Building A Snowgnome

Oh the joy! In my secret heart of hearts was a dream that I did not think I could even dare to close my eyes to think of. It involved my children playing in the snow. In our yard. Building a snowman.


It doesn’t seem like a big dream, but there it was in my heart of hearts.

So when my husband woke me up on New Year’s Eve excitedly exclaiming that it was snowing, I thought I was still dreaming. It was still dark outside, and it did not seem real.


But it was. In Southern California, it snowed.


We woke our kids up and told them to quickly get dressed in warm clothes and shoes. And we all traipsed outside to play in the snow in the dark. Our silhouettes were lit by the streetlamps and Christmas lights twinkling on the street. It felt surreal and I understood how Harry Potter must have felt when Hagrid greeted him in the lighthouse that very first night.

Anything seemed possible.


My kids built a snowman with my husband that I turned into a snowgnome.

He was much happier that way.

As one always is in a red pointy hat.

Did you build a snowman or snowgnome this season? Please tell me I am not the only one with a gnome hat or two.

*Outfit details: My sweater is one that I purchased from the flea market last month. I talked about it more in this post. Anthropologie has a cool cardigan out right now that is also reminiscent of an afghan or blanket. I also found this one on Etsy. If you can crochet, there are many different crochet cardigan patterns available for purchase there for around $3 so you could make your own. I was very lucky and only paid $30 for my sweater. The sleeveless chambray dress was an Anthropologie popback last year from Cloth and Stone (now sold out, similar shaped dress here).

*I shared this on The Pleated Poppy.

Welcome To Our Christmas Home



If you celebrate Christmas, today is probably a very busy day for you. I wrapped a mountain of presents last night while the entire family sat down to watch “White Christmas.” We went to dinner at a local Irish pub after I finished making four chicken pot pies (three of which are for dinner tonight). I also made these appetizers and when I wake up today I plan on making Pioneer Woman’s Best Chocolate Cake for dessert.

My father, stepmom, my sister, brother-in-law and nephew will be joining us for dinner tonight. I purchased three dozen premade plain Christmas sugar cookies for the children to decorate and leave out for Santa. I think my three year old nephew will enjoy that. I know Santa will! Tomorrow it is just our little family celebrating the day together. I like simplicity.


I decorated the house the same this year as I did last year with a few new additions.


I strung some wrapping pompoms on the chandelier in the living room. My husband picked this chandelier out a few years ago at a local antique store. I love the mellow mustardy color. I also love that he picked it out. I would never have noticed it. I never look up. I remember when he showed me his find while we were in the store together and being filled with wonder and happiness that I can always count on him to look up for me. It is nice to have a partner who completes you. This chandelier represents that to me. He looks up and for that I am grateful.


My husband came home several times in the last two weeks with sweet surprise gifts of ornaments for our trees.


I changed the slipcover on our couch to accommodate a velvet one I purchased from eBay many years ago. It was a nice change this winter. I made the giant pillow from an old feedbag, but the two Kantha pillows were recently from Anthropologie and the neat feather pillow in the middle is from World Market.


Murphy has enjoyed lounging on the “new” old couch. I wish I could join him, but there is always so much to do!



I love using paper pompoms as flowers in December. They are over the top and last forever. These are four years old. The pink pompoms are actually from Michael’s craft store. They were $4 but with a coupon, I paid $2 a piece. I purchased four and strung them on this vase chandelier from my first apartment.


And on our antique mirror.


Tonight the kids will unwrap their new pajamas. The house will be filled with anticipation, although this is my very first year with wise children, if you get what I mean, so the anticipation will probably not be quite the same as years past. And I have to say, this has very much hampered this Christmas and made it a little less special.


Hold on to those little ones. Enjoy the magic. I, myself, will be looking for Rudolph’s nose tonight. I wish I had taken more pictures… Of the pompom wreath at the front door with the fox nestled inside like two odd long lost soul mates… Of our bathroom where the embroidered hooks hold wreaths and ornaments… Of the garlands above our kitchen sink… But I didn’t. I guess that will have to wait until next year.

If you celebrate Christmas, how do you decorate? Do you do the same thing each year or do you have a theme? Are you ready for the big day? What is on your menu? On Christmas day, my husband makes chicken enchiladas and we spend the whole day in pajamas. I cannot wait!


Merry Christmas to all (if you celebrate, if not, Happy Thursday!)! And I hope you have the coziest and sweetest of days!

Where’s The Gnome?

I thought I would showcase a series of really bad, but super hilarious, outfit outtakes I have artistically titled, “Where’s the gnome?”

I am so thankful my husband was there to document all of the beautiful faces I have made this past month the moment I realized I had forgotten my gnome for my outfit pictures or I have dropped the poor thing. These are real pictures and these moments were actually captured at the moment of realization without prompting:







Dude. Calm down. I’m right here.



Keepin’ It Real: July 2014

July was such an easy month. I think with the languid weather it is hard to get the gumption up to do much of anything. But we did manage to get ourselves to The Fair, Comic Con, Turn Thirty Seven, and even stopped at The Rose Bowl Flea Market for two hours (post going up on Monday).



I made a bunch of goodies I cannot wait to share soon.


And one I won’t be sharing. Even though the recipe picture was so pretty it breaks my heart, I did not like this noodle recipe from Pinterest. And I only share recipes I love.


My husband began cutting the kids watermelon fries. They love them cut this way.


I read some books I will be doing reviews on soon. I really liked three out of the four books and the one I did not rate the highest is because I feel very strongly that it is not for kids although it is marketed as such.

And we cannot forget Outfit Outtakes. I ended up with more bad outtakes this month than in any other. I guess I got really lucky. It is definitely a huge boost to my self esteem. In fact, because of the nature of them, they garnered their own post. That will go up in the next few weeks, but until then, here are two from this last week’s outfit photos:


I got hit in the face with that branch a mere second before. Thankfully my husband caught this face on camera when it happened.

I am grateful.


My son was on the ATV and I needed to talk to him about safety rules. First I tried being Nice Mommy to get him to stop.


But it didn’t work. So, Mean Mommy had to step in. As she does. Too often.

Last month, I made an outline of what would be going up on this blog in July, but then I never posted my Hulk Hands Part II. That is because I still need to take the picture for that post. I was even hoping to do a video, but at this point, that seems too out of reach (although once the kids are back in school and I finally have the house to myself, maybe that will be a possibility for a separate post). Hopefully I can get the written post up in the next few weeks, because I think it is funny.

Also, I have changed the feature, Littlest Things’ posting dates from Thursdays to Saturdays (except this week it will run on Sunday to accommodate the Overheard In July post going up on Saturday).

Whew! Sorry that was so long and boring.

I do know these posts will be going up in August:

Rose Bowl Flea Market Recap
The Day My Brain Broke (meeting Patrick Rothfuss again)
Chess Squares (a recipe)
Outfit: Goldilocks and The Hundred Bears
The Icky Itchy Incredibly Inspiring Tapestry

How was your July? Was it relaxing? Did it feel like summer?


Ollie loved July. Never even flinched at the fireworks. He loved the relaxing theme of July. Although I suspect every month might be a relaxing opportunity for him.