Keepin’ It Real April 2014

We are one third of the way through this year? How is this possible? April flew by. Flew by! Here are the random things that happened in our lives this month. If you missed last month’s “Keepin’ It Real” post, you can find it here.

One of my most exciting random things that happened this month and nobody knew about except me was, Patrick Rothfuss and I posted about coins on the same day! What are the odds?

And, okay, his post is eloquent and sweet and meaningful. And, gosh, informative. And also slightly scary (because I have a copper sink! Argh!).

And my post is disturbing. Crude. Gross…

But hey, I’ll take it!


Speaking of my post, I do not know what I ended up doing with that dime. I put it somewhere safe.

This could be anywhere.

And everywhere.

And quite possible how it ended up where it did in the first place.

Before I worry about that, I am hoping I simply slipped it into the good old American hiding place: my underwear drawer.

This could also be how it ended up where it did that day, as well.

We will probably never know.

But now that I have given you these two scenarios, I fear a repeat.

Only dime will tell.


I found a stack of Tory Burch shoes at Nordstrom Rack. None of them called my name, but I thought some of you ladies (or adventurous men) would like to see a giant pile of these discounted shoes!


This is what the aisle of Target looked like the night before Easter. Not a plastic egg to be found! But there were many frantic mommies and all you could hear was, “They have no eggs?! Where are the eggs?!”

I might have been part of the mass hysteria!

It never pays off to be a procrastinator.


This is what our Easter baskets looked like.



My husband LOVES dying Easter Eggs. He tried two different methods with the kids this year, including shaving cream. He preferred the traditional method.



Outfit outtakes.


While we are on the subject of outfit outtakes, let’s delve into the nitty gritty. This outfit post for this picture won’t be up for awhile, but look at what happens when I try to leave the house?! In trying to take better outfit pictures, I spun myself right into a cactus on Monday! I think it would have been worse if dorky me hadn’t been trying to protect this bracelet. Who cares about a hand? The bracelet was not harmed. Whew!

And I didn’t even scream…or cry.

The photographer on the other hand?!

He might have flinched a little. ; )

Believe me, the outtakes for next month all ready have a funny picture!

Also, it makes the question, “You know you’re crazy a blogger when?…” easier to answer. You know you’re a blogger when your first thought is not to pull out the needles sticking out of your skin but rather to take a picture of them!


My grandma used to make us buttered spinach noodles all of the time. And we loved them. I found fresh spinach noodles at the store and could not wait to feed this to my family. They did not like it… Yet! I am not giving up. I will keep making them. They are good for them. I think spinach noodles are delicious! How cool would this meal be on Saint Patrick’s Day?


Oh my gosh! Saint Patrick’s Day! I forgot to show you what I served that day in last month’s “Keepin’ It Real.” Green rice! This was much to my husband’s chagrin. I have a bad awesome habit of dying random food fun colors. I like to make his life interesting. I may or may not have been wearing my denim maxi skirt at the time. ; )

Did you do anything fun in the month of April? Have you tried spinach noodles? Ever fallen in a cactus? Please share!

16 thoughts on “Keepin’ It Real April 2014

  1. OMG! ha ha! This made me laugh and feel sorry for you at the same time. That hand looks pretty painful. Only a blogger…

    Those spinach noodles are making my stomach growl.


    • Thank you Suzanne! It was a little painful. Not too bad. And now I know. It was pretty funny when it happened. I want spinach noodles right now, too! : )

      Have a marvelous Thursday!


  2. OUCH! How did you not scream or cry?! That looks like it hurt. Any blood? Or was it like acupuncture and you felt relaxed afterwards?
    I was hoping that egg was bathing in cream cheese frosting. Ah well.

    • Actually I did tell my husband it was like acupuncture. Only, they did hurt coming out. But there was no other alternative, so out they came. : ) nit really was like a 1.5-2 on a scale of 1-10. Not bad at all. I think the eggs in the shaving cream looked prettier than the finished product!

      Have an easy and peaceful Thursday!


  3. Hi! Finally have time to catch up on my blog reading! Glad to see you too are/were bored & boring bc that’s how I felt last week besides busy! I love the layering of 2 shirts, they look perfect like that! I went to our 2 Nord racks this week hoping to find the tory burch sandals I love, so it was funny to read you saw so many there! Alas, they did not have mine. When I went out “hunting” w/ my husband earlier in the year I got a big hunk of cactus in my leg. After I had him pull it out I said I should have taken a pic for the blog, so I totally identify w/ you taking a pic of your cactus prickles. They looked like they hurt too!

