A Cheap, Easy and Waughty Mess

I realized recently that I had not shared a good many of my outfit photos from the wintertime. I do not know what happened? I guess I just would rather talk about dimes falling out of my underwear than clothes. ; )



I purchased this easy little dress (called the Eyelet Twofer Chemise) in the winter of 2012 from Anthropologie. I have always liked it. Probably because it was called a “chemise” and I cannot resist wearing such items out in public. It is easy to layer. It is one complete piece, so it is also easy to wear.

I guess what I am saying is… I’m easy.


Bet ya didn’t know that.



This outfit is kind of a hot mess. But I had fun with it. And in it.

I guess what I am also confessing today is, I’m a mess.

An easy mess.


This whole outfit from head to toe cost less than $80. So, I guess there is that.

Did I mention I’m kind of cheap, too?



With one of my Christmas gift cards, I bought this beautiful Arslan Sweater Coat on sale from Anthropologie In December. I have only worn it once. However, my dear friend borrowed it for a trip to Canada last month. So, this sweater has traveled more than I have! Don’t tell Humboldt Tunic. He will not be able to contain his jealousy.

I paired the sweater-coat with a lingerie piece my husband gifted me as a Christmas gift. I like to wear my underwear as clothes, too.

I am weird. Or naughty. I’ll go with weird.

Or waughty.

I have shared much more than I meant to in this little outfit post today. We learned that I am an easy, cheap, waughty, messy girl. Darn! I was hoping I would secretly learn I was elegant or sophisticated.

You can now add delusional to the mix, too.

Are you ready for winter to be over? It is 95 degrees here today. I am happy to see spring, but I am hoping this is not a sign of things to come!

P.S. A new monthly blog giveaway starts at midnight! : )

Wanna See Somethin’ Perty?

No. It’s not me.

He. He.


It is in fact this amazing, most gorgeous sweater coat in the whole wide world. It is called Satpura Sweater Coat from Anthropologie.

Thanks to my dad and stepmom’s Christmas gift card, I was able to put it towards this sweater that I had been wanting since I first saw it. I think it is grown-up bohemian.

When my daughter saw me in it, she said, “Mom! You look like one of those rich fancy ladies!” These are the compliments you get when you spend a weekend in your pajamas (your husband’s ratty twenty year old t-shirt and bright orange polar bear pants) and then put on real clothes. I highly recommend it.

And I am not sure which rich fancy ladies she is talking about, but I’ll take it.


I love the details.


And the fringe? Forget it about it!


I went with a small and I am happy I did.


I am in love.

Shhhhh. Don’t tell my husband. His lack of sequins just don’t quite compare. Poor guy. ; )