Dog Crazy


There is nothing special about this outfit. In fact, I am not quite sure I even like it. It was a rainy day and like any rainy day, I was most excited about one thing. Busting out my rain boots.

I do, however, love my embroidered rain cloud necklace I purchased from Sew Happy Girls earlier in the year.

Something happened in this outfit that shall always make it a tad bit special. It was the day I turned into a shapeshifter, crazy dog lady Winner Of Most Embarrassing Mother Of The Year.

Here is the story about how I can shame my children no matter where we go. It is my very special talent:


I was late. Nothing shocking there. Well, actually, that is not true. As ditzy unorganized as I am, I am pretty much always on time or early. OCD and all of that. Can’t be late!

So, I dropped my daughter off at Ms. Lisa’s house (our wonderful, amazing art teacher). I did not even run into socialize, as I usually do. I just drove away.

But I had to turn my car around to get to the main street. As I did so, I noticed her little dog had gotten out. He usually just runs to her planter and back inside, but on this day he had made it all the way to the curb. Having no doubt it was because my daughter had kept the door open, I parked my car in the middle of the street to help.

I jumped out like the maniac that I am. And I tried to chase the dog into the house.

Only, it wouldn’t work.

He liked being outside.

There was a whole new world to explore.

Lisa was calling him.

He ignored her.

He made like he was going to run further up the street.

I panicked. I did not want him to get ran over. Or lost. Or hurt.

Something primal took over.

Without thinking, I began to bark at the little dog.

I ran at him barking. He finally acknowledged me. He began barking back.

I did not back down. I, after all, was the much larger, much older dog. Just call me “Alpha” from now on. I barked and growled as I marched that little dog back into Lisa’s house.

He ran away from the crazy dog woman through the open door into safety.

“Safety” being away from the insane woman in his front yard.

Lisa looked surprised and said, “Well, I guess that’s one way to get the dog in the house.”

It was not until she said that that I realized maybe what I had done wasn’t exactly normal.

I turned from a dog into a laughing hyena in my car.

Later my daughter relayed the embarrassing moment to my son.

His response to his sister, “Oh my gosh! Poor you!”

I was aghast. What did they mean?

I looked at my daughter indignantly. “But you have to admit I sounded just like a dog.”

“Um. No, you didn’t. You sounded crazy.”

There was only one response to that.

“Grrrrrr. Ruff!”

It’s The Little Things: Chubby Sticks Eyeshadows

I have all ready posted about my love for Clinique’s Chubby Stick for lips. In fact, I just used up a full stick and have had to open a new one.


Well, in November I found out that Clinique makes a Chubby Stick Eyeshadow. I ordered two of them. One to use as a base and the other to use as a definer.


I chose Bountiful Beige as my base.



And Fuller Fudge for my “pop.”

The bountiful beige is a bit too light for me. I do not know if I would recommend it to someone as fair as myself. But the Fuller Fudge is fantastic. It goes on smoothly and blends easily. You just simply rub the stick on your eyelid like a giant crayon.

I find putting makeup on tedious. And to be quite honest, I am not great at it. Often my friends are blending in my foundation for me. Perfection has never been my angle.

But fun has.

I find this product to be enticing enough to use on a daily basis. It is a different enough product that I get excited about using it. So far I have not gotten bored with it.


My daughter loved mine, so Santa brought her one of her own in her stocking. She got the color Curvaceous Coal. Ha! I guess she did get coal in her stocking!

Have you tried these? What did you think?

* This post is not affiliated with Clinique or Sephora in any way. I just like to review items I enjoy using. Your opinion on these products, of course, may vary. : )

Happy Holidays!


Hello friends!

I just wanted to wish everybody a beautiful day!

Yesterday we spent the day with my sister, her husband, my nephew, my father, and stepmom. It was a fantastic day.

Christmas is my favorite day of the year.



My stepmom made me the best present ever! She handmade these beeswax candles with my dad’s beeswax and when I opened the jar, the sweet presence of childhood memories came flooding through the room. The candles smell like my dad. Of course, I will never burn them. I all ready have the cute beehive on my mantle. They are so beautiful and awesome. Thank you, Pam!

Today we are on our own. So it is another pajama day.


I will be lounging around the house (hopefully). Drinking coffee. Drinking wine. I am not going to confess as to what time either will be done.


I hope the kids enjoy their gifts. That they embrace the memories being made. That we all get to have a good day to remember.

For dinner, we will be eating the leftover chicken enchiladas my husband makes every Christmas Eve. And for dessert, I might try a new chocolate cake recipe. It depends on the order of the coffee and wine above.

I hope everybody’s day is beautiful, whether you celebrate or not. I hope you can relax. I hope you have the option of wine or coffee. And mostly I wish wonderful memories are yours to make.



My Christmas Wishlist


For Christmas, I like to “ask” for things I would not normally buy myself. Things like a nice bag, a piece of jewelry, or an interesting accessory (such as a magic shawl to ward evil spirits away). It feels more special this way.

Spoiler: I have ordered all of these items for my husband to give me. I guess I was a very, very, very good girl this year. ; ). And everything was purchased on sale. ‘Cause even Santa (which is definitely not me) has a budget.


The Maricopa Wrap from Anthropologie. This also goes by the name of Eye Shawl from Mara Hoffman. I love this wrap more than anything. I could not believe I was able to score it for such a great sale price (half off plus an extra 20% off and free shipping). Alpaca is not cheap. I cannot wait to get it as a present. I have not seen this in person, I had my husband hide it from me when it came. Thanks honey!


Tara Saddle Boots. I feel very sophisticated in these boots. I could not believe their sale price. I had to try them on to make sure the size was right. They are pretty uncomfortable, so I know I will need to get a gel insert for them. They make every outfit seem more romantic and feminine. I love these! Under the tree they go!


The Ankaa Necklace from Anthroplogie. I am not a jewelry girl. What I mean is, I am not a “nice” jewelry girl. I like costume jewelry. Not the real deal. I get bored too quickly. I do not want to spend a ton of money on a piece and feel obligated to wear it all of the time. However, this piece is so nice I cannot wait to wear it. It will go with almost everything in my closet.


For our house, the Handira Blanket is so gorgeous. I LOVE this! I have had it in my wishlist since it first appeared months ago. He bought it in blue for me for almost 75% off. He said it matched my eyes. Or that is what I would imagine he will say when he learns he bought it for me.


Finally, every year, I like to get one new bag. I patiently waited for the Paisley Cutout Satchel to make it to sale. Once it did (75%), I shipped it to our house. I had my husband open the package and inspect the bag for defects. I have not seen this bag in person yet, but I am sure it will be great!


I bought this as a Christmas present for my husband (he knows, because I am horrible at keeping secrets). But, who are we kidding, I have been wanting this for years. I cannot wait to make my grandma’s honey ice cream (with my dad’s honey) in this. This was a deal that could not be beat at Amazon.


What have you asked for this year for the holidays? Are you as bad good as I am and just buy it for yourself?