Babydoll Dress


Free People does not actually call this dress, “babydoll,” however the shape that this is could not be anything else, in my humble little gnome opinion.


I was on the fence about keeping this dress, because I had also gotten the dress in this post and I try, oh how I try, not to be a glutton. But I kept taking it out of the return box and caressing it until finally it felt weird to send back a dress that I had touched so many times. I’m not that kind of girl.


Speaking of baby dolls, I have to admit to being terrified of them (ahem, gnomes being completely different). When I was a child of eight years old, I had a Cabbage Patch Doll I named Mary. I had begged Santa for a Cabbage Patch Doll that year, the ones I had seen on t.v…. With hair. And clothes… And chubby cuteness.


I was rather surprised when I opened up Mary on Christmas day to find a withered up little thing staring at me from the box. She was a premie Cabbage Patch Kid. She was ugly. She was scary. However, she was the only one that I had and so I loved her. I played with her for years, but always in the back of my mind, was sorrow over not having a “real” Cabbage Patch Kid. Always she was not perfect. Regret swallowed her strange little head.


I do not know what happened to Mary. Perhaps this is for the best. Otherwise I would have felt obligated to give her to my own daughter and the generational Mary duty would have continued. In fact, my daughter had no interest in baby dolls. It was not a fad while she was growing up. She did have every single Kelly doll ever made (thanks to an aunt who loved Barbie) which I regret donating many years ago.


There was one doll I purchased for my daughter… It was a cute little baby. A sweet face… Whose body was made from some sort of water vessel. This meant she weighed one trillion pounds. She was dressed in… Wait for this. It is a doozy. She was dressed in an Eeyore suit from Winnie The Pooh and even had the hoodie with donkey ears attached. I do not know what I must have been thinking the day I purchased that doll.


She played with it for a bit… And then it disappeared. I know. It could be anywhere. I am worried I will open up her closet one day to find the Eeyore baby staring at me from the depths of the closet. Its water body having slowly oozed out of the Eeyore suit to form a wretched smell. A gooey film clinging to its body as it stares at me accusingly.




How do I always manage to get so off track?

Do you own any babydoll dresses? Or baby dolls? Or warped Eeyore water babies languishing in your closet plotting your doom? I am hoping I can only answer “yes” to one of those questions.

My March Purchases. Eep!

Thank you guys for all of the anniversary wishes. They were much appreciated! We just got home and I am working on responding to all of your sweet comments. I cannot wait to check out my favorite blogs and chat with everyone. We had a nice time, but being home feels so good. I will do a recap soon. I also did some Anthropologie reviews while I was there. (Spoiler: I did not buy anything and only added two of the fifteen items I tried on to my wishlist. And one of those items is a pair of jeans). I also was able to do some Free People reviews while I was in Vegas and I added everything I tried on except for one pair of shoes to my wishlist there. Curious to see what you think.

I had the following post ready before I left. I figured I would share what I purchased this month. Tomorrow, everything will be back to normal (knock on wood):

I am so boring this month. Well, not budget wise. Budget-wise I am weeping. That is because I went over this month. I was having the hardest month and to make myself feel better I shopped. Then I felt guilty. And worse. But I love the darn clothes. I need to slow my roll for April. I believe I say this every month… Hmmmm.


I purchased these fun Cala Pompom Sandals from Anthropologie. It is the first full price purchase I have made in a long time. The funny thing is, they had 15% off two weekends ago, so I got a price adjustment. I guess I can’t pay full price even when I try.


And I purchased this amazing hippie dress from Free People called Sweet Lady Maxi. And not so sweetly of me, I cropped the model’s head off. I did not like the hat she was wearing with the dress. It ruined it for me and is perhaps the reason this dress hit sale so soon. And also, maybe the shoes. But who am I to criticize? It is on sale from $108 to $50. I bought it in a small in the pink color and it fits perfectly. It needs a slip underneath, but that just makes it better, because it adds a fairy tale like feel. Post about this dress coming up next week!


You know what? This beheading of models thing is kind of addicting. Here I did it again. Nothing against the models, but I can picture things so much better when the dress is on a form. Anyway, I also got this Candela Heart Dress for 62% off which might be my new favorite thing. So, of course I have only been caressing it. I have been scared to wear it. I don’t want it to get hurt.


Here I left only two torsos. I am sick, man. Sick.

Marie Antoinette had nothing on me. Brahahahahah!

Forever 21 is selling these cute items that they call dresses and I call slips. The first one in coral is Backless Smock Dress for $15.80. The second one in blush is called Darling Babydoll Dress for $14.80. I bought the two different colored pink slips to layer in two different sizes so one will peek out from underneath the other. I plan on layering a fun cardigan over the pair.


I scored this Free People X Lydia Maxi Skirt from Nordstrom Rack. I wore it in Las Vegas. It is one of the few Las Vegas outfit photos I managed to capture.

This is my first photo here I did not mangle. It is me being a grown up.

Why is that so hard?


On top of all that I bought two vintage pieces (one being a belt that was featured last Thursday) from Modcloth when they did their bohemian vintage collection.


I think what we learned here is that I am secretly a homicidal ballerina princess who cannot stick to her budget.

