Modcloth Stylish Surprise: SHOES!


This post could also be titled, “Modcloth, you have my heart.”

You all ready know that because Modcloth embraces every woman by offering a variety of different sizes, it is the store that makes me smile the most. Add that to their amazing customer service and customer appreciation and that site just makes this girl’s shopping heart sing.

But this post really isn’t about that.

This post is about the amazing promotion Modcloh does every few months:

It took me awhile to get over my light headedness when my box containing my Modcloth Stylish Surprise* (explanation about stylish surprise at the bottom of this post) full of shoes arrived at the door. For $10, Modcloth picked a pair of random shoes for me in my size and sent them. Shipping is always free at Modcloth for orders over $50. So, I ordered five pairs (three for me and two for my daughter. This might seem selfish, but her feet are still growing. Mine are not).

My daughter and I were nervous and excited to open the box full of shoes.

But we did!

Boy, did we get lucky!


We both loved our shoes.

I found out about The Stylish Surprise the same day I put up my post about my March purchases. I had ordered the clothing surprise from them a year ago and liked what I received, but I have enough clothes. I wanted to try the shoe version. It intrigued me.

I also wanted to immediately do a post the moment I learned about the sale going on, but I did not want this blog to seem too consumerismy (another new word). I also had never ordered the shoe surprise before, and I was not sure if it was something I was willing to recommend (this is important to me. I would never speak about a product here that I would not purchase myself). I decided to wait until morning to decide. Then the Stylish Surprise Shoes sold out. So, next time, I am alerting you right away. And if it happens to be on the same day as a post about clothes, well, that will just have to be the way it goes. I don’t want you guys to miss out! I think this promotion Modcloth does is amazing!

Okay. On to our loot:



I got these beautiful Chelsea Crew Tia Pumps in mustard. They fit like a dream. I love them for evening fun. They are my favorite of the shoes I received.



My daughter got these cool Dollhouse combat boots. These are so her. She was thrilled. She has worn these all week.



I also got these Seychelles Two Birds Heels. They are SO tall. I could never actually wear these. I ended up giving them away to the sweetest eighteen year old girl I know. And she was happy. And I was happy. So, it all worked out.


My daughter got these Chelsea Crew Notch Your Step heels in red. I was jealous of these. They are adorable. More importantly, she is madly in love with them. And I would rather her have been happy than myself. Thankfully, we both were happy. She wore these last Thursday and her outfit was perfect with these shoes! So cute!



I also received these Chelsea Crew Class Treasurer Heels (funny enough, I was class treasurer… Or secretary. I can’t remember. I also do not remember doing a thing for that title. Maybe I needed these shoes). They are the most amazing orange color. I love them.

So, for $50 we received approximately $337 worth of shoes. This works out to roughly 85% in savings.

I would (and will) absolutely be partaking in these surprise sales again. Not only was it fun, but it was a great bargain, too.

Have you ever purchased a Modcloth Stylish Surprise? If yes, what did you get? If not, would you?


* A Stylish Surprise is a sale that the online company Modcloth runs every few month. For a low fee, usually between $5-15, they will send you a surprise in the category you purchased your surprise in (apartment, accessories, shoes, or clothing). They guarantee your item will be worth a certain amount, usually much higher than your initial investment. Stylish Surprises are nonreturnable. If it does not fit or if you do not like the item/items you receive, you are out of luck. It is a risk.

* In the pictures, I am wearing Anthropologie’s Midday Dress. It is currently on sale. I am wearing a medium. I have a separate post about this dress going up on Sunday.

* This blog receives a small commission when a purchase is made through this website at Modcloth. : )

27 thoughts on “Modcloth Stylish Surprise: SHOES!

  1. Great surprises! I adore Chelsea Crew shoes, although I have only ordered them through Zulily. In fact, I think they are featuring them today. Thanks for sharing these great deals! I was so tempted to order that jacket from Forever 21 last night, but restrained. It is so cute!

    • Thank you Heather. I had not heard of Chelsea Crew shoes before we received ours. I love the style. Good for you for refraining! : ). I just wanted to make sure I shared because it was such a good deal. But I realize spring is here! Everyone is looking forward to the summery clothes. Myself included.

      Have a happy Tuesday!


    • Thank you Lyn! I will post immediately next time they start. And I will definitely be trying it again. I really want to try the accessories!

      Thanks for commenting! : ). Have a marvelous week!


