Denim Over All

First, I apologize for the unexpected blogging break. I expect to be back here daily as long as September can behave herself. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I appreciate it. : )


I thought a year of overalls and I would be done with them. I have all ready worn my mustard overalls three times on this blog. And many more times in real life.


But then, these Mih overalls I had had my eye on went 75% off during a sale and I could not resist their denim appeal (I purchased mine at Anthropologie, but they are now sold out. They run very small. I sized up to a large. Another cute overall option can be found at Anthropologie here.).

I have a flat butt.

A big ol’ flat butt (which is thankfully not as tragic as the bug ol’ flat butt I had originally typed).

And that is okay with me, except I am not sure these overalls are the most forgiving and flattering from the side or behind.


Maybe a sparkly, colorful headband will detract from all of that (old from Anthropologie. Similar headband can be found here).

Isn’t that the rule?

Hide anything with a headband?


How about some ruffles?

Ruffles cover up a multitude of sins.

Although, having a big ol’ flat butt is, thankfully, not a sin.

Now, a bug ol’ flat butt might be very sinful.

Or gross.

Either way, I’ll happily take what I have.


I have the perfect solution. I will just greet everyone from the front.

Or like this.

I will not move my hands from my sides. Ever. I knew the solution would come to me.

Although now I feel itchy…

And I’ve lost the use of my arms.

But these overalls were worth it.

Now somebody call an exterminator.

Do you wear things even if they are not the most flattering from all sides? Did you buy any overalls this year? Do you ever make silly typos? I ever do.

When Pigs Fly Cry


The last time we went to the fair was when my daughter was eight and the moment we got there was the first and only time a child of ours has slammed their finger in the car door. She swears that this is why her thumb on her right hand is slightly larger than the other. I say it is the best souvenir ever. She doesn’t quite agree. Well, we went to the fair again this summer. I told her maybe she could get a souvenir for her other hand this time and then they would be even. The kid was not amused. I’m not sure why. I am very helpful.


When we got there, they had Monster Trucks that were tearing around the dirt arena one at a time. We made it through watching one truck. They are loud. And, well, how many times can you watch a truck go over a dirt hill?

That is a serious question.

My limit is seven. For life.


Have you ever heard a pig cry? I mean really heard a pig scream? Because we had not before the trip to the fair this summer. It is the most horrifying sound we had ever heard. The pig was ginormous. In fact, in searching for this picture on my camera, I had to do a double take. In my memory, the pig had been coal black with raised tufts of fur and gleaming red eyes. I was shocked to see a plain pink pig instead. Funny how the crazy mind works.

The pig was bellowing in a way that only monsters in my dreams do. Or kids slamming their fingers in car doors, but we won’t go there.

And then after terrifying everyone in its vicinity, the pig let out a torrential flow of urine that I thought was never, ever going to stop.

It was madness.

None of us will ever be the same.

The fair. It changes a person.




So, we decided to go eat some food. As one does after watching an animal relieve itself. Doesn’t that always make you hungry? In fact, I am sure you are thrilled just to be reading this right now.

We ate.

And we ate.

And then we could not eat any more. The best thing we had were the Tasty Chips. They were, well… I think you can guess.


We had fifty ride tokens to use from our Costco package. None of us wanted to do any rides. But we persevered. The kids went into The House of Mirrors. I stayed outside. I still find it terrifying. I am not the most space oriented person, and as a child I got helplessly lost in The House Of Mirrors. Then I watched “Watcher In The Woods” and I never went in the contraption again.

But sending my innocent children into The House of Mirrors?


They made it out in less than three minutes. They obviously take after their father.


And we played some games and lost $30. Or rather, we paid $30 for a small stuffed zebra that I do not think has migrated himself from the jungle of my car. Poor guy.


We rode on the carousel two times and my son went down the giant slide twice. He loved it. Times sure have changed since I was a kid. We used to fly down on burlap sacks. Now the kids have these fabric bags with straps. So fancy. It still looks frightening to me.


The kids had their sculptures made. That post can be found here.


We found a gnome hidden in the bonsai trees. So, he, of course, must be included in this post. He did not cry. Nor did he create any bodily fluids, but I still like him the best.


I had to take an outfit picture with my pink $10 H&M dress against the pink ride.

It was a pink day.

Pink ride.

Pink dress.

Pink pig.

Later that day I saw a pink elephant and I was tickled…


Have you been to a fair this summer? What memories and souvenirs do you bring home? Some folks go home with large stuffed animals. Some folks go home with full bellies. As for us, we go home with longer appendages and nightmares of screaming pigs.

