A Leopard Cannot Change Its Spots Stripes?


When my husband saw this outfit he was quiet.

Not a word.

Or a peep.

Out of him.

My daughter had no such restraint. “That headband with that vest?”

“No. Just no.”

This, of course, made me giggle.

I had purchased this red and white striped wrap dress from H&M the week before when I went shopping with my daughter. I knew immediately I wanted to wear it over my Bermeja Tunic Dress (sold out, similar dress here) as a vest. It was a bargain at $5. I loved the way Shy Girl Loud Voice remixed the Bermeja Tunic Dress with her vest (I previously styled the Bermeja Tunic Dress here and here). The headband was also from H&M. I believe it was more than the dress/vest at $6. I wanted to crawl into this leopard trend with soft baby moves. It is out of my comfort zone.


So, I took some pictures with the headband and some without.

That way everyone is happy.

Except Murphy.


We took Murphy with us that day to get pictures, because my husband had taken Ollie for a car ride earlier in the day and left Murphy at home with me.


After listening to Murphy crying at the door for a half an hour, I called my husband to inform him that he had broken the dog.

Murphy could not comprehend not going with Ollie.


But Murphy hates car rides.

He gets anxious.

He loves the walks.

He is the exact opposite of Ollie, not only in looks, but in activities.

Ollie had to be carried home after his last walk.

This made it difficult for my husband because he was all ready carrying me.


Murphy was definitely not as good as Ollie during the photo shoot. Murphy does not follow direction well. He is always on the lookout for someone who is going to come and steal all of the goldfish crackers. He has convinced himself it is going to happen and will stay up nights guarding the pantry door.


Being in a desert surrounded by nothing but dirt and brush made him leery. He was convinced The Goldfish Thief was lurking behind every bush.

Nevermind that we did not bring any goldfish crackers on this trip. Goldfish crackers appear like magic and thieves appear more quickly than that.

It is basic dog logic. The only logic that I currently adhere to.


My poor dog. If only he knew…

The only Goldfish Thief around them here parts…


Was the one holding his leash.

Have you jumped on this leopard trend? Do you own anything leopard? Are you yay or nay about the headband? Don’t worry. It won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t like it. I have pretty tough skin… And cheddar cheese cracker breath.

Otomi Inspired Dress


The moment I saw this dress online, I knew I had to have it.

I am obsessed with Otomi.


I have an Otomi inspired bathroom, Otomi inspired bedding, and real Otomi pieces layered throughout the home.

I cannot get enough of the colorful animal print.


My dress is made by one of my favorite designers, Carolina K. It is now on sale in her online store. Keiko Lynn previously wore the dress in yellow.


I paired my dress with bright yellow accents. In the wintertime, I will wear it with an olive green blazer, black tights, a black slip and booties.


Does it not look like I am dissing that poor child doing his homework? Well, I’m not. He is actually being punished and is currently writing, “I will not tell Miss Jenni her skirt is too short,” fifty times.

I still don’t think he believed it.


When I first tried on this dress sans a slip and layers (the white part in the middle of the dress is my slip. The v of the dress is very low), my husband’s eyes almost popped out of his head.

And it wasn’t from the cute little animals. Unless that’s what they’re calling them these days.

Based on his reaction, I layered this dress with a white slip and a little tulle skirt.


And it is perfect to wear around town.

Even if my town involved insolent cartoon figures and miniature stalls.

Do you have a print that speaks to you? What is it? And do you wear it as well as put it in your home?

Bow Me Over


I have owned this dress for years and years. I originally purchased it from Anthropologie. I cannot recall its name. I have rarely worn it.


My husband always told me it was too short.

But I decided to pair it with tights the other day to hide the length.

I do not know if it worked, but it made me feel better.

By the way, I had to edit this picture and I am now forbidden from carrying this little blue gnome in pictures anymore. On the ground is fine. But my husband says he doesn’t look like a gnome when I am carrying him. Whoops!


I originally began thinking about this dress when I was browsing Modcloth’s website and fell in love with its twin. I thought to myself, “That dress is so cool. I love the bow in the back.”

It took me a few moments to realize that I all ready owned a dress almost exactly like it. Except I like Modcloth’s version a little better. Their bows seem more sturdy and structured as opposed to my floppy bows.


I got so excited to style the dress with my bow boots from Anthropologie. These boots are sold out, but Modcloth has a similar boot this year.

Do you see the rubber on the bottom of my boot’s heel? It has collected tiny rocks and it makes the heel slip on smooth surfaces. It also creates a horrendous noise. It has been that way since I first wore them. Do you have any idea what I can do to fix this? It makes me not wear them too often.

I also think if I wore this outfit again I would pair it with a more neutral tight. I like these tights, but I am not so sure of this combo.

Oh well, at least they’re not bowing. Fun wins every time for me.


Just like this octopus bracelet I wore this day. What does an octopus have to do with bows?

Who bows? I guess you could make the connection that my dress is blue and octopuses live in blue water.

Then they could be tied together.


Do you ever have a moment when you realize that you really like an outfit, and then have an even better moment when you figure out that you can recreate it with items all ready in your closet? Do you have anything in your closet that you have never worn or barely wear? What makes you hang onto it?

I think I fear I will one day need the item in question. If I didn’t have it, I might be remorseful.

Bow what I’m sayin’?

*I shared this on Because Shanna Said So.

There And Back Again


I have this Anthropologie Ponte Bell Skirt in black and it is one of my favorites. When more colors came out, I added them all to my wishlist with the hope of one day scoring one at a huge discount. In July, I finally was able to acquire one more in the color I had been wanting the most, this really pretty green. I got it for 75% off. The green reminds me of hobbits.

Well, pretty much everything reminds me of hobbits.

It is a bit of a problem.


When I take this skirt off, it stands up all by itself.

It is as though Gandalf granted it some mysterious skirt power.


I paired my skirt with a simple dress from Target. This skirt is short, so I feel better knowing that I have extra coverage underneath it. I could have used a striped shirt, goodness knows I have enough, but I was happy with this solution. I like that the back of the dress has a zipper like the back of this skirt.


We found the neatest gully in the middle of the desert. I want to walk down there one day for pictures. There could be hobbits! But my husband says that I will not be able to get back up.

I think he is forgetting that I am wearing a magic skirt.


The earrings are from Nordstrom Rack. The bracelet is Free People’s Hammered Stacked Cuff. The shoes are Anthropologie’s Almanac Sandals. The invisible necklace made from the remnants of second breakfast is courtesy of my imagination.


Do you have anything in your closet that reminds you of your favorite movie? Have you scored any popbacks lately? I have a post coming up soon with some of my recent best finds.

*Today is typically reserved for the feature “It’s The Little Things.” Unfortunately, life got in the way of me finishing pictures for it today. It has been hard adjusting to this back to school thing. The feature should resume next week. Until then, I need to rid myself of this outfit photo backlog.

These photos were edited using the Afterlife App’s forrest filter at 55%.

P.S. * I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!