Handira Blanket Winner and Things I’m Craving

The winner of the Anthropologie Handira Blanket is Melinda. Congratulations! I will ship it out to you on Tuesday.

I loved reading about each of your peaceful places. It was so wonderful to have that imagery in my head. Thank you for that! It made my week entirely better. You are all so awesome. I just appreciate you so much. I want to hug you right now!

Next month is my one year blog anniversary! I am very excited about it! So, tune in on the tenth of next month for that one! I cannot wait! I have tried to make it special. : )

Thank you for all of your support and kindness. You make each one of my days happier. Fuller. More complete.

Things I’m Craving:


This month, I spent so much money on the Lace Study Dress, that my budget was primarily used up. I told myself I could not purchase anything unless it was $20 or under. Unfortunately, I am great at finding $20 and under. I managed to score some excellent popbacks. I got the Corca sweater for $20, the Illusione Top for $10 and the Lace Peplum Hoodie for $20. Three pieces for less than $50! Retail price for all three was $384.


I found this jacket that looks incredibly similar to the jacket I coveted on Elsie from A Beautiful Mess in November. Except hers sold out at $66. I was really sad I missed out on it and have been thinking about it for months. Then I found it. Sort of. I found mine last week at Forever 21. Cost after 30% off sale? $21! I will post a picture with it styled soon. I may or may not hold my dog in the process, stand in my dining room, and have my hair in a messy bun atop my head. Is that too stalkery creepy awesome?


I am coveting nothing at Anthropologie right now. I do not know what is going on, but I am not in love with any of the spring items that have come out (except for the Lace Study Dress I caress nightly). Although, if I could afford it, this beautiful lamp from last year would be coming home to me.


I cannot afford this jacket from Free People, but I think it is rad (a word I seem to be using a lot lately).


What I have been lusting after our books. I bought “Fan Girl,” “The Magician’s Elephant,” and “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore.” I finished the first two and I am halfway through the third.


Because I absolutely adored “The Magician’s Elephant,” I also purchased “Flora and Ulysses” to read to my family this week.


And “Attachments.” Although, I think this author is brilliant, I do not care for her abrupt endings in the other two books I have read by her. I am hoping this one is different.


On Valentine’s Day, I made these brown sugar cakes for my family from this recipe. I will not be creating a full post about them. But if you like macadamia nuts, you will like the cake. If not (like my kids and myself, you probably will not). My husband loves macadamia nuts and loved it. Which is why I made it for my Valentine. : )

I am kind of burnt out on shopping. I picked up some coated Paige Denim Pants for 81% off at Nordstrom Rack and a tribal maxi cardigan from Forever 21 for $17 recently. I also couponed my butt off on Saturday and saved over 50% at the grocery store and got two loaves of french bread for .45 cents each in the process! Stick a fork in me, I’m done.


Also, I had to share what I came across on Friday night. I was turning all of the lights off in the house. I am a night owl. I am always the last person to bed. I was on my way to my bedroom when I heard a loud snort. That snort could only be coming from one thing. Ollie. But I looked around the floor and could not see him. I turned on the lights. And there he was. In my Corrigan chair. He was so ashamed at being caught where he knew he was not supposed to be, he would not look at me. I called his name numerous times. Nope. If he can’t see me, I can’t see him. Right? After these pictures were taken, I had to move him. You can imagine the snorts of indignation this produced!

Poor guy.

What are you craving this month? Are you excited or nonchalant about the stores’ spring items trickling in? Do you just want to crawl into a chair and not be seen? I can kind of see the appeal in that.


26 thoughts on “Handira Blanket Winner and Things I’m Craving

  1. Hilarious about your dog!! I love all of our pets’ unique personalities! I am pretty much on a shopping break. I found a couple old Anthro pieces I had wanted(the Southward Stop Dress) for one,through EA.. and a few great things on clearance after Christmas… so my closet is pretty much full. And so many spring/summer things I own as well, I only need things like a few basic tanks(which I will probably get at Target)..However I keep peeking at the new items… but haven’t found anything I’ve really really loved yet. That beaded lamp is gorgeous!!

