Zig Zags and Plaid


“I don’t really think that goes together,” my husband bravely said when I tried on my new popback score of The Draped Plaid Top (sold out but similar here and similar plus size here) with my zig zag skirt from 2013.


I was slightly disturbed by this because I had purchased the shirt with the sole intention of it going with this Waverly A-line Skirt (sold out, similar here).


“Well, I like it. A lot,” voiced my daughter from her spot on the couch.


“Thank you!” I exclaimed. “I like it, too!”

She studied it some more, “In fact, I don’t think that top would look good with anything else.”


I turned around and looked at it in the mirror.


“I don’t know.” I pondered. “I bet it would look amazing with a brown floral skirt.”

“Oh yeah!” My daughter agreed. “But you don’t own a brown floral skirt. I was just thinking of things that you all ready have.”


I almost completely agree with her. I could still wear this top with a black, denim or cream skirt but it would not have that “special” factor one looks for in an outfit.


I love this shirt and skirt together so much. I lived in my pajamas while my kids were on winter break and it was so nice to be able to dress up again.


Since I have been dieting since January 1st, I have to feel good during the day or I will fail. I will eat until I feel bad about myself. Then I will feel bad about myself and eat. It is an endless cycle. Putting on something that gives me more confidence is kind of like a food barrier.


Speaking of food, I wore this outfit out to lunch with my husband and the waitress was so complimentary about it. She yelled out the door at me, “Keep rockin’ your style! I love it!” Which is the sweetest thing to say ever. I will admit it put a bounce to my step as I skipped back to the car.


I am trying really hard to wear what I all ready own this year. I have so many outfit ideas swimming around in this head of mine that I cannot wait to try. I love this skirt. I have previously worn it here and here. I like that the plaid top breathes new life into it.


And I have a crutch. These boots. They were $50 almost four years ago at the flea market. The best $50 I ever spent. But since they go with everything, I tend to be lazy and pair them with an outfit without any thought to the other boots in my closet. And I have lots of other boots that I do not utilize enough.

But these are my favorite.

Plus they’re always out in plain sight so I don’t have to tear apart my closet looking for them.


Do you have an outfit crutch? Are you trying to break the habit or are you okay with it? I think I am a little of both.

P.S. I shared this on The Pleated Poppy and Reasons To Dress.

17 thoughts on “Zig Zags and Plaid

  1. Oh my gosh! So, so pretty. Your daughter is right, those pieces were made for each other. I have that skirt as well and it’s one of my favorites, but I’m lazy about pairing it with a solid top. Thank you for the inspiration and your “Rocking Style!” have a lovely day.

  2. LOVE this outfit! One of my all time favourites of yours. I tried on that skirt and it made me look bigger than a house. It is gorgeous the way you’ve styled it. The belt really makes it. If I see that belt go on sale I think I need it. What size of belt are you wearing? I think I might need the same size.


  3. I don’t think I have any outfit crutches and I am not using real crutches at the moment. However, I did break my foot at the gym and am in an air boot. So on my non-working days, I am trying to distract from the ugly boot by wearing a cute boot on the other foot. Hope it’s working.

  4. High-waist belts are definitely my crutch. I’m okay with it. I would feel frumpy and shapeless without them.

    Great print mixing with this outfit! I haven’t tried print mixing in awhile. This is inspiring me to give it another go. I think the reason it works so well is because the top print is teeny-tiny and the chevron on the skirt is big and bold. It’s a great contrast. The brown belt and boots keep is rustic and eclectic. For an alternative, I might try it with a black belt and ballet flats for a chicer look. I have similar pieces in my closet. It might be fun to try a rugged styling and a chicer styling with the same top and skirt. It’s amazing how much belts, shoes, and jewelry can change the vibe of an outfit.

    Don’t you love when you get compliments in public, especially such enthusiastic ones? Kyle’s so adorable (and a bit embarrassing) about it. He’ll beam with pride and respond that I’m a fashion blogger. It always makes for an awkward situation, but I guess I’m glad he’s so proud and adoring? But I get plenty of “I don’t really think that goes together…” from him, too. As though he’s the fashionista. Ha! At least his favorite print is now “in”. He’s been rocking plaid since 1990, and finally the trend has caught up with him.

    <3 Liz

  5. I am the least daring person when it comes to patterns. I don’t know why, but I am terrified of trying new looks, or mixing patterns. I usually end up wearing solid tops if there is a busy skirt. I would like to be more versatile and try new looks.

    I think this looks great on you.

  6. I love your pattern mixing! You are right, we are so alike! I spend numerous days in the same pajamas, and I feel so much better when I “get dressed”! I am so glad I am not alone.I can sooooo relate to the food thing! Being home all day with 2 little ones, I feel like I am always putting something “bad” into my mouth. Too much sugar, too much processed food. I need to do better!

  7. So stylish! You and your daughter have such great style! (btw, so interesting that big bows are back. i wore them when i was her age a looooong time ago. i had no idea)
    My crutch are jeans. I am kind of okay with it and kind of not.

  8. You are definitely “Rocking” that style, and the best part; its YOUR style. You are one stylish fun lady. This pattern mixing worked so well due to that one little break up with your amazing leather belt. Love this look!
    I give you full permission to start searching for that brown floral skirt, (lol).

  9. Great job mixing patterns. Love this outfit. Is the petticoat part of the skirt or your own? And what a pretty spot for photos.

    My outfit crutch is that I use the same bag everyday. Even though I have several very nice options, when it comes to getting out the door in the morning, I can’t be bothered shifting everything into the new purse.

  10. I would never think to pair patterns like this, but will have to start since you do it so well! My crutch is my boyfriend jeans. I dress them up or down, but I am always wearing them!

  11. Hi – I’m your newest follower! Love your blog. Love that everyone contradicted the first impression of your hubby. Men! What would they know? This is a great outfit! Looking forward to seeing lots more.

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