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At the beginning of the season, I saved some boots to my wishlist at Anthropologie. I ignored the pretty dresses. The flowy tops. The treasure I was seeking was more sturdy than that. I do not have a lot of shoes. I do not really care that much about them (I know! What kind of girl am I?). But I do love boots. And this year, I was determined to get one or two new pairs on sale. I watched in panic as the boots I liked began to sell out in my size. Was I doing the right thing waiting for sale?

I was thinking probably not, but I knew I had a budget to stretch. I could afford one pair of boots full price. And not the super expensive boots, either. Reasonably priced boots.

But even though they were reasonably priced, that did not mean I thought it was reasonable to pay that amount.

I thought if I could be a patient girl then perhaps I could pick up two pairs when they hit sale, instead of one.

I have never been a patient girl.

But greedy girl?

Oh, yes. And greedy girl beats out patient girl every single time. Meaning, I had to be patient in order to get more.


First, the Tara Saddle Boots went on sale from Anthropologie for almost half off. I snatched them up. I handed them over to my husband to wrap for Christmas.



And I waited. The Seychelles Woven Trail Booties also went on sale. But I was a careful stalker. There were three colors in these. I was not picky. I liked them all. Inevitably I felt this would result in a popback (when an item sells out, but then someone return it. It “pops back”).

All of the colors sold out. I moved on.

Then one day, my size popped back in the white color. And I ended up paying $30 for them instead of $140. Score!



There was one more victim pair I coveted. The Joyfele Faye Boots at Anthropologie. At their first cut price they were still too much money for me to pay. Then they got cut again to 64% off.

I ordered them. They came. I handed them over to be wrapped.

All in all, I paid $18 less for all three pairs of my new boots than what I would have paid full retail price for just the Joyfele Faye Boots.

Greedy girl is grinning.

Patient girl is proud.

Who is going to tell them they both got beat out by Sensible?

Not me.

Or I.

Or she.


Did you pick up any shoes this winter? She Me I have to admit that while I like my new boots, I still don’t have the passion. What are your thoughts? Do you love shoes?

18 thoughts on “These Boots Three

    • Thank you Heather! I found they ran very true to size. I hope you can find them! I think they are $49 now. Now that would be a score!

      Happy shoe hunting!


  1. I lusted over so many pairs of boots but had incredible shoe restraint this year, although I splurged in other areas, so it’s not like I’m Miss Frugal over here. 😉 I love your picks and can’t believe you got the Woven Trail Booties for thirty bucks! When I finally decided I wanted them, they were completely sold out, which is usually the story of my life at Anthro, leaving me stalking Ebay and Effortless Anthro to pay for my sins. Haha.

    By the way, I have a question for you that I would rather not post here about an article I am writing . Do you have an e-mail address where I could send it to you? If you don’t want to post it here, feel free to send me one at Don’t worry, nothing creepy! LOL

    • Thank you! Casey, do you save them in your wishlist and check your wishlist after they are sold out? I have been able to grab so many deals that way.

      And I am sending you an email tomorrow.

      Have a terrific Thursday!


    • Thank you Kerri! I am always good at greed! : ). Oh man. I am so sick. I am canceling ever event I have this week. My fever spiked again tonight. I hope your week is going better than mine!

      Have a lovely Thursday!


  2. I admire your self-control!

    I really like shoes, but I had a bit of an eyeopener this year when our basement flooded. I had to throw out about 80 pairs of shoes, most of which I realized I had worn maybe once or twice. It’s made me a lot more selective about what I actually buy.

    • Thank you Liana. Oh man. Eighty pairs. That is heart breaking. I am so sorry! I hope everything is back to normal. I know someone whose house flooded in October and the insurance company still has not paid the instruction company to start working on the house. After living all this time in a hotel, they finally moved them to an apartment. But the whole thing is a nightmare. I hope everything is back together for you.

      Have a wonderful week!


  3. i looooooove those little white woven ones! almost makes me rethink my position on flats (i generally .. .don’t do them. i’m 5’1″ and need every possible additional inch).

    • Thank you! I have always wanted to be shorter. Always. Alas, it did not happen for me. I hardly ever wear heels. They scare me. I worry about comfort.

      I bet you would look great in those boots. You know who else would look really cute in cowgirl boots? Anabel! Oh my gosh. I can picture it now. So adorable.

      Have a restful fantastic week!


    • Thank you Lisa. I love them, too. I know which ones are my least favorite. But I cannot pick a favorite between the woven trail and the Faye. The woven trail ones are just really easy. I have worn them twice this week. Plus, they did not break the bank. Okay, those are my choice. Sorry for my random thoughts! ; )

      Have a lovely week!


  4. Congrats on waiting it out to get good deals. All three are pretty awesome but I really really really like the white boots. So are you singing the Nancy Sinatra song now? Uh oh. I am now! 🙂

    • Thank you! Ha! I had not even thought of that song. Seriously, I have not been this sick in a really long time. I lost my thermometer tonight and as I was frantically searching junk drawers a spider bit my toe! Fun night! : ). I need to go look at pictures of pretty boots to feel better.

      Have a jubilant Thursday!


      • Oh no – feel better! Wow – you really have been sick for a long time. So many people are getting sick lately and I am hearing the same thing – that it is lasting a very long time. I am going to get a flu shot tomorrow and just hope that I don’t get it as I am so “susceptible”. Gosh – have you been to a doctor yet? Please rest and take care of yourself. I hope you smashed that horrible spider to smithereens. xoxox

      • Thanks Cynthia! It is funny. I was commenting on your blog the same time you were commenting on mine. What are the odds? I haven’t been to a doctor yet. I am thinking it is probably time. I think what happened is it started with a cold and then I caught a bit of the flu too. You are so smart to get the flu shot! I wish I had done that here. This will be my first year not getting our family vaccinated. I just hope my family doesn’t get this. I get so stressed out when my kids get sick. Especially my son, because he is allergic to so many antibiotics. Every year I worry about him catching something that requires them. Knock on wood I caught enough of the bugs for everyone!

        Sweet dreams! Thank you for the well wishes! And yes that darn spider was squished (after I checked to make sure he wasn’t poisonous).


  5. Great boots! They’re all so different that I think you’ll be able to wear them with a lot of what’s already in your closet. My favorites are the first ones. They’re lady-like with the lace-ups, and I feel like I’ve seen them for years in an ankle height. But a knee-high? Now that’s something different!

    I’ve totally let myself go shoe-wise. When I was teaching, I was always wearing heels. After all, I only had to walk from the parking lot into the building, and standing in them while I taught was NBD. But now we live in the city. And we walk everywhere. On cobblestone and brick sidewalks. The girls stumbling and spraining their ankles in their stilettos along the riverwalk make the thankful I opted for flats every time.

    If we’re walking less than a mile walk to our destination and back home, I’ll wear heels. But that hardly ever happens. So flats it is! But whenever we drive out to dinner, I wear my heels with pride…until I realize that lack of practice has definitely hurt my strut. Sad.


    • Thanks Liz.

      A mile! Walk less than a mile and you will wear heels?!?! Aaaahhh! There is no way. No way I could walk further than a block in heels. They scare me. I am a klutz and I just know I am going down. I recently purchased these little ballet shoes from Dr. Scholls. They roll up and fit in your purse. If you need to take your heels off, you can put these on and then put your heels back on at your destination. They even come in a cute little pouch. Mine were $6-$7 on Amazon. Just wanted to give you the info. It sounds like they might come in handy, because you actually wear heels. I am bringing mine with me when my husband and I go away in March. I cannot walk in heels, but still want to wear them to dinner.

      Have a happy weekend!


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