Anthropologie Late Spring Reviews

Last week, I found myself down in San Diego with my husband and my son. My son had requested that we eat at The Cheesecake Factory after an appointment that he had. So, we were very happy to indulge him. However, it was ten o’clock in the morning and the restaurant did not open until eleven.

Whatever would we do?

My husband took my son to The Lego Store where they happily discovered that the new Minecraft Lego set is now out. They set out to find a table to build it. So, of course, their day was made.

I planned on heading to Anthropologie to try on a few lovelies, but I got sidetracked at Forever 21 where I purchased a few things (this and this). And let me pause and say Forever 21 is killing it this season. I have been so impressed with the quality and price of their clothing. Usually I just go here to shop for my daughter but their clothes have been good for me, too, this year. And the accessories are fabulous for the low cost. Who cares that I could have a daughter the age of the name of the store? Sob.

Before I knew it, it was 10:40 by the time I made my way into Anthropologie.

I had twenty minutes to shop.

An amateur would have panicked.

I tried on the following items and even made these purchases that day in my time limit. They say everyone is good at somethin’. I don’t know that this is quite what they meant:


First, this is what I wore that day. My Savant Swing Dress I purchased on sale with my vintage boots. And my gnome necklace sweet Heather from The Peacock Fairy gifted to me.


And this Anthropologie wooden ring ($10!!!).



I was really excited about trying on the Tinamou Stitched Tunic. I loved it online. I loved it in person.

I don’t do sleeveless.

I feel too self conscience.

I reluctantly put this back on the rack. I hope it makes it to sale for me, because I would definitely purchase this top at a sale price. I just could not justify paying full price for an item that I might not feel comfortable wearing all of the time. My usual size medium in tops fit fine. It was a tiny bit big but I liked it that way.


I had immediately put the Peralta Flared Dress in my wishlist when I first saw it. I am a sucker for stripes. And bright stripes? Forget about it.

Unfortunately, this dress was not as good on me as it looked online. It is big and the cut of the arms and arm holes is awkward on my body. I tried on my usual six. Although the size six was too large, I think a size four would have been too small.

I sadly removed this from my wishlist. It just was not the right fit for me. However, it has two good reviews online. So, it definitely needs to be tried on. On the right body type, this will be beautiful. I think the more voluptuous amongst us will rock this dress!


I thought the Parc Plume Tee was one of the most gorgeous pieces of clothing I had ever seen on the hanger. My heart beat faster when I saw it.

This is my usual size six. Unfortunately, the see-through material combined with the price made it a “no” for me. It also was not flattering on my body, but this top is so pretty. I think the right person will look smoking in it.

The jeans are the Pilcro Superscript High-rise Flare Jeans. I would need to go up a size in these.


This is the summer of sleeveless.

I am the human with sleeves.

And, so, it looked like the season was to end with me buying nothing.

But then I spotted a dress with sleeves. The Ayame Silk Dress.


It had a print that was not something I would typically wear.

And a zipper down the front that I remember from decades ago.

I tried it on in my usual size six. I would definitely need an eight.

This dress just was not right for me. But I can see it being lovely on the right person.


Finally, I spotted the Amapola Dress. I loved the pattern. I loved the mix of the tight solid top with the flared skirt. The kind of silhouette every woman looks good in.

But no sleeves?!

I decided to try it on anyway.

And I loved it.

Even without sleeves. And even though I am probably too old to wear it.

It was $148. I very sadly put it back. I hope I will be able to get it on sale.

Have you tried anything on lately? Do you have mad skills in the fitting room? How much time do you typically give yourself to shop in a single store?

It’s The Little Things: Wooden Bow Ties

My husband often has to wear a tie to work. Lately, he has been saying he would like to try a bow tie.

But what kind?


For his birthday in February, I bought him this wooden bow tie from Two Guys Bow Ties. It is the coolest. Thing. Ever.

The bow tie I purchased is called The Phloyd.

One of the owners of the shop has a wife who blogs at Kara Pasley Designs. She used to work at Anthropologie creating amazing displays. Now she has her own design company with her husband. I think her style is so cool.


I had the bow tie engraved on the back with a special saying only known to the two of us.


He has not worn it yet. But it is a beautiful wearable message from me.

It’s The Little Things: a sentimental art accessory.

Have you seen these before? Aren’t they the coolest? I think they would be so neat in those vintage weddings that are so popular now.

More Outfits

I am finding myself buried in a backlog of outfit photos. This is making me a little stressed out. How did this happen? I asked myself.

It seems pretty simple, actually. I wear clothes everyday. I almost always take a picture of what I am wearing (except today. I am wearing my nightie. I will even cook dinner in it. And eat dinner in it. ‘Cause I’m fancy like that. And a day without leaving my children without scarring delightful memories is not a day I want to be a part of). I post up to three outfits per week. Well, the math speaks for itself.

I thought I would share some more outfit photos I have. Two were taken two months ago. One was taken a few days ago.



I do not know why it took me so long to share this outfit. It is one of my very favorites. The dress was a sale find from Free People called Got You Hooked Maxi. I also have it in blue, shown here. I was not going to own two, but then this dress went on clearance. Really happy with this purchase. Of course, it is sold out now, because I am so slow with my outfit posts. : (

I can layer this dress over every long slip in my closet. I will post a picture (as soon as I take it. I have worn this combo all ready, but my photographer/husband/not-a-real-photographer was out of town) soon of how it looks with a peachy slip. That is my favorite combo.


I bought this black Michael Korr’s tuxedo shirt from Nordstrom Rack many months ago on the clearance rack. I really like the length. I simply paired it with jeans and a necklace gifted to me from Simply Livly on Etsy. Similar style, but different color here.



I paired the Free People Long Sleeve Swing Dress (last winter I fooled myself into thinking I could wear this as a dress. Um, no. I cannot imagine the view people got from behind last season, even with tights. Now, this “dress” gets worn with skinny pants only) with my J Brand Moto Pants in olive that I got from Anthropologie for $20.

My shoes! Oh! I am so excited about these! They are the Born Topanga boots I found at Nordstrom Rack two weeks ago. The pattern is a textured wool. I believe the fabric is taken from a Mexican blanket. The cheapest I see them online is from 6PM. They also come in a dark brown color.

I wore my Corallina necklace from Anthropologie with this. It was only the second time I wore this piece. This is my last reminder of my unflawed necklace. As I was walking, one of the strands broke and beads scattered everywhere. I am so sad. But I am now just wearing it sans one row of beads. It is actually more comfortable, because it is lighter. Silver lining and all that.

What has been your favorite outfit you have worn lately? And are you spending at least one day this weekend in your pajamas like me?

* I shared this on The Pleated Poppy!