It’s The Little Things: Etsy Necklaces

I wanted to do a quick little post today highlighting some of my favorite necklaces that I own from Etsy. I have many more items I love from Etsy. And I will highlight those on another day. I just love the creativity that goes on at Etsy. It blows my mind how talented so many people are! I also love that you can purchase from all over the world.

I will admit to being an Etsy addict. I love the whole idea and concept of it. And all of the people I have purchased from been lovely. I do not have the artistic talent to create objects. I admire those who do.

On to the necklaces:



First up is my Simply Livly Turquoise Necklace. It goes with everything. I have even bought some as gifts for friends. I love the jersey tie that can make it longer or shorter. The seller is wonderful. The sweetest.



My mother gifted me with this Animal Totem Necklace from KnitKnit for one of my Christmas presents. I always seem to wear it when my husband is not home and therefore I have no one to take pictures of me wearing it. But I do wear it and I love it!



I just wore my Lunahoo Moon Necklace, yesterday. It is the perfect length. The chain is a gorgeous color. I like that I can pair this necklace with other gold necklaces or even bronzy ones.

Have you ever purchased jewelry from Etsy? Do you make jewelry? Are there other artisans you would recommend that sell jewelry there? Please share.

I will be doing more posts in the next few months highlighting artists, home accessories, more jewelry and vintage items from sellers that I have personally purchased from.

It’s The Little Things: little accessories. And the talent to make them. I love it!

Wanna See Somethin’ Perty?

No. It’s not me.

He. He.


It is in fact this amazing, most gorgeous sweater coat in the whole wide world. It is called Satpura Sweater Coat from Anthropologie.

Thanks to my dad and stepmom’s Christmas gift card, I was able to put it towards this sweater that I had been wanting since I first saw it. I think it is grown-up bohemian.

When my daughter saw me in it, she said, “Mom! You look like one of those rich fancy ladies!” These are the compliments you get when you spend a weekend in your pajamas (your husband’s ratty twenty year old t-shirt and bright orange polar bear pants) and then put on real clothes. I highly recommend it.

And I am not sure which rich fancy ladies she is talking about, but I’ll take it.


I love the details.


And the fringe? Forget it about it!


I went with a small and I am happy I did.


I am in love.

Shhhhh. Don’t tell my husband. His lack of sequins just don’t quite compare. Poor guy. ; )

“WOO! HOO!” Blog Giveaway

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you all who entered!


Screaming! Hands flailing! Running around the house with joy!

It’s a blog!

It’s a giveaway!

It has been three months! I have been writing again for three months. After thirteen years… I am sorry to go on, but I never thought I would birth anything again. Let alone, this little blog.

And it has been fun.

And it has been hard.

And it has been heartbreaking sometimes.

It is hard to put yourself out there. To write something from your heart.

I am so grateful for all of you who drop by and visit my blog. For the people who follow this blog. For those of you who have stuck by me and those who are now joining me. It gives me the self confidence to move this blog ship forward through the sea of my own self doubts.


Now, on to the giveaway!



This month, I am giving away my favorite necklace by Simply Livly. Okay, not my exact necklace. I will not part with mine! But one just like it. It is made of jersey with turquoise beads. It is fabulous. You can make it shorter or longer, simply by retying it.

She has a wonderful shop on Etsy. I love her. I have four pieces by her (Some she has gifted me. I will showcase them in posts to come. I am very grateful! Thank you Pam!). They are all very well made. Each one is unique and beautiful. I get compliments each time I wear one.



To enter, simply leave a comment stating what you would wear with the necklace. Or hop on over to Etsy and tell me about another necklace that you love from Simply Livly. For no reason, other than I am a curious sort of girl. And I like style ideas.

You can earn a second entry by being a follower or becoming a follower (there are many ways to do so on the right hand side of this post). LEAVE A SECOND COMMENT stating you are following.

That is it!

Easy Peasy!

This giveaway begins Monday, June 10, 2013 at 12:00 am PST. All entries must be received before the giveaway closes on Thursday June 13, 2013 at 11:59 pm PST.

I will be drawing the winner from I will contact the winner on Friday, June 14, 2013. I will post the winner’s name on June 15, 2013.

*Please enter the giveaway with a valid email address. I will attempt to contact the winner three times using the email given. If within fourteen days of the giveaway’s closing, I have not heard from the winner, the prize will be forfeit. A new winner will be drawn.

*Edited at June 10, 2013 12:15 a.m. PST to add: Do not forget to comment to enter. The comments are your entries! One comment per person. Except for the extra comment entry for followers.

Thank you! Good luck!