A Small Set Of Anthropologie Fall Reviews


I did some reviews a few weeks ago. And I also tried on the following items for this post at a different store.

This is what I wore the day I went to Anthropologie. The top is Free People’s Mixed Print Tunic (previously styled here).

In a miracle of all miracles, I am wearing pants (Old Navy’s Skinny Rockstars from a few years ago. Size up in these. I wear a 12 in them. I usually wear an 8 in pants. I wish they had better colors available right now. I want to scoop some more up on sale when they finally bring fun colors back. You can usually score them for less than $20 on a good sale).

So I decided to forgo my usual pantless pictures and try on some tops with actual bottoms on. This isn’t likely to happen again. I cannot seem to get away from pantless pictures. There is even one at the bottom of this post. Let’s blame the flu. Always. Forever.



Llamas, llamas everywhere but not a drop to drink.

They. Are. Everywhere. Suddenly I cannot look on a website without seeing the fuzzy creature. I don’t know how I feel about this. At first I was all, “Wheeee! Llamas! Whooo Hooooo!” And then I bought the llama skirt and was content.

We had established in our household many years ago that I am indeed not a llama when we would read the brilliant book, “Is Your Mama A Llama?,” every single night to our children.

So, no, I am not a llama. But I was not sure where I stood on being a llama lover. I am a lover of many things, but llamas? Hmmmmmm. They spit. And while that is gross, I have to give them props for it in a gross-awesome kind of way. There is such a thing. And llamas are a prime example of how awesome gross can be.

I can say I like them. I like them in a lukewarm, would smile if I saw one and not need to go up and pet it sort of way.

But The Moonflower Henley has pink in it. Bright pink. Suddenly llamas are looking very good indeed. I decided I did not need this shirt. I am wearing a size 8 in the picture which is my usual size in tops, but it did gape at the neckline. I tried it on in a different pattern below if you want to read more about the fit.



It is hard to tell, but The Highlands Coat has a lot of different textures going on. The front appears to be some sort of sherpa vest, there is embroidery, a smooth material. It was busy without being busy. It was also by a brand I am beginning to love this year (they made my vegan leather jacket), Hei Hei. I am wearing a size Medium here.

It looked more flattering in person.

Or at least that is what Myself told me.

She was all, “Da** girl, you look goooodd.”

But then she saw me staring in aghast at these pictures and was like, “Sweetie, don’t look at them. Don’t you know Myself cameras always lie?”

If I did not live in California, I would buy this in a heartbeat. I really like it.


But wait! Whaaaaa? No pockets?!?!?!

No, Jenni, they are there. Just on the side. Don’t pay attention to me, I obviously have never put on a coat before.




This shirt is the sister to the llama shirt.

I like it better.

The colors really pop. They are perfect for this season and the next. The animals are hidden but whimsical and pretty. I love this top. I tried on an 8, but the top gaped open at the buttons. I bought this top in a size 10 (with a 25% off code). I wish I would have stuck with the 8, because it is a little too big. So, I would stick with your usual size. I think busty ladies might be sized out of this. The top is very weirdly formed in front and low cut. But the pattern!… It is a conundrum.


I saw The Garden Lace Dress on the sale rack and decided to try it on. It was okay. There was nothing about it that spoke to me. The colors were not right for my complexion. This is a size small. I do think it is pretty on the right person, because I have seen the dress on girls on Instagram and admired it on them.

But I tried it on. “And that’s all I have to say about that.”





As my secret lover always says, “wrap it up like my favorite present.”

Forget “put a ring on it.” Put a bow in it and call it a day.

Okay. He doesn’t really say that. What he actually says is, “All right. All right. All right.” Wait. Whoa! What? Your secret boyfriend says that, too? What are the odds? And by secret boyfriend we mean in our heads, right? And that he has no idea that he is actually having conversations with you let alone dating you? Right. Perfect secret boyfriend. I’m lying. We broke up. I actually broke up with him. Those annoying car commercials where it feels like I am being smothered by boredom? Yea. It’s over.

