Happy Holidays!


Hello friends!

I just wanted to wish everybody a beautiful day!

Yesterday we spent the day with my sister, her husband, my nephew, my father, and stepmom. It was a fantastic day.

Christmas is my favorite day of the year.



My stepmom made me the best present ever! She handmade these beeswax candles with my dad’s beeswax and when I opened the jar, the sweet presence of childhood memories came flooding through the room. The candles smell like my dad. Of course, I will never burn them. I all ready have the cute beehive on my mantle. They are so beautiful and awesome. Thank you, Pam!

Today we are on our own. So it is another pajama day.


I will be lounging around the house (hopefully). Drinking coffee. Drinking wine. I am not going to confess as to what time either will be done.


I hope the kids enjoy their gifts. That they embrace the memories being made. That we all get to have a good day to remember.

For dinner, we will be eating the leftover chicken enchiladas my husband makes every Christmas Eve. And for dessert, I might try a new chocolate cake recipe. It depends on the order of the coffee and wine above.

I hope everybody’s day is beautiful, whether you celebrate or not. I hope you can relax. I hope you have the option of wine or coffee. And mostly I wish wonderful memories are yours to make.



8 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

    • Awww. Thank you so much Danielle! I really appreciate that. Your blog always makes me smile and I hope you are enjoying your Christmas away from home! : )

      Have a safe trip home and have a perfect week!


    • Hi Lyn! Yes, you are a genius! Why did I not think of that?! Merry belated Christmas to you, too! I hope your day was fantastic! : )

      I actually napped! Without wine. Best Christmas ever! : )

      Have a wonderful day!


  1. Merry Christmas, Jenni!

    I think wine for breakfast would be perfectly acceptable on Christmas. Enjoy! We are having tamales today. Love it when we get such warm weather on Christmas. There is just something wonderful – to me anyway – about the warmth and sun and the quiet in Los Angeles on Christmas Day. I am suspecting you may like it to be colder?

    I think the candles your step mom made you has to be one of the most perfect and thoughtful gifts I have heard anyone receiving this year. What a sweetheart!


    • Merry Christmas, Cynthia!

      I hope your day was wonderful! Do you make your own tamales? Yum! Now I want some tomorrow! We have a great place in town that sells them. My mother-in-law told me she is going to learn to make them and then teach me. I can’t wait! Seriously, she is such a good cook!

      She got me the sweetest gift today. A signed copy of the new Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. She waited in line five hours to get it signed for me. So so kind.

      And I cannot stop smelling the yummy candles! Just the best!

      Have a terrific Thursday!


      • I bet they were so so so good! I am suffering in bed with a fever and a cold. And for some reason all I am craving is guacamole. So weird!

        I always buy my guacamole, only because I always crave it when there are no ripe avocados around. Must plan better! I still want to try that avocado bbq sauce I had at my friend’s event last year.

        And this weather?! I had a whole funny post written and almost published complaining about it, but my husband said no one but Californians and Floridians would think it was funny. So, I scrapped it. But what I wouldn’t give for some rain!

        I hope you have a gorgeous week!


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