Who knew?

Hey! I can see you raising your hand.

Have you been as bad as me this month? What is something that you purchased this month that you love? Or have you been so very good?

Winner Of The Giveaway, A Small Announcement, & Cravings

The winner of the blog giveaway is Kel! Congratulations! I am thrilled for you. : )

I loved reading everyone’s birthday memories. Many of them made we want some do-overs for my own. And quite a few brought back beautiful nostalgic memories. I also liked that some of your favorite birthday memories are not your own. So selfless! I love learning more about each of you each month. That comment section of my blog during my giveaways is not only my favorite part, because I get to know you better. But a friend of mine recently told me it is hers, too. Thank you so much for sharing and entering!


An Announcement:

I am nervous about the announcement I am making right now. I couldn’t sleep last night. I have vowed to always be honest on this blog. I think it is important to keep it real here. After having this blog for one year, I have come to the realization that it is costing my family approximately $65 a month to keep it going. I love giveaways. I do not want to stop doing them. They are my favorite part of the blog. Giving back. To all of you. But my favorite part of life is being a wife and mother, so I must also think of my family. So, to offset some of the costs, I am going to be adding affiliate links to my posts. You probably will not even notice them. All this means is that when you click on a link such as an Anthropologie top, it will generate a very small commission for this blog. I will not be adding any more links than I normally would. I will never add links to a product I would not or have not purchased for myself. And there is always the option of just not clicking on a link. : )

I have added them to this post as a test run. All of these links in this post are affiliate links. I have also added a small Modcloth banner to my home page, because I love Modcloth! And I am happy to be working with the company.

Who knows? Maybe I could generate enough income for better giveaways. That would be a fun goal. And so, so cool!

Thank you for being understanding.

And now onto the monthly fun:

Everything in my craving list will have to wait until sale. That is just the way I like to shop. Unfortunately, I doubt we will see much in terms of big sales in April. March seems to have seen the deeply discounted winter sales.

I am not craving much. And I have a post coming up in the next week detailing my purchases for March. But twist my arm and I will reveal items I think are cool right now.


This Anthropologie Farmer’s Market Peasant Top looks so pretty in the close up shot. The pattern looks very detailed and interesting. I love this. I cannot decide if it is because of the name of it more than the shirt itself. I hope it makes it to second cuts for me.


I think these Selah Booties from Anthropologie are rad. I have no idea what I would wear them with. They would need to be under $50 for me to consider them.


I love the color of these Ankle Zip Charlie Trousers. I think they are fun.


And I NEED this Raja Wall Bust. Except, why couldn’t it be a dragon? I might be on the hunt for that instead.


This $9.99 Ear the Call of the Wild Ring from ModCloth is neat.


One more. I MUST snag at least one color of these Tassel Bloom Hoops from Anthropologie when they hit sale. They are my favorite things on their site right now.

Congratulations to Kel! I am so happy for you. There will be a new giveaway beginning April 10th.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

What are you craving? Anything on your wishlist I showed here?

P.S. Trying to claim a blog lovin’ account. Please ignore. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Princess Maxi Dresses

It is a gathering of skirts day! I love a long flowing dress. I do not think there is anything more feminine. What girl doesn’t want to feel like a princess? As long as you aren’t wearing a tiara, I think it is okay to dress for a fantasy world. Of course, this is coming from a girl who wants a hobbit house.

Free People Vintage Maxi dress

As soon as I saw this dress I knew it had to be mine! The pattern on it is fantastic. It is very reminiscent of otomi fabric, but smaller and more pastel. I am going to be honest, I tried this dress on for the picture, and then quickly took it off and stashed it back in my closet. It is insanely expensive (at least for this little ol’ country girl’s heart). So, I almost feel too guilty to own it. Almost. I did get an “oops we goofed percentage off” code for it, but it is still a hard price to swallow! Tell me it was worth it! (don’t tell me if it’s not. I think I’m in love). Here is a link to this “you’re family will eat top ramen for a week” dress

Free People Embroidered Fable Maxi Dress, Free People Raw Tulle Maxi Slip, Anthropologie Beaded Geometry Bag, vintage boots and Free People Timer Pendant

Recently, my husband and I went on a wonderful quick trip to Seattle. I wore this dress to Pike Place Market. It was so much fun walking around such a historical place in an old fashioned dress. I also wore this dress on the airplane ride home. It was so comfortable! I felt like I was wearing pajamas.

The best part about wearing this dress is the way little girls smile at you.

This ensemble reminds me of THE PRINCESS BRIDE. The best movie that ever was! The color of the dress is the sweetest berry. The tulle slip is sexy and sweet. I highly recommend both. Here is a link to the fable dress

Free People Got You Hooked Maxi, Anthropologie Embroidered Mesh Chemise, and Free People Timer pendant

Yes! I am wearing my nightgown under my dress! But I love getting multiple uses out of items. I am kind of proud of myself for pairing them together. This dress from Free People is a very reasonable price at $88. I love this look. I feel very medieval in it. I wore this to THE HOBBIT movie and feel like I enjoyed the movie more, because I dressed the part. Yes, I am a dork! Here is the link to the dress

Which dress do you like best?