    • Thank you Lora! I agree. My closet is full, too. I really need to be getting rid of stuff, not taking stuff in. It is a good thing that I am not interested in anything right now. It is nice to take a break. H & M has good basic tanks, too. I have found mine there, Target and Nordstrom Rack. They are all pretty similar.

      Thank you for commenting! : )

      Have a super week!


  2. Great post as always. I’ve seen nothing I need or want at Anthro. Caught a few sales at Ann Taylor Loft and Banana Replic @40% off

    I wonder how many times your dog has been on the Corrigan chair unknown to you. A friend has a cat thst says she doesnt jump on table tops–I said just not when you are around 😉

    • Thanks Bronzi. I have not been to either of those stores in awhile. This is probably a good thing for my wallet. : )

      I agree. I think he has done it before. He just looks to familiar. It doesn’t look like his first offense! I want to catch him in the act again. It was kind of funny. : )

      Have an enchanting week!


  3. Too cute of Ollie! My Guinness sometimes will hang his head in shame and avoid eye contact when he is guilty too – LOL! I’m also a fan of that denim trench from Free People – love it! But yeah, don’t feel like dropping that much money on it. Just went to Anthropologie yesterday – felt very “meh” overall, and then, what was REALLY annoying is that there was a pair of earrings that had been $48.00 marked down to $29.00 – when I got up to the front the girl rang them up as still being $48.00. I told her they were on sale – she plugged it into the computer and said they weren’t – I told her she could keep them then. Looked online, and sure enough, they WERE on sale! I would be even MORE p—- if I had paid full price and had to go BACK to get the money back! Some of their SA’s at times….! I am obsessed with Johnny Was right now – I really want something called a “Kensa Poncho” from there – if you get a chance look it up. Don’t know if I want it in green or pink. It’s quite lovely, but yeah, again, $$$!

    • Aren’t dogs just the greatest? Like sweet little human monsters. I love them.

      I would have been upset about the earrings, too. But maybe they will get cut even more and since that store doesn’t have them marked as sale, maybe you will be able to get an eventual awesome deal! That would be great!

      That poncho at Johnny Was is gorgeous. It is only showing up in the purple color on my screen. So, I have not seen the green. But the purple looks so springlike and pretty. Very lovely. Too expensive for me, but what a gorgeous piece!

      Have a terrific week! : )


  4. congrats Melinda! ohhh, your dog…how cute and endearing…..but that chair is so cozy mom! man you find the best deals! I am craving kitchen stuff, like over the pantry door holders and weird stuff like that. I am sure I will crave clothing items but I’m trying to squelch that! ! !

    • Thanks Melodee. I wish I craved organizational stuff. That would make life much easier. I am so disorganized. It is becoming a bit much. I really, really need to go through all of my stuff. I donated so much stuff just a few months ago, but there is so much more that can go to a good home. Your cravings are great ideas!

      And dogs are so funny. I could not believe he would not look at me. Too funny!

      Have a beautiful week!


    • Thank you Alicia! I was just at our local store today (for my daughter) and I did not see any. : ( I was keeping my eyes peeled for you. My daughter ended up getting the cutest pair of red and white striped overall shorts. And a black and white striped skirt. It was nice to see her so excited.

      Have a glorious week!


  5. Congrats to Melinda!

    Spring is always my favorite season for clothes shopping. I usually get so excited when I see the spring clothes in the stores and have to seriously watch so that impulse buying doesn’t get out of control. However, I am not seeing anything I like – anywhere. Good for my wallet I guess. What’s happening, I wonder?

    Ollie is such a cutie! There is a video out there called Guilty Dogs (I think) of dogs not able to look their owners in the eye because they know they have done something wrong. I’ll see if I can find it.

    • I know, right? What is happening? Oh, well. More money for french bread. ; ). We actually had leftovers for dinner and it was such a low-key day. Both kids had had friends sleep over. This means I got even less sleep than usual. I probably should have done it the night before, so we all had one more day to sleep in. I might actually go to bed early tonight. Crazy! By early, I mean eleven.

