Hide anything with a headband?


How about some ruffles?

Ruffles cover up a multitude of sins.

Although, having a big ol’ flat butt is, thankfully, not a sin.

Now, a bug ol’ flat butt might be very sinful.

Or gross.

Either way, I’ll happily take what I have.


I have the perfect solution. I will just greet everyone from the front.

Or like this.

I will not move my hands from my sides. Ever. I knew the solution would come to me.

Although now I feel itchy…

And I’ve lost the use of my arms.

But these overalls were worth it.

Now somebody call an exterminator.

Do you wear things even if they are not the most flattering from all sides? Did you buy any overalls this year? Do you ever make silly typos? I ever do.