My Christmas Wishlist


For Christmas, I like to “ask” for things I would not normally buy myself. Things like a nice bag, a piece of jewelry, or an interesting accessory (such as a magic shawl to ward evil spirits away). It feels more special this way.

Spoiler: I have ordered all of these items for my husband to give me. I guess I was a very, very, very good girl this year. ; ). And everything was purchased on sale. ‘Cause even Santa (which is definitely not me) has a budget.


The Maricopa Wrap from Anthropologie. This also goes by the name of Eye Shawl from Mara Hoffman. I love this wrap more than anything. I could not believe I was able to score it for such a great sale price (half off plus an extra 20% off and free shipping). Alpaca is not cheap. I cannot wait to get it as a present. I have not seen this in person, I had my husband hide it from me when it came. Thanks honey!


Tara Saddle Boots. I feel very sophisticated in these boots. I could not believe their sale price. I had to try them on to make sure the size was right. They are pretty uncomfortable, so I know I will need to get a gel insert for them. They make every outfit seem more romantic and feminine. I love these! Under the tree they go!


The Ankaa Necklace from Anthroplogie. I am not a jewelry girl. What I mean is, I am not a “nice” jewelry girl. I like costume jewelry. Not the real deal. I get bored too quickly. I do not want to spend a ton of money on a piece and feel obligated to wear it all of the time. However, this piece is so nice I cannot wait to wear it. It will go with almost everything in my closet.


For our house, the Handira Blanket is so gorgeous. I LOVE this! I have had it in my wishlist since it first appeared months ago. He bought it in blue for me for almost 75% off. He said it matched my eyes. Or that is what I would imagine he will say when he learns he bought it for me.


Finally, every year, I like to get one new bag. I patiently waited for the Paisley Cutout Satchel to make it to sale. Once it did (75%), I shipped it to our house. I had my husband open the package and inspect the bag for defects. I have not seen this bag in person yet, but I am sure it will be great!


I bought this as a Christmas present for my husband (he knows, because I am horrible at keeping secrets). But, who are we kidding, I have been wanting this for years. I cannot wait to make my grandma’s honey ice cream (with my dad’s honey) in this. This was a deal that could not be beat at Amazon.


What have you asked for this year for the holidays? Are you as bad good as I am and just buy it for yourself?

20 thoughts on “My Christmas Wishlist

  1. You must have been a good girl, I never doubted you, hubby or Santa for a moment.

    I did much the same and bought some neat clothes from John Lewis for Christmas before deciding there were other things I wanted so why not wear them straight away 🙂

    I happen to know Santa has been to the Apple store which is very nice of him. Hopefully some books and blu rays too.

    Well it is nearly 10pm here so I guess I should leave a minced pie, drink and a few carrots out for Santa!

    • Thank you Stephen! I hope your Christmas was wonderful and that Santa gifted you some goodies! Hopefully your day was spent learning a certain gadget. : )

      This day has been a fun whirlwind of peace and fun. We had a really good day.

      I hope yours was just as great!


  2. Wow, Santa was good to you! And since we have the same taste in Anthro, I’m going to go scout out your purchases!

    We all got new iPhones for Hanukkah! And I got the cutest owl case for it by Kate Spade. Looks good with the owl sweater from Anthro.

    Merry Christmas Jenni!

    • Hi Loraine!

      Thank you! Ooooh, I will have to look up that owl case. I purchased my daughter a really cute owl case at Target for Christmas. It is yellow. I kind of want to steal it. : )

      Enjoy your iPhone! I got one last year after not upgrading for five years. It is super fun, but I still don’t really know how to use it! If you figure it out, let me know!

      I am so excited about the new sale. I purchased a few things with gift cards I got. But the bummer was having to place three separate orders to use three gift cards. Therefore, having to pay shipping three times!

      Are you going to shop the sale?

      Sweet dreams!


      • I did place 2 orders! In the first order I purchased the Velvet Natalia Euro Sham to go with the Rivulets Quilt that I purchased with a B-day discount. I also purchased the Field Guide Sweater Coat in orange. I haven’t received it yet and not sure if it will be a keeper. It may be too bright and I really wanted a green sweater coat but everything I’ve tried in green has been too itchy. The second order was for the Plush Poms Throw in Grey as a gift for my parents anniversary.

