Falling For Oldies


I find it really hard sometimes to understand that I have enough clothes. For years I barely had any and it is hard to get my mind in a state of change. Especially when something I have been wanting goes on sale. I am learning to just let things go.

Quality over quantity.

And all of that.


I shopped my closet and put together these two pieces from Anthropologie many years ago. The skirt is old. I only remember it was one of the first Anthropologie pieces I bought on sale. I rarely wear it. I have found it hard to style in the past.


But then I paired it with this top that I often forget that I have, but when I remember, I get super happy. I love the red and white striped silhouette with the dramatic crochet sleeves.


The earrings are old, too. They are ombre thread wrapped hoops. Although I forgot to request a closeup, I think you can kind of see them here, in a picture for an upcoming cookie post.


Do you have any items in your closet that unexpectedly make a happy outfit marriage? I love when I can find new ways to wear a piece of clothing.

It’s A Golden Age, Eyelet Believe


I purchased my Free People Golden Age Top last summer (previous post here) and I wear it all of the time.


It can be layered with almost anything.


I do not wear jeans a lot, but I had a chiropractic appointment that day and could not wear a dress.


Because of its open back, I decided to try the Golden Age Top with the Free People I Got My Eyelet You Top I scored recently at Nordstrom Rack. It paired perfectly together. I also wore my Free People eyelet bra so it would be cohesive.


The Eyelet Top has the faintest line of pink around the hems (it makes my heart surge with its sweetness), so I knew I wanted to wear pink and gold jewelry.


It might be the prettiest top I have ever seen and I cannot wait to pair it with a denim jacket in the wintertime. It is perfect with the Golden Age Top, though, because it has the most adorable tied back and that top really allows it to be seen. I think it would also look fantastic layered with this this sleeveless open back top.


A lady complimented me on my top that day and I had to tell her it was actually two different tops paired together.

Then I got embarrassed, because she probably did not care.

I tend to give too much information.


Speaking of information, I took both tops in a size medium.

Are you obsessed with lace and eyelet? Do you pair them together?


I cannot get enough of this pairing. Eyelet just want to spin!


And doesn’t that sound golden?

P.S. Sweet Heather from the blog, The Peacock Fairy is having a lovely Blog Giveaway and a moving sale in her Etsy store. Please don’t forget to check it out! : )

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The Beekeeper’s Daughter


I don’t really know what a beekeeper’s daughter looks like in a picture formed in one’s head. Is there a crown of bees involved? Is there a white jumpsuit? A veil?

Well, whichever it is I am sure I do not usually look the part.

Except today.

Today I went full out with the theme.

But hopefully not in an over-the-top way.


I just really love this Modcloth Twofer Honey Dress. I waited for this to hit sale and was ecstatic when it did.


I decided to pair it with some booties. Close-toed shoes are a must in Imaginary Bee Land.


The honeycomb crochet on this top is just really neat. I love the yellow color paired with the grey. I think it looks modernly bohemian. The complaints about this dress were the sides stick out underneath your arms. This does not bother me at all. I do not walk around with my arms above my head, but I wanted to show you what the reviews meant. You can see it in this picture.


These honeycomb earrings are also from Modcloth. I own a very similar pair from Anthropologie last year. The two pairs of earrings are different because one has a slightly larger honeycomb weave than the other.

This is not important.


Do you know I have only been stung twice by a bee? I find this kind of miraculous having grown up surrounded by them. It just proves that they really are peaceful creatures. That, and the fact that honeybees die when they sting you. : (

You should see my dad with a honeybee. It is like watching a bee whisperer. He lets them crawl on his huge rough hands and soothes them with his voice. Sometimes he will bring them to his mouth (don’t do this!) and breathe hot air on them if they are too cold to fly. It is amazing and something I never tire of seeing.


This bee wrap bracelet is the coolest. I purchased mine for $10 from Nordstrom Rack a few months ago and I cannot find a similar one online. My grandma used to collect bee jewelry and ever since she passed away, I have felt a need to continue her tradition.

I also made waves in my hair using a wave iron I purchased last week (more on this soon. I do not want to link to it until I am absolutely sure I will recommend it. So far I love it, but I want to play with it some more to be certain). I used to wear waves in my hair all of the time a few years ago and then I lost my wave iron and my hair remained wave free for too long.


In Imaginary Bee Land, beekeeper’s daughters always have wavy hair.

It is a fact.

Trust me.

I know.

I invented the place.

Do you ever make a theme for your clothes? Have a story in your head for a particular outfit? Please tell me I am not the only one.

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Crochet In An Orchard


Orange you glad I didn’t do a punny title?

It was hard.

So crorchard.


When I purchased this skirt (slightly similar skirt here) at Anthropologie in 2012, I loved it. But I only wore it once, because it is a tricky skirt to wear. The waist screams for a belt, and the dividing line down the middle is distracting.

Nonetheless, I loved it.


I finally found a top that I think works with this skirt. It is from Forever 21. It is $20. You really can’t beat that. I just bought my top a few weeks ago and I cannot find it online now. I bought mine in a store so they may still have one near you, if you like it. I did found a slightly similar top for the same price here.


The House of Harlow necklace was a steal at Nordstrom Rack and the gold cuff was less than $6 at Forever 21.


And this is why I like to hold on to things in my closet. Because I knew one day this skirt would find its match.


Much like myself and this tree.

So, do you hold on to your clothes even if you have not worn the item in over a year? And what else would you suggest pairing with this skirt? I am re-loving it again. I also have it in blue. Because it was a steal, I tell ya. A steal. Any suggestions for the blue? That one is even crorcharder to style. I am thinking my Daydrifter tee. What do you think?

*The affiliate links in this post go to a slightly similar skirt and shirt above. I could not find an exact match, so if you like the Doily Skirt, I would also check eBay.

* I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!