What were we talking about?

Oh, yes. This amazing, gorgeous, fabulous blanket-like creation, The Tartan Blanket Coat, also by Hei Hei. Or sweater? Or jacket? It really is just like a big blanket you can wear. And who the heck doesn’t want that? I think the success of the Snuggie proved the appeal. I scoffed and scoffed at those infomercials. I thought to myself, who the heck would buy a blanket you can wear?

And then Christmas morning, a few years ago, my sister pulls out a present from my father. A present she has asked for. A complete family set of Snuggies. I think I drowned a family of mice that day with my tears of mirth.

But this blanket coat? Why, it’s completely different.

Because it is awesome. and I’m the one who likes it.

I am wearing the size M/L in the pictures. I tried both the XS/S and the M/L and ultimately decided on the XS/S for the fit in the shoulders. This is one of those pieces that Anthropologie makes that will look good on a multitude of body types. The colors and pattern are amazing. But it is VERY itchy so it will require it to be a layering piece. It is really good.

It has fringe.

Did the Snuggie have fringe? Don’t answer, I don’t want to know.

Did the Snuggie have multiple colors of happiness running through it? The answer is no, Mandi.

I originally bought this with my 25% off code for my husband to wrap up for me for Christmas. With a bow. Secret ex-boyfriend not included. However, I am having second thoughts about it and will probably be returning it to wait for a better sale price. We just do not get enough cold weather here to warrant it. But it is beautiful. I am a fickle indecisive creature.

And that is all right. All right. All right.

Hei, Hei, Hei, Hei, watch the leather man!


I forgot to include this The Composed Pintuck Top in my other set of reviews. Probably because I wanted to block out my no-pants picture from my mind. This top is too good not to show, though. We have an English Bulldog and my husband desperately wants a French Bulldog, too. And I desperately want a house that does not smell like dogs… Well, more dogs, at least.

So I bought this shirt.

That makes no sense.

I know. But I love the green. And the French Bulldogs on it. My husband can just look at my chest and dream of what he can’t have. Wait. That isn’t right either.


Let’s just all put on Snuggies and forget about it.

I purchased the size 8 in this top with a 25% off code. I could not get it out of my head ever since I saw Elsie rocking it on A Beautiful Mess. The reviews complain of the sides being high. I concur with this. I will have to wear high waisted pants (which really should be all I wear anyway) or layer a thin tank underneath to avoid any skin mishaps (I am thinking this tank because of the ruffled sides. It is sold out, but I would check Ebay if you like it. I previously wore it here). Different than the tights mishap occurring in the picture above.

Are you ready for this cold weather? Have you purchased any sweaters or coats? I am not planning on purchasing any sweaters this year (besides my present and this sweater on sale). I have enough for California. So you will be seeing a lot of repeats in my outfit posts coming up in the next few months. What about you? Bought any boots? Dogs (Actual dogs, not dogs that parade in a tease across the chest for a significant other)? What are your thoughts on wearing llamas? And what is the most awesome-gross thing you can think of? Any comments of “your thighs” shall be deleted immediately and spit upon (in an awesome-gross way, of course).

*this post contains affiliate links. Clicking on product links will result in a small commission for a ticket to go see my ex-secret boyfriend in the movie theater this blog.

28 thoughts on “A Small Set Of Anthropologie Fall Reviews

  1. That last coat is a stunner on you… are you sure you can’t justify it with these colder early winter temps we’re having? You guys could always take a Michigan wine trip to the Leelanau area and wear it there.. for dinners and shopping with your new Michigan friends, hint hint!

    • Thank you Lora! I really want to keep it! I have to decide by tomorrow! I am leaning towards keeping it just because I love the colors. I guess I will go with my gut in the morning! And I would love to visit my Michigan friends! : ). Maybe one day!

      Have a fabulous rest of the week!