I think we must be doing it wrong.

These Boots Three


At the beginning of the season, I saved some boots to my wishlist at Anthropologie. I ignored the pretty dresses. The flowy tops. The treasure I was seeking was more sturdy than that. I do not have a lot of shoes. I do not really care that much about them (I know! What kind of girl am I?). But I do love boots. And this year, I was determined to get one or two new pairs on sale. I watched in panic as the boots I liked began to sell out in my size. Was I doing the right thing waiting for sale?

I was thinking probably not, but I knew I had a budget to stretch. I could afford one pair of boots full price. And not the super expensive boots, either. Reasonably priced boots.

But even though they were reasonably priced, that did not mean I thought it was reasonable to pay that amount.

I thought if I could be a patient girl then perhaps I could pick up two pairs when they hit sale, instead of one.

I have never been a patient girl.

But greedy girl?

Oh, yes. And greedy girl beats out patient girl every single time. Meaning, I had to be patient in order to get more.


First, the Tara Saddle Boots went on sale from Anthropologie for almost half off. I snatched them up. I handed them over to my husband to wrap for Christmas.



And I waited. The Seychelles Woven Trail Booties also went on sale. But I was a careful stalker. There were three colors in these. I was not picky. I liked them all. Inevitably I felt this would result in a popback (when an item sells out, but then someone return it. It “pops back”).

All of the colors sold out. I moved on.

Then one day, my size popped back in the white color. And I ended up paying $30 for them instead of $140. Score!



There was one more victim pair I coveted. The Joyfele Faye Boots at Anthropologie. At their first cut price they were still too much money for me to pay. Then they got cut again to 64% off.

I ordered them. They came. I handed them over to be wrapped.

All in all, I paid $18 less for all three pairs of my new boots than what I would have paid full retail price for just the Joyfele Faye Boots.

Greedy girl is grinning.

Patient girl is proud.

Who is going to tell them they both got beat out by Sensible?

Not me.

Or I.

Or she.


Did you pick up any shoes this winter? She Me I have to admit that while I like my new boots, I still don’t have the passion. What are your thoughts? Do you love shoes?

My Christmas Wishlist


For Christmas, I like to “ask” for things I would not normally buy myself. Things like a nice bag, a piece of jewelry, or an interesting accessory (such as a magic shawl to ward evil spirits away). It feels more special this way.

Spoiler: I have ordered all of these items for my husband to give me. I guess I was a very, very, very good girl this year. ; ). And everything was purchased on sale. ‘Cause even Santa (which is definitely not me) has a budget.


The Maricopa Wrap from Anthropologie. This also goes by the name of Eye Shawl from Mara Hoffman. I love this wrap more than anything. I could not believe I was able to score it for such a great sale price (half off plus an extra 20% off and free shipping). Alpaca is not cheap. I cannot wait to get it as a present. I have not seen this in person, I had my husband hide it from me when it came. Thanks honey!


Tara Saddle Boots. I feel very sophisticated in these boots. I could not believe their sale price. I had to try them on to make sure the size was right. They are pretty uncomfortable, so I know I will need to get a gel insert for them. They make every outfit seem more romantic and feminine. I love these! Under the tree they go!


The Ankaa Necklace from Anthroplogie. I am not a jewelry girl. What I mean is, I am not a “nice” jewelry girl. I like costume jewelry. Not the real deal. I get bored too quickly. I do not want to spend a ton of money on a piece and feel obligated to wear it all of the time. However, this piece is so nice I cannot wait to wear it. It will go with almost everything in my closet.


For our house, the Handira Blanket is so gorgeous. I LOVE this! I have had it in my wishlist since it first appeared months ago. He bought it in blue for me for almost 75% off. He said it matched my eyes. Or that is what I would imagine he will say when he learns he bought it for me.


Finally, every year, I like to get one new bag. I patiently waited for the Paisley Cutout Satchel to make it to sale. Once it did (75%), I shipped it to our house. I had my husband open the package and inspect the bag for defects. I have not seen this bag in person yet, but I am sure it will be great!


I bought this as a Christmas present for my husband (he knows, because I am horrible at keeping secrets). But, who are we kidding, I have been wanting this for years. I cannot wait to make my grandma’s honey ice cream (with my dad’s honey) in this. This was a deal that could not be beat at Amazon.


What have you asked for this year for the holidays? Are you as bad good as I am and just buy it for yourself?