The other morning something happened to me that was awe inspiring.


I cannot decide if it was some kind of miracle.

Or not.

Probably the “or not.”

I debated over sharing it.

Because it is so darn disturbing. Embarrassing. Kind of gross.

But I could not resist.

The other morning I woke up. As one does. Hopefully.

And I had to go to the bathroom. As one does. Regretfully.

I was wearing a ratty old tank top and underwear. As one does. To bed. Unfortunately.

When I pulled down my underwear to take care of business, I heard a clink of metal hit the floor. At first I thought one of my wedding rings had fallen off, but they were all on my fingers.

I looked down. And that is when I saw it.


A dime.


A dime had fallen out of my underwear.

Yes, you read that right.


What does this mean?

Where did it come from?

How is this possible?

Is there more to come?

Why am I sharing this?

Why am I reading this? Yes, I can read your mind. It is one of my many gifts, besides making change in my drawers.

I never knew I was this talented. The dime reads it was minted in 2001. It looks brand new.

I cannot decide if this is a good thing.

Or not.

So many questions.

My husband had many jokes about this. One being, “Maybe you’re going through the change.”

When I went to the restroom again later in the day and I did not get paid for it, I lamented the fact to my husband that no money was made.

To which he responded, “I guess it stopped on a dime.”

I am glad he thinks this is funny and not at all disturbing.

You hear of these things happening, but you never think it’s going to happen to you.



You’ve never heard of this happening before? Yea. Me neither. But it is slightly terrifying to be the first one.

And this is why they say money is dirty, folks.

Be sure to wash your hands.

And from now on, check your…ahem…pants.

‘Cause you never know.

There could be treasure in there.

Just call me The Bank of Jenni.

This is where a more vulgar gal would write about deposits or withdrawals. But I am a lady. And blogs like those… Well, they’re a dime a dozen.

I wouldn’t want to short change myself.

I am hoping this is the end of it.

The money making underwear.

And my puns wrapped in idioms.

Although I cannot decide which is worse.

Oh well. Like I said, it doesn’t matter. It won’t be happening again.

Would I bet my bottom dollar on it?

On a dime, I would.

27 thoughts on “Treasure?!

  1. Wow Jenni, are you literally made of money? 🙂 Do you have the phrase over there ‘to spend a penny’?

    Thats never happened to me though I have sometimes found money hidden in places I had forgotten about (always a nice surprise).

    The only similar thing that happened to me was when a tooth implant, you know a whole tooth with some sort of screw device on the base… well that fell out of our washing machine. Highly highly bizarre and something that still makes me feel queasy given that both of us have no such implants!

    • Ha! Oh man, I wish I had thought of that! That is hilarious! “Made of money”! Honest to God, that never entered my mind. Probably because it is so untrue, but darn I could have used that idiom! : )

      That is crazy and odd and shudder-worthy about what you found in your washing machine! Oh my gosh!!! I do not know what I would have done! I just found another surprise in my house last night that I will be posting about soon. But yours takes the cake!

      Thank you for sharing! Have a lovely week!


    • Thanks Heather! I will have to keep my eyes peeled in May! It is so cute. You sold me with that removable belt! That is so cool!

      You have a great week, too! : )


    • Thank you Brynne! I am glad it made you laugh. I was nervous about sharing it and I told my husband I was scared to look at my comments today, because I was worried I would offend someone! : )

      Have a beautiful Monday!


    • Thanks Lyn! Right?! I am still waiting for more! ; ). I wonder what I need to eat to accomplish that feat!

      Have a terrific week!


  2. Hahaha…that’s really weird…maybe you’re like King Midas, but instead you make base-metals 🙂 and it sucks that only one part of your body can do it. 🙂

    • Ha! I love your comment! So funny! I wish it weren’t that body part either! ; ). And it was more than a dime! It has not happened again, so for that I am sad! ; )

      Have a delightful week!


  3. Haha, this was awesome! For some reason, I’m reminded of my grandparents’ dog, who used to swallow coins and then… pass them, only by then his stomach acid had corroded them, so they were green. My dad kept some of the coins, probably because he thought it was funny. And yeah, he washed them. Before putting them in the bathroom cabinet, right next to my mother’s makeup… 😉

    • Thank you Gwen! I love your story! Too funny! Oh, man, that is such a man thing to do. I do not know that my husband would do that (I am guessing not), but my dad… Definitely! Too cute! I love a peek into the funny quirks of people’s marriages. Your parents sounded like they had an easy understanding relationship. I love that! Thank you so much for sharing! And for the smile! : )

      Have a super week!


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    • Thank you Cynthia! I know, right?! I wish it was much, much more! ; ). Of course, I am not giving up hope. It could still happen… Wait. I am not sure if that would be a good thing! ; )

      Sweet dreams!


    • Aw, man! I love that saying! It is so good! Ha! You had me laughing and then singing Sheryl Crow all night. If she only knew the inspiration for me singing her song. ; ). Hee!

      Sweet dreams!


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