  2. Those linclon commercials puzzle the heck put of me – can he come off any creepier? Nearly as bad as the John Malkovich commercials a year or so ago.. I don’t even recall what the ad was for…just him sitting in a chair being creepy 🙂

  3. That green shirt is my favorite of the bunch! What a bright happy green! I too am not buying anymore sweaters. Maybe not for a few years even. Winter is just getting shorter and shorter around these parts.
    I’ve got some old Hei Hei jackets that I still love and wear. Gwen once told me that Hei Hei s a Norwegian word and told me how to pronounce it but my memory is blanking out on me for both. Aaaackkk!!!
    I did not know that llamas spit!

    • Thank you Cynthia! If that shirt had cats I can see you in it. I know green is your favorite. I had never heard of Hei Hei before this year. I just assumed it was pronounced, “Hey.” Now I need to ask Gwen how to say it!

      Have a wonderful week!


    • That is awesome! Thank you for sharing that! I am trying to not let it be in my head for the rest of the night. Tomorrow I have my llama skirt post finally going up and it is going to be running through my head all day. But it is right up my alley!


      Have a super Friday!


    • Thank you Angie! I wore pants yesterday and today and truth be told, it has made me very cranky. I am ready for a skirt or dress tomorrow! Although I had planned to wear my new dog top. Maybe on Friday I will finally get in a skirt! : )

      I was just lamenting to my husband a few days ago that he never writes me love letters any more. Still haven’t gotten one. Sigh.

      Have a super week!


  4. I absolutely adore that free people top on you! Since I’m on the east coast, the only purchases I can even consider right now are sweaters and boots.
    Which is sad.
    Because I kind of hate sweaters.
    And layers.
    And long sleeves.
    Oh, and coats…I loathe coats. Or rather, I loathe wearing coats. I’m fine with trying them on…and buying them…and hanging them in the closet. But actually wearing them appropriately when the weather necessitates it??? Err…no.

    • Thank you Leanna! I love all of those things, but I think it is because they are novelties. Summer drives me crazy because I cannot stand the heat. I have an obscene amount of coats for California. I love coats. But I would probably hate them if I had to wear them, too. I hope you stay warm! And it is not too cold where you are.

      Have a lovely week!


  5. yikes…I totally want that tartan coat…..would I ever be able to wear it? arg, maybe not in Cali…but it is so cute! Llamas…..so cute! I really love that shirt….I guess I never thought about the whole spitting thing…hahahaha! I have a student who is obsessed with these animals and almost daily she asks me to print one out for her….yesterday the request was for a spotted llama…hehehehe

    • Thank you Melodee! I feel the same way about that coat. It does get so chilly here at night, but I am never out at night so I cannot really use that excuse. that is such a cute story about your student! I want to look up a spotted llama now!

      Have exciting and peaceful dreams!


    • Thanks for saying something. It was weirdly not approved and also not in the waiting to be approved pile. If you had not said something, it would have languished forever in the depths of my blog pile. I need to figure out what is going on with my comments! It has been messing up my replies, too.

      Thanks for sharing! I loved it!


  6. You take some of the best dressing room pictures. I actually want that Garden Lace dress and have been waiting for a pop back in my size. I unfortunately hesitated the other day when it did come back but the shipping made the dress more than I thought it was worth. Now I am back to square one and today they have a free shipping offer.
    Thanks for sharing,

  7. Thanks for the reviews. You always find fun things that I never seem to see. I am so bummed to hear that the tartan coat is itchy. It would never work for me and I am sad. Ever since I had kids, my skin is SUPER sensitive to anything itchy. I hope you keep it!
    Finding sweaters is actually pretty hard for me. I usually have to buy cheap sweaters with no wool. Forever 21 has had some amazing ones, so that is good. Love the bulldog shirt. My kids would love it if I wore more animals
    p.s. Come to Michigan! We got a few inches of snow today and I broke out my brand new North Face coat that I got at an outlet mall this summer. Plenty of use for your new coat 😉

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