Sometimes. Well, sometimes you just have to let go. Give into the music. The peace of the day. On days like that, I like to dress the part.

By the way, the only music playing here was the music in my head.

My soul is groovy, Baby.



Both of these Free People pieces were obtained from Nordstrom Rack for 66% off. I am not linking to the products (I believe the jeans were called Bali Discharge Flare and the top is the Rave On Tunic), because I think they are sold out. And Dude, I bet you can get them on sale like I did.

Which would leave you more money for actual music.

Of course you are always welcome to tune into the music in my head. Don’t let the voices scare you. They are there to set the mood…

At least that’s what they tell me.


Are there days when you just want to dress a part? When you just want peace?

Right on man! I dig it.

* P.S. I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!

30 thoughts on “Groovin’

  1. Love it! Those jeans are awesome. I just love bell bottoms and wide leg pants so much. And I do think I was a hippie in a past life. I am so glad to hear you scored the torsade dress! Sounds like we each had a good popbacks at Anthro this week!

    • Thank you Heather! I think I was a hippie in a past life as well! I just love all of the clothes of that generation. Of course, I love princess dresses, too, so maybe?….. Ha!

      The popbacks this week have been AMAZING! Not so much today. I have been pining for the Narva dress since it came out. Someone beat me by one minute to it this morning! But the Torsade dress shipped this morning! I am super excited. Although I think that perhaps it will end up being too big because it is a medium. We’ll see!

      I hope your day is fun and free!


    • Thank you Brynne! I am glad! You made me smile with your comment! I hope you did end up having a fun day!

      And a fun week!


    • I love you, too! Must talk SOON! And my voices are always here for you. You know that. ; ).

      And being that you have seen me dance in real life… I can see you chuckling too! : )

      I must talk to you SOON!


  2. I always think you’re my cyberspace twin (separated by about 15 years – yes, I truly AM an aging hippie!) – LOVE it man! Think I might be a little too “mature” for the jeans but I MUST have a top like that (now, back to thinking about that poncho at Johnny Was!) I really need to go and check out Nordstrom’s Rack for some Free People stuff! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thank you Judi! I love it! I’ll be your twin any time! That poncho is so great on Johnny Was. I always wait for a sale there. But I have only shopped there twice, so I am unsure how their sales go.

      You must go to Nordstrom Rack! They have an amazing Free People selection (although never any cool maxi dresses or even skirts). They do get the slips, ponchos, shirts, pants, and short dresses. In fact, I am wearing a Free People t-shirt from there right now!

      Please let me know if you go! I will live vicariously through you! : )

      Have a rockin’ week!


  3. I love that tunic, so cute! And the grooving is great! It totally reminds me of a dance (I took ballet & modern throughout school) in college I performed in & the choreographer, who was one of my suite mates told us to “Groove Freely,” which has always stayed with me! We grooved to the Beatles! 🙂

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my posts! Our family is so thankful that my Mom’s broken nose is healing quickly & easily!

    Have a fantastic day & keep on grooving freely!
    🙂 rebecca

    • Thank you Rebecca! I was so glad to read about your mom’s nose healing without surgery!

      I love your dance instructor. That sounds like so much fun! And The Beatles is perfect for that sort of dance!

      I hope your day is fantastic, too!

      And your week as well!


    • Hmmm. I am technology incompatible. I still can’t make a link to save my life! I will ask my husband if something is up with the blog comments! Thanks for letting me know! : )

      Have a terrific Thursday!


  4. Groove on, Groovy Girl! Woot Woot! … Woot Woot!
    I looooooove that you got these jeans! I saw them in Bloomingdales a few months ago when they were full price. Aaaack. What a great deal you got. Love!!
    And now I am totally in a groovy mood too. Which is really the best kind of mood to be in. Woot Woot… Woot Woot!

    • Thank you Cynthia! They were a great deal. I love them. I did have to take some scissors to the hem. But for the price I paid, I was happy to do so!

      Glad to put you in a groovy mood! Yay! I need to get back in that space! I have to go fold three batches of laundry! Ugh!

      Have a Tremendously Awesome Thursday!


    • Thank you Lyn! A headband would have been awesome! I have so many of them. I do not know why I didn’t think of that! Your kids were so cute on your tumblir. And your pugs! Oh my heart! I remember when my kids would love those puzzles. Seeing those pictures brought back so many memories. Thank you!

      Have a lovely week!


    • Thank you Mark! It is finally cold enough here for sweaters. But soon I can wear that outfit again! My hippie heart rejoices! : )

      Have a terrific weekend!


  5. You are too cute!! And what awesome sale finds those two things are! Those trousers especially, they are just so YOU! I hope we’ll see you style them with something else soon, because they are just fab. FAB! 🙂

    I love doing that sort of themed dress-up, too! Today, I was in 1940’s secretary mode for my registration interview at my new temping agency, complete with cloche hat and a long pencil skirt. 😉

    • Thank you Gwen! Okay. I might submit them for you to help me style them. I was mulling over what piece in my closet I should ask you and Liz to help with. These jeans might be it! I have no idea how else to style them!

      I hope the interview went well! For some reason I thought it was tomorrow. My brain is made of ice cream!

      Have a peaceful weekend! : )


    • Thank you Michelle! And for your sweet compliment on my fireplace. I appreciate that. I will definitely check out your blog tonight after ortho appointments! : ). That sundress sounds cute!

      Have a lovely day!


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