Free People’s Annual 4 Hour Sale

UPDATE: Sorry. This sale is now over. Enjoy your day! : )

It has begun! The once a year sale from Free People! They are offering 20% off orders of $200-499 and 25% off orders over $500. It is only from 7-11 p.m. EST. You get early access through their app at 6:30 p.m. EST. Update on 11/21/2014: This sale is now over. Last year I sat out of this one. This year, I might ask my husband for a few things. Meaning I may or may not get something for me for Christmas. I hardly ever do these types of posts, but I do not feel as though Free People advertises this sale very well. So here are the things I love right now at Free People:


The Eyelet Duster. I actually purchased this at the beginning of the year and was bummed because the buttons fell off. I returned it, but I do think it is worth it for the sale price. This is one I will probably be getting.


I do not wear my White Romance Embroidered Maxi Dress often, but when I do, I feel completely magical. I would get married in this in a heartbeat.


Red Boots (so rad. So rad. So rad). There is nothin’ more to say about these. I mean, come on. They are the epitome of cool.


My Mix Print Tunic is one of my favorite things in my closet.


I adore this Carolina K Dress. It is so amazing. Hand crocheted. Enough said.


I own three of these Miles of Henley Dress. I love a vest thrown over them. Perfectly bohemian casual.


This jacket. On sale. Gorgeous. Mommy wants.


I have recently realized I never posted the post for The Shadow Hacci Top. That is because I took pictures of this outfit as part of a recipe post. Trouble is, I did not like the recipe. And I only post recipes I truly love here. I will have to post the pictures minus the recipe soon. The top is fabulous over a slip (use any lingerie. It will look pretty) and jeans or a long maxi. This top was sold out for a very long time and they just restocked it. I don’t expect it will stay in stock long. I ordered a medium and I like the slouchy fit. The small was fine, too, but I liked the ability to wear one side off the shoulder in the larger size. I actually scored this top last week for $10 on a popback and wore it on Tuesday with this sweater. I did not get a picture of it, because I had antibiotics and ibuprofin for breakfast and tylenol and sudafed for lunch that day. But I swear it happened. It wasn’t a fever dream.


And I also love these trapeze slips. I own only one (shown worn in different ways above), but I see girls wearing them everywhere. When I was in Maui, I saw three girls wearing them as swimsuit coverups.

Are you going to splurge on anything? And would you do red boots? I might also pick up this dress in indigo, if I can figure out what size to get. Oh! This sale is too open-ended good! My wee little heart can’t take it.

Pretty Pleats With A Necklace On Top


Way back in the peak of summer I fell in love with The Solana Swing Dress from Anthropologie. I reviewed it here. But I vowed to wait for a good sale price. I very much wanted both colors it came in: grey and pink. I liked the pleats. I liked the swing shape. I knew it was a dress that I could carry into all seasons.


It finally went down to less than $30 during a recent sale. And so I scooped up both colors, and happily awaited their arrival. I even took pictures in one of them while I was extremely sick (still am. I don’t know what to do about this illness) so I could show the dress while it is still available. This dress escorted me to the doctor’s. It is a keeper. Here is the deal, though…


In the reviews, two separate people stated getting any sort of water upon the dress resulted in a permanent loss of the beautiful pleats. I am terrified of even brushing up against the sink in this or going near Ollie, the drool monster. I will try dry cleaning, but I also worry they will want to iron it or steam iron it. Therefore, it may never, ever, ever get washed. That’s not too gross, right?


I ordered both dresses in a size medium, but the pink dress is noticeably longer.


I decided to pair the grey dress with a white long sleeve shirt and wear it more as a jumper with tights.


We took the dogs for a drive and I decided to pose with Murphy.


I initially wore my hair in a new ponytail style, but it was too windy to keep it.



Murphy was being kind of crazy, so I switched to Ollie.


But Murphy looked sad, so I decided to take them both for a walk.


This did not really help, because what they really wanted was my husband. They adore him the best. That is because he adores them the best. Funny how that works.


They finally got what they wanted. My husband is aghast that I took his picture. He doesn’t need to know I then posted it on the internet, too. Let’s just keep that between us. And, yes, I love a bearded man.


And I love a good scarf. I purchased this scarf from Anthropolgie many years ago. It has always been my favorite.


Do you “do” pleats? Do you wear long sleeves under your sleeveless dresses in the winter? What should I do about cleaning the dress? Any suggestions?

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Oiseau Maxi Dress


I fell in love with Anthropologie’s Oiseau Maxi Dress as soon as it came out (this keeps popping back in stock. With the 25% off sale, you might be able to call and find it in a store). The bold graphic bird print reminded me of one of my favorite dresses (ironically never shown on this blog), the Indigo Shoal Dress.


However, as much as I loved the idea of it, I knew I would never wear it without having to have some sort of coverage on my arms. The straps were just too thin for my comfort level.


It finally went on sale and miraculously enough, it also happened to be during Anthropologie’s extra 20% off sale price promotion.

I swooped in and grabbed it.

The dramatic ruffled bottom was such an unexpected, sweet surprise.


Because it was September and the end of summer, I did not want to wear it with a denim jacket as I had planned. Instead I borrowed my daughter’s Forever 21 Cardigan.

One of the great things about having a teenage daughter is borrowing her stuff.

One of the not so great things? The borrowing goes both ways.


I had no idea what Oiseau meant when I purchased the dress.

Do you?

Want to take a guess?


It is French for “bird.”


I probably should have made that deduction.

What kind of birds or Oiseaus would you say these are?

I am really unsure about the answer. I just know I like them.


Do you own any animal print dresses?

I believe I own four.

I could be wrong.

Sometimes it feels as though my brain has flown the coop. It needs to come home to roost. That would make me happy as a lark.

Groan. Sorry about the idioms. I really need to quit them cold turkey.

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did you


I wanted to do a quick outfit photo session before my husband and I went on a lunch date. We were driving to our favorite desert spot for pictures. It is easy. Secluded. Private.

But halfway there, we drove by an orange grove and some interesting graffiti was spotted on a fence surrounding some equipment.

As someone who took two college philosophy courses, I was intrigued with the message.

“did you?” That is all that it said. I admire the choice of lower case letters. It was not aggressive in its innocence. Lower case letters never are. It was simply curious.


As a lover of the obscure, I admired the simple, but deep, question. There are many, many ways you could take the message:

Did you find the pumpkin I buried thirteen paces to the left?

Did you call the police when you saw me graffiti this sign?

Did you regret not getting on that plane to New Orleans?


I went for a more shallow approach, myself. This is a fashion post, after all…


Did you…remember to smile?


Did you…brush your hair? I’m guessing… No.


Did you…drop something?


Did you…get deodorant on your shirt?


Did you…wear too long of a skirt?

Or did you…wear too short of a shoe?

Either way, just tie that baby up.


Did you…wait for a sale price on this skirt for almost two years?


Did you…tuck your pajama shirt into your skirt and hope no one would notice?

Did you…wear it to bed again that night?


Did you…wear this outfit to the chiropractor’s office and then remember too late that you had not shaved your legs in over a week?


Did you…decide to have fun despite all of those things? Well, did you?

In the words of the great philosopher, Aristotle, “Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

Or in the words of Jenni, “Yep.”

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P.S. Sorry for the unexpected break! I will have new posts up again on a daily basis starting tomorrow! : )