        What did you get?! Do tell!! (ugh shipping)

      • Oh! The purchases!

        I had a bunch of Christmas gift cards. It all ended up okay. And, I had to place three different orders to use three different gift cards. So, yes, ugh, shipping!!!

        In one order, I got the Satpura Sweater Coat, Savant Swing Dress in black and white stripes, Kissing Bunny Belt, the Humboldt Tunic in red and the Caroline Henley in orange. I had to use some of my own money for that order. But it was worth it.

        Then with another gift card I bought the Arslan Sweater Coat.

        And with a separate gift card, I bought the Satine Top in that blush color and a gnome plate.

        So far, the humboldt tunic, savant swing dress and the Satpura Sweater Coat have come. I love them all so much! I wore the Savant Swing Dress last night. I ordered a small and should have ordered a medium, but I loved it too much to send it back. So, I have to wear it with leggings or super skinny pants. I want the grey one, too. But I am being good and patient.

        Your Sweater Coat looks so cute. I bet it will be great color with your coloring! Perfect with your hair color. I have not seen a green cardigan all winter. Although, I did buy that short sleeved pointelle cardigan in green in October for $20. It is very soft.

        I did not realize that throw went on sale. Super score! I bet they will love it!

        I bet your bedding looks great. My bedroom is a wreck right now. Must clean it. Someday!

        Have a lovely week! I hope the cardigan works for you!


      • Yay! The Casado Cardigan just popped back in the grey in a petite size (which I need). It is more “me” so the Orange Sweater Coat will most likely be going back.

        I’m looking forward to seeing all of your awesome new items on your blog! Happy New Year!

      • Thank you Loraine!

        Yay! I love a popback! It is like a secret only you know! : ). I hope it works perfectly. Let me know though. I love to picture what you kept. Curiosity and all of that! I have all ready taken pictures in two of my new items.

        Happy New Year!


    • Hi Brynne! I have to ask my mom for it. I hope she parts with it. And then, I will of course share it. My aunt makes the very best incredible chocolate honey ice cream, but I know her recipe is a secret. No one knows it except her. : (

      I hope your day was beautiful! My husband surprised me with a pair of Hunter rain boots he had bought on sale at Nordstrom Rack. So sweet!

      Have a terrific Thursday!


      • Thanks Brynne! The best part was how very excited he was about them. I will remember that every time I wear them and that is so much more to me than the boots.

        I hope you are having a relaxing day!


  3. Jenni~
    Like you, I also “ask” for a few items that I wouldn’t normally buy myself..this year it was just one(which was fine by me!) I finally got a Le Creuset 7.5 qt dutch oven…sigh*** I’m in love with it. That is my big gift 🙂
    I love all the things you ask for too and glad your getting them all…you deserve it 🙂
    Have a wonderful Christmas, enjoy your family!

    • Hi Kara!

      I am glad I am not alone! : ).

      That Le Creuset sounds awesome. I think my largest one is 6 3/4. I am having pot envy over yours. I use my small 5 qt. one at least three times a week (for the past 6 or so years) and the larger one three times a month. I could talk those pots all day. I love, love, love them. I hope you enjoy yours, too!

      I hope your day was perfect and not too hectic. We finally had a pajama Christmas and it was so relaxing. We actually got to take a nap!

      Have a marvelous Thursday!


  4. What wonderful gifts Jenni! My hubby was instructed to go to Anthro this year too, and I was biting my nails as I saw things sell out online! You gotta order things right away or they are gone! Luckily, he did really well……. we are so spoiled! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    • Thanks Heather! Yes, spoiled! Luckily and gratefully so. : ). I told my husband I had to order it or it would not be there. I don’t think he quite understood that. But I am so excited about the wrap! He accidentally broke the part holding the star to the chain when he was wrapping my necklace, so hopefully that can be repaired next week!

      I cannot wait to see your goodies from Anthropologie! You have great taste!

      I hope your day was magical and your week continues to be so!


    • Thank you Cynthia! I have to get some gel inserts for them to see if they can be wearable. If that doesn’t make them comfortable, I will have to take them back. : (

      I hope you had a perfect day!


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