      Ollie is so funny. He has such expressive eyebrows. He is always worried he is in trouble. It is quite comical. And sweet. I would love to see that video!

      Have a jubilant week!


    • Thanks Lisa! It just needs to get cool enough so I can actually put it on! Maybe tomorrow! Fingers crossed!

      Have a fabulous week!


  6. Love the picture and story about Ollie! My bully has “selective hearing” too. They are smart adorable little bull headed bundles of love.

    • Thank you! They are. That is exactly it. Just joy. I cannot imagine life with Ollie. He is just so grounding.

      Did you see the drop of drool underneath him? He is constantly puddling! Time for another carpet cleaning! : )

      Have a cozy cuddly week!


  7. Hahaha, oh Ollie reminds me of this dog my parents used to have called Tao. (We had a family tradition of naming dogs after philosophers.) He used to do exactly those looks, and it was too funny. I bet Ollie secretly lives in that chair after lights-out! (Not to scare you or anything!)

    Oh, but that jacket! It’s so YOU! I’m really glad you found it. It would look so cute over your sketchbook dress, wouldn’t it? That was the first combo that sprung into my mind! Can’t wait to see how you doll it up, and would totally not blame you for posing with your poodle for the pictures. Or with Ollie – but can you lift Ollie? He looks very solid.

    I know what you mean re: the winter offerings from Anthropologie. I wanted half their December catalogue, but there is very little currently in stores that tempts me – except for the polkadot peplum blouse, which I tried on, and which actually looks nice on me, most peplum shirts do the opposite, to put it mildly – and the Galapagos necklace, which I actually bought because I found it for cheaper on ebay. Exact same necklace, must’ve been an unwanted gift or something.

    I never did take part in your blanket competition because the postage would have been killer for you, had I won it – but let me just share my favourite serene place with you anyway. My family has this cabin by the side of a fjord. It’s red, with a white chimney, and the first thing you see when you come inside is a MASSIVE painting of Dante and some women along the entirety of one wall – my dad “rescued” it from being thrown away, and had nowhere else to put it! The walls are all done up with wooden paneling, and we have had heating and a shower installed, and the place is FULL of books. 🙂 I like to think I can go there on retreats – have done so in the past – and completely unplug, and just better my mind by reading. Sometimes the weather can be harsh, but it’s always beautiful out there in the countryside. In the spring, everything explodes in green, and my favourite thing is to sit down on the jetty and stare across the water at the huge inland island on the other side, which completely obscures the horizon. Sometimes, you can see hikers walking along the spine of the island! I feel so peaceful whenever I go out there. 🙂

    • I love your memories. First, that your family was amazing. Dogs named after philosophers? Um, so cool. And then your cabin story. How amazing that sounds. Maybe you and Victor could retire there someday? It sounds so lovely and peaceful. I could completely picture it, just based on your descriptions. And that painting? Amazing. I bet it is worth something now. I could live off of your stories.

      I love the idea that the jacket could be paired with the Sketchbook Dress. I actually wore it today with jeans. I did my hair and everything. I was ready for my picture when my husband broke a jar of pasta sauce EVERYWHERE. So, he did not have time to take my picture. Hopefully soon!

      Have a wonderful week! Thank you for sharing. I love it!


  8. Thankyou all for the congratulations on winning the blanket. I did not think I would win this at all, just wanted to share my special place. Thanks Jenni for your wonderful blog which is always a pleasure to read.

    • Congratulations Melinda! I am so happy for you. I sent the blanket at 4:00 today. Can’t wait for you to get it! You are so sweet! : )

      Have a lovely week!


    • Thank you so much. He is a cutie. And he is just the sweetest. It is pretty impossible to get mad at him. : )

      Have a lovely week!


    • Thank you Suzanne! It will definitely be Murphy as Ollie would be way too heavy. I would probably accidentally hurt him. I hope to wear the jacket tomorrow. Fingers crossed it is cool enough.

      I hope you are staying warm. Have a happy week!


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