Babydoll Dress


Free People does not actually call this dress, “babydoll,” however the shape that this is could not be anything else, in my humble little gnome opinion.


I was on the fence about keeping this dress, because I had also gotten the dress in this post and I try, oh how I try, not to be a glutton. But I kept taking it out of the return box and caressing it until finally it felt weird to send back a dress that I had touched so many times. I’m not that kind of girl.


Speaking of baby dolls, I have to admit to being terrified of them (ahem, gnomes being completely different). When I was a child of eight years old, I had a Cabbage Patch Doll I named Mary. I had begged Santa for a Cabbage Patch Doll that year, the ones I had seen on t.v…. With hair. And clothes… And chubby cuteness.


I was rather surprised when I opened up Mary on Christmas day to find a withered up little thing staring at me from the box. She was a premie Cabbage Patch Kid. She was ugly. She was scary. However, she was the only one that I had and so I loved her. I played with her for years, but always in the back of my mind, was sorrow over not having a “real” Cabbage Patch Kid. Always she was not perfect. Regret swallowed her strange little head.


I do not know what happened to Mary. Perhaps this is for the best. Otherwise I would have felt obligated to give her to my own daughter and the generational Mary duty would have continued. In fact, my daughter had no interest in baby dolls. It was not a fad while she was growing up. She did have every single Kelly doll ever made (thanks to an aunt who loved Barbie) which I regret donating many years ago.


There was one doll I purchased for my daughter… It was a cute little baby. A sweet face… Whose body was made from some sort of water vessel. This meant she weighed one trillion pounds. She was dressed in… Wait for this. It is a doozy. She was dressed in an Eeyore suit from Winnie The Pooh and even had the hoodie with donkey ears attached. I do not know what I must have been thinking the day I purchased that doll.


She played with it for a bit… And then it disappeared. I know. It could be anywhere. I am worried I will open up her closet one day to find the Eeyore baby staring at me from the depths of the closet. Its water body having slowly oozed out of the Eeyore suit to form a wretched smell. A gooey film clinging to its body as it stares at me accusingly.




How do I always manage to get so off track?

Do you own any babydoll dresses? Or baby dolls? Or warped Eeyore water babies languishing in your closet plotting your doom? I am hoping I can only answer “yes” to one of those questions.

Bow Me Over


I have owned this dress for years and years. I originally purchased it from Anthropologie. I cannot recall its name. I have rarely worn it.


My husband always told me it was too short.

But I decided to pair it with tights the other day to hide the length.

I do not know if it worked, but it made me feel better.

By the way, I had to edit this picture and I am now forbidden from carrying this little blue gnome in pictures anymore. On the ground is fine. But my husband says he doesn’t look like a gnome when I am carrying him. Whoops!


I originally began thinking about this dress when I was browsing Modcloth’s website and fell in love with its twin. I thought to myself, “That dress is so cool. I love the bow in the back.”

It took me a few moments to realize that I all ready owned a dress almost exactly like it. Except I like Modcloth’s version a little better. Their bows seem more sturdy and structured as opposed to my floppy bows.


I got so excited to style the dress with my bow boots from Anthropologie. These boots are sold out, but Modcloth has a similar boot this year.

Do you see the rubber on the bottom of my boot’s heel? It has collected tiny rocks and it makes the heel slip on smooth surfaces. It also creates a horrendous noise. It has been that way since I first wore them. Do you have any idea what I can do to fix this? It makes me not wear them too often.

I also think if I wore this outfit again I would pair it with a more neutral tight. I like these tights, but I am not so sure of this combo.

Oh well, at least they’re not bowing. Fun wins every time for me.


Just like this octopus bracelet I wore this day. What does an octopus have to do with bows?

Who bows? I guess you could make the connection that my dress is blue and octopuses live in blue water.

Then they could be tied together.


Do you ever have a moment when you realize that you really like an outfit, and then have an even better moment when you figure out that you can recreate it with items all ready in your closet? Do you have anything in your closet that you have never worn or barely wear? What makes you hang onto it?

I think I fear I will one day need the item in question. If I didn’t have it, I might be remorseful.

Bow what I’m sayin’?

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Spinnin’ Jennin’

Last Wednesday it was cold. It was dreary. I wanted to stay inside, but I could not. I had many errands to run. What’s a girl to do?


Put on a fun, flirty dress with some bright colors that will beat away the grey day, that’s what!


I had been lovin’ this Anthropologie Midday Dress online, but I knew I was going to wait for a good sale price on it. When I went to do reviews at the end of March, I tried this dress on and fell in love.


It is such an easy, comfortable, flattering fit. Many other women were buying this dress the day I was there. In fact, one woman wore it up to the cash register and asked if they could cut the tags off after she paid for it, because she wanted to keep it on for an event she was going to. I loved that!


I also love the spin factor of this dress.


It is fun!


May I never grow too old that I cannot enjoy a good spin! Oh! The rush!


Back to Earth. I’m graceful.


Do you have a dress you love to spin in? A way to beat a dreary day away? Please share.

P.S. More photos of this dress can be found here.


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It’s The Little Things: Wooden Bow Ties

My husband often has to wear a tie to work. Lately, he has been saying he would like to try a bow tie.

But what kind?


For his birthday in February, I bought him this wooden bow tie from Two Guys Bow Ties. It is the coolest. Thing. Ever.

The bow tie I purchased is called The Phloyd.

One of the owners of the shop has a wife who blogs at Kara Pasley Designs. She used to work at Anthropologie creating amazing displays. Now she has her own design company with her husband. I think her style is so cool.


I had the bow tie engraved on the back with a special saying only known to the two of us.


He has not worn it yet. But it is a beautiful wearable message from me.

It’s The Little Things: a sentimental art accessory.

Have you seen these before? Aren’t they the coolest? I think they would be so neat in those vintage weddings that are so popular now.