It’s The Little Things: Wooden Bow Ties

My husband often has to wear a tie to work. Lately, he has been saying he would like to try a bow tie.

But what kind?


For his birthday in February, I bought him this wooden bow tie from Two Guys Bow Ties. It is the coolest. Thing. Ever.

The bow tie I purchased is called The Phloyd.

One of the owners of the shop has a wife who blogs at Kara Pasley Designs. She used to work at Anthropologie creating amazing displays. Now she has her own design company with her husband. I think her style is so cool.


I had the bow tie engraved on the back with a special saying only known to the two of us.


He has not worn it yet. But it is a beautiful wearable message from me.

It’s The Little Things: a sentimental art accessory.

Have you seen these before? Aren’t they the coolest? I think they would be so neat in those vintage weddings that are so popular now.

13 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things: Wooden Bow Ties

    • Thank you Jessica! They are fun! I love looking art the old displays she put together. So clever!

      Have a fabulous Friday!


    • Thank you Cynthia! He is still unsure that he can pull it off. I keep trying to convince him! I love that idea! Maybe I will wear it. I like that idea! : )

      Have a wonderful Friday!


    • Thank you so much for stopping by! He does love his bow tie! It is fantastic! The engraving turned out great!

      Have a beautiful weekend!


    • Thank you Rachel. Some men will wear them and some won’t. But I love them! I know it has everything to do with Indiana Jones. And all of the old movies I watch. I just need my husband to pick a day to sport it. I will be so happy!

      Have a delightful weekend!


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