    I LUV all your new picture places, you are brave to do that. Since most of my outfit pics are selfless, I’m stuck with my big mirror. This is actually a lot better bc I had another, older mirror in my closet & it was too dark & hung at a bag level, so I LUV this new one that has access to natural light.

    Hmmm, lets see, what else, I LUV the chevron skirt. I’ve been wanting a thick blk & wh striped skirt similar to that for a long time. The eggs in shaving cream did look very pretty!

    Have a great night!

    P.s. I want Nat’s hair too! It’s gorgeous & super thick! I don’t know how she can stand it, it must not be heavy like mine bc there’s no way I could handle that much hair w/ my headaches, oh well!

    • Thank you Rebecca. Too bad your Nordstrom Racks did not have your shoes. One of my biggest fashion regrets is not buying the most beautiful Frye brown leather ballet flats at ours. I could not justify the cost, but could not stop thinking about them. I check every time I am there. But, alas, they have never shown up again. Sadly I cannot find them online either. Especially for that great price.

      It is so scary going out of the house to take pictures! I have done it in my front yard before but my across the street neighbor is an FBI agent and I worry he will wonder what the heck I am up to! : )

      Your pictures always look good!

      Have a super week!


    • They weren’t so bad. Better than getting a bug bite!

      Oh my gosh! I googled that Easter egg hunt. That is disgusting. Those parents should be so ashamed. I cannot believe that! I also cannot believe how many people went to a public Easter egg hunt. Wow! The organized hunts I have gone to have always been amazing. I stopped doing public ones, because my kids got too old for them. Now I can be lazier. : )

      Have a peaceful Thursday!


  4. Your cactus mishap looks like acupuncture! Having done it before, it didn’t make me flinch. 🙂 At least you saved the bracelet, important things first.

    • Thanks Rachel! That is exactly how I thought of it. I told my husband, “it’s just like acupuncture.” Of course, I’ve never done acupuncture. ; ). But I imagine it would be just like falling in a cactus. I was happy to save the bracelet, although I do not know what I was thinking as it is silver. What could happen to it? The shirt I had on got a cactus needle go through it. So did my jeans, but thankfully they never got me. And the clothes were fine.

      Have a beautiful Thursday!


  5. I saw that stack of Tory Burch treats and my heart leaped a bit. Then I had to remind myself that the Tory Burch shoes that I own (purchased on sale of course) never get worn because I would rather put wear and tear on the Payless and Target shoes instead. I should at least wear them out to dinner or something.
    It looks like your husband is creative as well. Shaving cream to dye eggs looked interesting. At first I thought, “Why are they putting eggs in butter cream frosting?”
    I got pricked by my small cactus a few weeks ago while weeding around it and it seemed to stay sore for a couple days. Your cactus attack was worse than mine. I know what you mean about it being blog worthy. Sometimes mishaps make for good stories.
    I wish my out takes looked as good as yours! In fact, they do not even look like out takes at all!
    Thanks for sharing,

    • Thanks Stacy! Oh man! My outfit outtakes next month are doozies. True outtakes. Embarrassing! But I have to show the fall into the cactus.

      I am the same way with nice shoes. I wear out my cheap shoes and save the nice ones. Now I am going to try harder to wear both. I just bought an expensive pair of shoes and I cannot wait to wear them. I have to wait because my husband is wrapping them up as my Mother’s Day present. Squee! Can’t wait. : ).

      The cactus did not hurt as much as I thought it would. I bet it depends on the cactus. It was the only cactus in the whole entire garden. It was hiding behind some other plants. Of course, that is what I would fall in.

      Have a marvelous week!


  6. hahahaha I am laughing at your dime post coincidence….haha…yikes, the cactus looks totally painful! …and…what the heck, never ever ever heard of dying eggs this cool!

    • Thanks Melodee! I do not recommend dying eggs that way. My husband did not like the way they turned out. They also have to sit overnight, so impatient kiddos would not be able to do this.

      The cactus was not bad. I was just happy that is all it got! When I show the outtakes next month, I think it is a miracle I did not completely fall in the cactus. My husband thought I was going to. He said his first thought was, “we’re going to the emergency room!” So thankful it was just a bit in the hand.

      I dropped a plate on my toe yesterday. Now that hurt. And I totally cried. Now I can show my bruised toe like a trophy.

      Have a cheerful Thursday!


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