On The Hunt For Rain

It’s Raining

It’s Pouring

The Old Dog is



For Christmas, my husband went to the Nordstrom Rack and purchased me a pair of Hunter Boots in this teal color. He said he wanted me to have the “real” thing after I did that post about buying my rain boots at Costco, but really wanting the Hunter Boots sold online there. Which is so sweet. But they sat in my closet until the last day in February, because California decided to repel rain this year.



When I finally saw rain clouds, I pranced around in my boots for three days.

First, I paired the boots with my other surprise Christmas present from my husband. He bought me this Free People flannel shirt from Nordstrom Rack, as well. I guess I can trust him to shop for me. Because I love all three items he picked out for me.


Then, the next day, I paired the boots with two new popback scores. My Iremel Brocade Skirt ($30 down from $138) and my Ravenna Cardigan ($10 down from $118). And then my husband came home and he saw me in this outfit.

“Heeeeelllllooooo kindergartner!” He said. And it was not good. But, oh, well, I still like this outfit. It is fun and it made me happy.

I probably will wear this skirt with an untucked shirt next time. It will look better, I think. Or a belt. Hmmmm. I am unsure on this one.


Then I met some girlfriends at a little bar. And you know what the perfect thing to wear to a bar is? That’s right! Hunter Boots! No? Well, I can’t always get the answer right. I was not going to miss an opportunity to wear them even if they probably weren’t the right choice for a night on the town.

The top is actually two slips layered together. The cardigan is the Ravenna Cardigan from above. The mint slip is the Trapeze Slip from Free People.

And look at my sweet baby. He had to photobomb the picture. He loves Hunter Boots, too.



And Ollie is irresistible.


Plus, he makes the best photo faces.


I could not resist trying to give him a kiss. But he hates kisses. So, all I usually get is a snort in the face. This is actually sexier than it sounds.


It’s not sexier than it sounds. It is actually grosser than kissing your dog on the lips.

But I swear it makes my make up stay on longer.


That’s a lie, too.

Let’s end this post before I get in any more trouble. And go off on any more crazy tangents.

Have you worn rain boots lately? How do you wear them?

23 thoughts on “On The Hunt For Rain

  1. What cool boots. We call them Wellies over here and I normally wear them with jeans tucked tight inside though the ladies wear them with anything and they have the most amazing designs.

    Bizarrely it has been sunny and warm here well 60 degrees since the floods finished 2 weeks ago so we have been eating in the garden in March.

    It makes it hard to know what to wear on my daily walks as it is chilly and some days foggy until 10.30am so I go out in a t-shirt and fleece jacket and freeze for half an hour. Then warm up and feel just fine before quickly unzipping jackets and flapping up tshirts up and down at the front and back to try and get some cool air in.

    I wont take the jacket off though otherwise people might think I either don’t know how to dress in just a tshirt or have them think I am one of those strange people who freaks out at the slightest hint of sun and acts like it is 100 degrees.

    BTW Ollie looks so lovely. I want to give him a big hug 🙂

    • Thank you Stephen! You definitely need wellies or rain boots in the U.K. Unfortunately, it has been SO hot here. Winter is over. I love winter the best, so I am bummed. Of course, I mean winter in California. I could never handle winter anywhere else.

      Eating in the garden sounds lovely. I might try that this week.

      Ollie is such a sweetie. He is so awesome.

      Have a terrific week!


  2. I love teal, so of course I love your boots and your teal cardigan! and your bulldog photobombing. what a face!
    I have short Hunters because my calves are too wide for tall boots, and I don’t really wear them as part of an outfit, they’re just functional. Too functional, I’ve walked too much in them (and in too cold weather), they’ve cracked and I need to buy a new pair for spring…

    • Thank you Rachel! I probably would not have the same fondness for them if I HAD to wear them. And have to buy new ones. I would probably start thinking of them as a dreaded expense. Kind of like how I feel about sunglasses. Ollie is so funny. We think he looks like an adorable monster! : )

      Have a fantastic week!


  3. I have a pair of dark grey Hunters. I paired them with a floral dress in the summer and felt very Coachella.

    Your dog looks like such a sweetheart. I think taking photos with my dog stresses him out. He still has a lot of trouble staying still for long periods of time (for him, I think that’s anything longer than 2 seconds).

    I like your second outfit! It doesn’t make me think of a kindergartener. My husband tells me one of my favorite jackets makes me look like a baked potato. Oh well.

    • Thank you! Your comment made me laugh. Don’t men say the funniest things about outfits? Oh my gosh! A baked potato? A woman would never think of that. I had a dress on the other day and my husband said, “You look like Halloween.” Too funny!

      Your dog is so cute. My other dog, Murphy, definitely gets stressed out about pictures. But Ollie is so stationary. He hardly ever moves. He really is the perfect dog. Well, except for the cost. Bulldogs cost so much money in medical bills.

      Thank you again! You made me feel better about that outfit. Your dress with the charcoal grey Hunter Boots sounds so cute!

      Have a lovely week!