  2. That is incredible. So out of five pairs of shoes – you and your daughter kept and loved four of them. I really like the mustard and the Treasurer heels. That is a very good deal. I signed up as a ModCloth affiliate a couple of weeks ago but have not taken the plunge yet to put up a post. This post was so nicely done, Jenni. It was not at all consumery. It was a perfect “Jenni” post!

    • Thank you Cynthia. I will never post a post I wasn’t going to post anyway. I would always share a stylish surprise we got. I was super happy with the shoes we kept. I guess you could think of it as them being $12.50 each since I had one I gave away. But I was happy to do so. I knew I could sell those Seychelle shoes for more on eBay but I would rather make someone else happy! : )

      Good luck with your posts! I love Modcloth. I think it is such a cool company. I respect them tremendously.

      Have a fabulous week!


  3. Wow, what an amazing score! I love those retro shoes. I will have to check that sale out. I’m curious if you can let them know what your style is before you order or do you just take a chance?
    Your dress is very cute and I love your makeup!
    So next time I place a Modcloth order, I will go through your site.
    Have a great day,

    • Thank you so much Stacey. I appreciate that. That is so sweet of you!

      It is a huge chance you take. I do not know how they knew are style. But they could not have picked two pairs of shoes that were a better fit for my daughter personality wise. And I had told my daughter hours before the shoes arrived that what I really wanted were some mustard yellow pumps. So cool and weird that that is exactly what I got! : )

      Thank you again!

      Have a beautiful week!


  4. I love all those shoes! What a fun idea. I have looked around Modcloth, but never bought from them. All of the clothes seemed too short for me,but I liked a lot of them. I would totally try to surprise shoes deal. SO fun! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Alicia! I will definitely do a post the moment the surprise goes up next time. I was so happy with the shoes we received. My daughter was thrilled! Her friends at school wanted to know where she got her awesome boots today! : ). Too cute.

      I hope your week is happy!


    • Thank you Jessica! It is such a cool thing that Modcloth does. I sometimes get too scared to do it, but I am so glad I did it this time! It was so much fun! Thank you for the compliments! : ) i appreciate it!

      Have a harmonious week!


    • Thank you Liana! I love them, too. : ). I cannot wait to wear them, but that would mean I have to leave the house! ; )

      Have a fun week!


  5. You are so stinkin’ cute in these pictures.
    Does one sign up for the SS ahead of time or wait until it’s announced.

    • Thank you Brynne! You made my day! : )

      You have to wait for the surprise to start. Next time I will post immediately when it does. It sells out FAST! I could not believe how fast. On Modcloth’s Facebook page last week people were posting what they received. It is fun to go look over there to see the different items that you can get! : )

      I hope your week is serene and beautiful!


  6. wow. what an amazing deal. just so you know, I had to get up and make a cup of tea when I saw your post. I knew I’d be reading, learning about some new awesome deal, and then popping over to modcloth! thanks for sharing! I am soooo gonna do this!

    • Thanks Melodee! How relaxing a cup of tea sounds. I love that! Next time I will post the deal right away so you won’t miss out in case you want to participate. : ). Tomorrow my post is slow and silly. I needed a break from clothes. Especially with the three review sets coming up. Wednesday is a review set and a clothing post. Oi!

      Have sweet dreams!


  7. That is an awesome promotion they’re running! I’m so pleased for you both – karma made sure you only got two pairs each, eh? 😉 Especially for your daughter, being a teenager and suddenly getting two awesome surprise pairs of shoes like that must be the best thing ever. You are such a cool mom! Also, how cute are you, pointing out your new mustard shoes! I wanna tickle you!

    • Thanks Gwen! That is true. We did end up getting two pairs each. I never thought of it that way before! I used my Famous Footwear Rewards last month to buy her the cutest sandals for $1, so she is set in the shoe department! : ).

      I cannot wait for the next Stylish Surprise! It was a lot of fun! : )

      Sweet dreams (hope I got that right)!


  8. wow, how have i never heard of this sale?? i’m so in love with those mustard shoes. they are spot on with your adorable striped dress 🙂
    xo jac

    • Thank you so much! I do love those mustard heels! The sale is a fun thing to do. I have always enjoyed it! I am hoping the next one with shoes will be sandals! Fingers crossed! : )

      Have a wonderful Wednesday! Thank you for commenting. I really do appreciate it!


    • Thank you Rachael! I hope they will last a good while, too. I think most importantly I was so happy my daughter got two pairs that she loved. She was more excited about it than I was! : )

      Sweet dreams!


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