  4. I LOVE your teal Hunter wellies! Super, super cute! And I think all of your wellie outfits were great too! Thanks so much for always leaving me sweet comments on my blog! So happy to have you as a new blog friend! :). And I’m so flattered that you think I’m stylish, I think you are too! I’m just in the last year or two coming back to stylish from being in a frumpy mommy rut for too many years! I think all of your anthro pop backs are awesome!!! I didn’t know about that! Is it a lot of work? I may have to try sometime!
    Have a great weekend with your family!
    🙂 rebecca

    • Thank you Rebecca! It has been great meeting you, too. I love your style. And I do think you are so stylish. I love your Hunter pink boots so much. I have even searched eBay for them. They are fab! I have definitely been in the Mommy rut. After each of my kids were born, I didn’t brush my hair for three months. There just never seemed to be any time. The knots that occurred were tragic.

      I love your blog. I plan on spending a good amount of time on it tomorrow! : ).

      Have a wonderful week!


  5. Love how you styled your boots. My favorite is your third outfit. I would have never thought to pair two slips to make a pretty dress.
    Would you please put on your rain boots and do a rain dance for us? It might help us out here in dry scorched California. And we need all the help we can get.
    That Ollie – omg what a sweetheart!

    • Thank you Cynthia! The rain boots rain dance sounds like just the thing! I desperately want and need more rain. And I am sure California does, as well. I love those two slips. I am glad you do, too! That was my favorite outfit as well. Ollie is so sweet. That dog. Man, his snorting and funny behavior break my heart and make them laugh at the same time.

      I hope you have a magical Monday!


  6. What a sweet hubby you have! The boots are perfect. I should really invest in a nice pair if rain boots since I live in Portland and it rains here 8 months out of the year! Love all three outfits. I like #2 the way it is, but it would also look great with a belt.

    • Thank you Kristin! Yes, definitely rain boots in Oregon. I appreciate the compliments! I have been thinking about you all week. If you ever want to talk about what I spoke of on your post, please feel free to email me. I am always here! : ). And I have been there.

      I hope you are getting rest! Thank you again! Have a peaceful beautiful week!


    • Thank you Sarah! I like your boots, because they go with so much. But I appreciate your compliments! : )

      I hope your week is wonderful!


  7. Love your rain boots, and all of the ways you paired them! I have a pair that has peacock feathers on them! I don’t wear them nearly as often as I should, but my favorite memory of them was a few summers ago when I was doing an outdoor art fair. It had rained the night before, so I knew the grass would be a mess. So I wore them with a peacock feather dress and got so many comments on them. I wear peacock clothes to sell my jewelry anyway, since it’s my business name, but they really were perfect that day!

    • Thank you Heather. I could completely picture that memory you shared and it made me smile. Those boots sound amazing! I would wear them all of the time! Well, in the rain. I really should live up North. Maybe one day. That is a genius idea to wear Peacock clothes to sell your jewelry. I wear peacocks but I have no excuse. They are so beautiful! Of course, I also wear dogs and gnomes and vws. I pretty much love collections, I guess! : )

      Thank you for sharing!

      Have a lovely week!


  8. You look so cute in that outfit. No kindergartener in sight! Slap on the wrist for the husband, you looked perfectly adult and perfectly adorable. Nice of him to get you the boots, though. And that colour is very you. So I guess it can be a weak slap. 😉

    Ollie is hilarious. Love how he licks his own nose there! I am so jealous of your dogs, Victor and I both love dogs but our living situation means we can’t get one. I wonder, out of Ollie and Murphy, which one is the boss?

    Hope you are doing well, sweetie! I owe you an email, but my brain is pickled in snot right now… tomorrow, hopefully!

    • Thank you Gwen! I love that outfit, too. But he really didn’t. So it is back to the drawing board. I hate wearing something he doesn’t like.

      Oh, Murphy is the boss. The king. I think he thinks he rules everyone in the house except for me. He respects me. It must be the kindergartner thing. He puts Ollie in his place (how he sees it). Murphy is around nine or ten (as far as we know) and Ollie is three and a half. Murphy lived in the pound. He didn’t get neutered until he was four. Yea. He won’t put up with another dog bossing him around.

      And Ollie might be the most docile simple creature on the world. He would let anything boss him around. He is such a sweetie.

      I owe you a text! We are so even!

      Have a tremendous Tuesday!


  9. I love that your hubby reads your blog and got them for you. So sweet. My hubby is wonderful, but I doubt he would get any hints 🙂
    I love all the ways you wore them. I kinda wish I could hunt down that skirt now. It is on my wishlist, so will hope for a popback!
    I may need to look into some rain boots. The snow is barely beginning to melt here and I can’t imagine how much mud and muck will be left!

    • Thank you Alicia! Those boots have a bit of a story as December 23rd he had forgotten to pick up any Christmas surprises for me as he usually does. He ended up going out Christmas Eve morning to pick these up! I think he was thrilled that he remembered I had wanted these. They saved him. ; )

      Oh man! The mud sounds yucky!

      I hope it is gone soon!

      Have a lovely evening!


  10. Love the shots of your sweet baby! He is adorable. Thank you for including him. It made me so happy to see his sweet, snorting face. I just want to reach through the screen and pet him. My little bully likes to stick her tongue out too.

    Your outfits all look beautiful, even the “kindergarten” one.

    • Thank you! Oh he would love that! If only you could! I came out of my bedroom the other night and he was on that chair again! This time he saw me and jumped right down! He is so sneaky! But too cute to resist!

      Thank you for the outfit compliments! I appreciate it!

      I will give Ollie some love for you!

      Have a beautiful week!


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